Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 85

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 85

Ezra POV:

Maddox finally gave me control back, shifting back and leaving me face down in the dirt.

‘Please tell me you didn’t go after him’ I ask him, getting up off the dirt.

‘No I wanted to, I should have’ he growled at me. The sun was breaking through the trees above and I squinted at the sudden light after spending hours in the darkness of my own mind. Looking at how high the sun was, I knew it was late in the morning. I wipe off the dead leaves and dirt sticking to me before trudging through the forest.

Opening the back door leading into the dining room I see Kat, making coffee at the counter. Noticing me she grabs an extra cup down.

“You okay?” I ask her.

“My dad left” she states.

“Yeah, last night he went rogue,” I tell her, walking around the dining room table toward her.

“Will you let him back when he returns?” She asks, pouring milk in the cups.

“Of course but he might not come back, Kat” I tell her, hoping she wasn’t relying on his return.

“He will, I know my father will come back. He won’t abandon me” she says.

“Where is Mateo?” I ask her.

“Shower he should be down soon, where did you go?” She asks, stepping closer. I ignore her question because I am not really sure where I went.

“You seem okay,”I tell her, pulling on her shirt and tugging her closer.

“I think I just needed sleep” she says, wrapping her arms around my wa!st.

“Ah you’re filthy, did Maddox roll in a carca*s*s?” She chuckles but doesn’t pull away.

“I will admit I have leaves and dirt in places that should not have leaves and dirt” I tell her before k!ssing her head.

“We need to talk later. I think I know who the person is working for Jacksons Pack” I tell her and she looks up at me.

“Who?” She asks.

“When I get out of the shower I will tell you” I tell her.

“Okay, go shower then” she says before she stands on her tippy toes trying to reach my l!ps.

Maddox pushed forward to look at her. He always found her height or lack there of amusing.

“Hi Maddox” she says before gripping my neck and tugging me down. Her l!ps press softly to mine before she steps back.

“Go shower, then you can tell me what you found out” she says before pouring boiling water into one of the mugs, leaving the water out of the other two.

‘Does she seem off’ Maddox asks.

‘yep, but at least she isn’t angry, I think she is in shock’

‘explain why her emotions feel so muted through the bond, I think Kora is pulling it from her’ Maddox says, making me think.

Maddox pulls on my anger so it wouldn’t be surprising if Kora was taking her grief though it did make me wonder what would happen when she no longer does.

Walking upstairs, Mateo was coming out of the bathroom as I was about to walk in.

“Kat is making coffee, did she wake up while I was gone?”

“No, only got up about half an hour ago when I did”

“I will shower then we will deal with Madeline” I tell him and he nods about to walk out when he stops.

“Have you told Kat yet?”

“Not yet”

“Rightio, I won’t mention it then” he says walking toward his room.

Looking in the mirror on my way, my appearance was worse than I thought.

I had mud everywhere and bl00d, sniffing my hand I nearly puke.

‘I may have had a snack’ Maddox tells me.

‘I don’t even want to know’

‘probably best you don’t B*stard stuck his antler in my side’

‘I said I didn’t want to know’ I feel him shrug and I turned the shower on, stepping under its spray and washing the gunk off.

Katya POV:

I was nervous to find out who they think it is, what I wasn’t prepared for was finding out they were here this entire time.

“Madeline is in the basem*nt, we think she may have been the one that was giving information to Jackson” Ezra tells me.

“And she is in the basem*nt?” I ask, feeling sick to my stomach at the thought.

“Yes we wanted to wait to see what you wanted to do with her” Ezra says and I run my fingers through my hair.This was too much, way too much.

“I want to see her” I tell him and he looks at Mateo.

“You’re sure?” Ezra asks.

“Yes, if she had anything to do with K*lling my mother, I want to watch the life drain from her eyes” I never wanted to watch someone d*ie before,I thought it sick when people found amusem*nt in another’s pain, but if she did do it, I wanted to watch her squirm at the realisation she was going to d*ie.

“Have you spoken to her?” I ask him and he shakes his head. I look at Mateo and he also shakes his head. I get up pushing my chair out.

“Then let’s find out, why are we wasting time sitting around if you aren’t even sure?”

“Alex brought her in for us, we haven’t laid eyes on her yet, Maddox was probably best not going down there, he isn’t one to ask” Mateo says looking at Ezra.

Walking past them, I followed the hall stopping near the basem*nt door. I had never been down there before so wasn’t sure what to expect.

I follow Ