His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 35

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 35


My mind is hazy, the ple@sure makes me drunk. He took my n!pple in his mouth, l!cking it s3nsually, making my pvssy pulsate with ple@sure once more. But then he sinks his teeth into me, the sharp pain making me cry out.


My heart pounds violently as his canines go deeper until he draws blood from my are0la. I grip his shoulders; the pain becomes unbearable and I try to push him back. I feel the sharp pull of ple@sure and pain as he s*cks on my n!pple.

“Zedkiel.” I whisper, whimpering when I see blood spilling down my br3ast and into the water. Fear envelops me as realisation slaps me in the face.

He is drinking my blood…

Moments of him drawing my blood and l!cking it away fills my mind and when I look down at the man who holds me in a death grip, I realise exactly what Zedkiel is. He is not only a Lycan but also a vampire, a hybrid.

My stomach chuns as terror grasps me into its claws. I was in the hold of a vampire!

“Zedkiel!” I shout, panic flitting through me as I muster all my strength and manage to rip him off me. I sob, feeling his teeth tear through my skin as I scramble out of the tub. My knee hits the ground as I cover my mouth, tears spilling down my cheeks. I clutch my bloody br3ast, staring at the man- no monster, who l!cks his lips. His glowing red eyes turn to me, burning into me like a predator, and I back away.

Is this how they all d*ie? Because he loses control? I believe it now.

His eyes flicker, and I see the familiar green-gold, but I didn’t wait. I ran from the bathroom, blood spilling down my hand. I move my hand from my bleeding br3ast, my lips quivering when I see the torn skin.

I can’t do this! I can’t stay here! I will d*ie!

Blinded by fear I can feel my panic rising. I run to the wardrobe, sobbing as I quickly pull on one of his loose grey T-shirts. I’m just grabbing some pants when I hear  him enter the bedroom and I freeze.

How will I escape?


His voice sends a shiver through me, and I pray he can’t hear me. I scan the small area, backing away and pressing myself against the clothes. I hope he thinks I have left.

Omegas are silent… Omegas are unnoticeable, Omegas His shadow looms in the open entrance to the closet. I gasp, my body shaking. I see him look me over, his heart is racing and his gaze falls to my right br3ast, the blood soaking the shirt, and I see his eyes glimmer red.

I whimper as I cower away from him as he advances, squeezing my eyes shut. “Please go away.”

He stops in his tracks, water still dripping from his n*ked body, and I don’t understand how I even let myself get so close to him. I was so foolish.

“Let me see.” He commands. I can feel his aura, like an ent*ity of its own. It filled the tiny space, making it harder to breathe.

“Please go.” I beg, my entire body shaking.

He frowns deeply, his eyes stuck on my bloody br3ast. He clenches his jaw reaching for me.

“Leave me alone!” I shout, “Stay away from me!”

He freezes and although I know I shouldn’t be angering a monster; I didn’t care; I was going to d*ie anyway if he came closer.

He clenches his jaw before he turns, grabbing some p*nts and walks out. I hear a door slam and I fall to my knees, sobbing. I curl up, burying my head into my knees. I feel so alone…

Hours had passed, but I didn’t move. I know if I ran, he would give chase. I pondered over calling someone for help, but I fear he’ll do something to them too. I had only heard one door shut. I don’t know if he is in the lounge or if he has left…

I wipe my tears away, the pain in my br3ast still throbbing. I look down, I need to clean this up and bandage it. It will take some time to heal. I stand up and try not to feel sorry for myself. Rummaging around, I find a white shirt I can use for makeshift bandages.

Leaving the closet cautiously, I return to the bathroom, spotting the blood that stained the floor. The bath was still full of water, only now it is coloured pink. The coppery smell fills my nose, and I feel sick.

I can’t wait for the day I’m free of him.. I know he can go back on his words and not let me go, but I was certain he wouldn’t break his promise. I don’t know how or why, but I can feel he isn’t the type to lie.. I am stupid to even have that trust in him. Did he even deserve to be king? Someone as dangerous as him?

Shaking my head, I feel guilty for thinking that, aside from this, he’s not done anything for me to question him becoming king. That isn’t my problem though and I will go through with this deal, and do my best, but I’m not going to let him near me. Not anymore. I’m certain he wants this crown more than anything, and if he wants it, then he’d have to stay away from me. A part of me reminds myself that I’m just an Omega. He owns me .. but I also know he needs me, and I will use that to protect myself.

Locking the bathroom door, I feel a little better, although deep down I know if he wants, he can rip this door off its hinges and k*ll me within seconds. I pull the plug out in the tub, watching the water drain away.

I turn, spotting the blood that had dripped from my br3ast when I left. The deep red splotches on the floor make my mind flash with images.

Blood… Fire… and Snow?

I grip my head as splitting pain rips through it, and I fall to my knees. My heart thumps as I hear someone calling me.

‘Evangeline… Evangeline?’ A sing-song voice came.

My head hurts, I feel the pressure building and I scream in agony as needle-like pain erupts in my head, making my vision darken.

A young girl’s laughter fills my ears, one that promises mirth and humour until it changes to shrieks of agony.

‘Evangeline! Help me! Evangeline!’ It’s that same voice, only this time it’s anguished and terrified. Get out of my head! Stop! But the pain only gets worse.

Stop.. I gr0an as my vision darkens… I can’t breathe…

“Evangeline!” that’s a man’s voice.. It sounds familiar…

I think I hear something splintering and a crashing sound, but I’m not sure… and I finally succumb to the darkness…

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