Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 92

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 92

I knew I was dreaming just like when Ezra marked me only this time it was different, this time I didn’t fear it. I wanted to understand but this dream was different, I didn’t know what I was actually seeing at first and didn’t recognize my surroundings but I had no doubt who I had become.

I was staring at a man, at first I didn’t understand because I could feel she loved this man, Marabella loved him, yet it wasn’t Micha. No, this man was human. I recognized the heavy bell shaped maroon skirt that flowed to the floor I was wearing and the white V shaped off shoulder bodice.

Could feel the tightness of the corset beneath it as it wrapped around the hard bump on her abdomen, Marabella was pregnant, so this was after she had been cursed, after the attack on her village. I had no doubt I was enduring once again Marabella’s life. I watched the man, listening, trying to figure out who this man was, I could feel her love for him, feel how badly her wolf called for him yet he was human.

The man was pleading with her, I could tell he loved her too as she stared at the blonde haired man, his blue eyes watching her adoringly. They appeared to be in some house and I could feel her emotions as if they were my own, she feared for him. Feared for his life.

“ It’s not safe Nicholas, Micha will K*ll you. He will never accept you” Marabella tells him and I see the hurt shine in his blue eyes. Micha was werewolf, this man was no match for Micha and she was carrying Micha’s children, Micha would never accept another in her life, and she knew to save him , she had to leave him behind even if it K*lled her, she wanted him safe from Micha, she would sacrifice her own heart for his safety.

”I Marabella Badeaux” 1 could feel the tears slip down her face as she spoke the words, it was K*lling her inside. Nicholas grabs her hands pleading with her.

“We can run, we can run together, he won’t find us” Nicholas tried to plead with her but she couldn’t leave Micha. She loved him just as much and her children needed their father, needed Micha just as much as she did, their souls already entwined leaving her no other choice if she didn’t want Micha to K*ll him. She had no other choice but to reject him to save him.

Marbella shakes her head, pulling her hands from his and rubbing her baby bumps, seeking strength and comfort from her unborn babies that she was making the right choice.

“No, Nicholas. This is how it has to be” Her voice meek as she steeled her resolve and pushed back her heart ache.]

“I Marbella Badeaux, reject you Nicholas Acker as my mate” She says, her voice unwavering though a piece of her soul was breaking, breaking in two.

Nicholas looked at her heart broken, tears forming in his eyes. The look he gave her crushed her until it turned angry, his hands balling into fists as his face changed colour in his anger, his jaw clenched.

“Get out! You would choose a mutt over a man, I would have loved you despite the filth you carry in your womb. You mark my words I will lfill you, K*ll you and the dog you lay with” He screams.

Marabella‘, fearful of him for the first time, runs out the door, runs for Micha. She thought she was doing the right thing but his words not only scared Her as she ran through the forest in search of Micha, they broke her, broke what was left of her.

She loved him and did thin to keep him safe, she Had no doubt Micha would K*ll him. He was possessive of her, and Would not share, would not entertain the idea of another man being hers.

“Micha?“ She calls as she runs through the forest as the first contraction swept over her and she clutched a tree catching her breath. She wished she could shift, it would be so much faster than being on these human legs trying to carry the heavy weight of her unborn babies. Micha was quick to come to her, picking up on her distress and using the bond to find her.

“Where have you been my love?” He says, grabbing her arms as she leant heavily on him.

“In the village, we should go” She tells him and they start the trek home, back to the caves in which they lived away from civilization. With each step the contractions grew stronger.

“You sure you weren’t seen in the village” Micha asks when he could hear the chatter of men, hear voices bouncing off the trees and making the forest go silent.

“Marabella, were you seen? Why were you in the village?” He asks her looking around frantically as pain tore thorough her belly, Marabella didn’t have the heart to tell him she also loved another, he would never understand the torment she was in but as the night came and her contractions got worse her worst fears came true.

They found them, she was even more shocked when she picked up the scents of her own kind also helping the humans hunt, her and Micha, hunting her unborn children while she laboured.

“Push my love” Micha tells her as she laid with her legs spread on the fur rugs in the cave from my previous visions. I could not bear the though of watching her lose Micha again and was glad when the dream fizzled out, moving on to the next yet I couldn’t understand why I was being shown this. I watched katarina be burned at the pillar in the town square only this time with better clarity, her heart filled with sorrow as the town’s mayor came out, she loved him and couldn’t believe he would harm her in such a w ay as he ordered his men to tie her to the pillar.

People threw things at her as they dragged her to the stage surrounded by wood. She thrashed and kicked trying to escape them but it was no use, another man who I knew was her mate also was dragged to a sandstone block, his arms tied behind his back, the deafening bloodcurdling scream that left her as she watched them behead him and his head rolled on the ground, the Mayor sneered at her enjoying her pain, it was vengeance for rejection him.

Village folk laughing at her anguish, laughing and calling her a witch, crushing her out while the Mayor, a man who appeared to be in his thirties, watched in anger, hatred filled his heart now, even while destroying her she still loved him.

I watched the dream play out as she looked for her brother in the crowd, the relief she felt upon seeing him as she willed him to go and protect her child and keep her hidden.

He nods and walks off turning his back on her and that was only comfort she felt knowing he would as her mate ordered them to burn her alive, all because she couldn’t return his love, she couldn’t love him and keep her mate if only she met him first he too was werewolf, both men were werewolf.

I could tell by their scents and she took comfort knowing the bond wasn’t severed completely, he rejected her rejection, her child would live on without her, and she stared up at the sky, taking comfort in knowing that as he watched her d*ie he would feel her pain all of it as if it was his own, she loved him still but hated him more for what he had done.

The dream warps and twist and I watch generation after generation sacrifice themselves for those they love only to lose in the end anyway. Jealousy the Moon Goddesses words coming back to me.

This is what jealousy is capable of, how it goes in hand with death. My grandmother was the only one that accepted her mate, but couldn’t mark him because she was pregnant, my grand father was accepting of him for her. He loved her enough that he accepted him though her untimely death couldn’t be helped as she hemorrhaged and her heart gave out while giving birth to my mothers.

Leaving two men to raise twins became too much for her other mate knowing they were not his as he returning again and leaving my grandfather to raise both girls.

Tears slipped down my face. I had no doubt they were mixed with my own emotions as well as I watched my biological mother explain to my father she had another mate, her excitement dying out instantly as he growled at her and called her a wh*re.

The way her heart sank at his words as if he had just stabbed her, my father looked the same with his black hair only younger and yet his eyes were not soft but hard as his anger engulfed him.

He demanded to know who it was, demanded an answer and I had never seen this side of my father, I never would have pictured this sort of rage to fill him. Katherine rubs her bumps, the bump that is me, though it was only small and I could tell she was in the stages of her pregnancy,

“You will not f*uc*k another whıle carryıng my chıld now tell me who it is?” My father growled at her but she refused to submit, refusing to give him up.

The dream shifts, skipping ahead and I could feel my mothers panic as my father found him, he was a pack warrior, new to jackson pack. Two of Jackson’s men helped drag him before her. Jackson watched an evil glint in his eye as he ordered my mother to reject him, reject him or he would d*ie, granting his Beta’s wish.

My mother, not wanting to watch the man she loves d*ie, did as they asked even though it K*lled her, K*lled pieces of her soul off that she knew she would never be able to get back, leaving a hole in her soul that could never be filled.

The vision skips ahead and it was the day before they were due to be wed, my mother Shirley coming home, and I could feel Katherine’s excitement at having her sister home, Shirley walking into the house and Katherine jumps up to introduce them to each other when they both spoke at the same time, the heart crushing feeling when they called each other mate.

Katherine looked at my father, as he embraced my mother and she felt like she was dying inside as she watched him claim another but denied her the same right. He had her other mate banished while not only was she f0rced to accept her mate had another too, but that other person was her twin sister making it impossible for her to decide.

The two very people she loved in this world the most, were also K*lling her internally while she longed for the love lost.

She couldn’t bring herself to punish her sister, she hated my father in this moment, how dare he claim another when he made her give up her mate, made her give him up yet was expected to accept this and If it were anyone else, if his other mate was not her sister she would have demanded he do the same, bin she fell she owed my mother this glimmer of happiness, she felt guilty for what my mother endured because of her, because of the curse bestowed on her.

I was seeing my father in a new light, seeing everything with clarity as the darkness enveloped me again, washing over me and sending me numb, my father was a hypocrite.

I finally understood what the Moon Goddess meant when she said she threw me bone and was trying to help. Generations of mates separated because of jealousy, strangers refusing to accept each other and costing my family their lives and hearts. The Moon Goddess didn’t just pair me with strangers like all the times before.

I noticed all the first mates from my vision were men of power, men of dominance, and possessive beasts unwilling to allow another man in, unaccepting of another. Then there was me. I had two mates but unlike previous generations, Seline didn’t pair me with strangers.

she paired me with bestfriends, their friendship and love outweighing the curse upon the woman in my family, forging bonds between them stronger than that of fate. I chuckle at my new found clarity, the Moon Goddesses words coming back to me.

“I threw you a bone if you will” She did more than that, she tempted fate and allowed my mates to alter it, Mateo’s love forging bond between them, Ezra’s love for his friend out weighing his anger and jealousy, what started as friendship turned to something more, something magnificent and that was the bone she threw me.

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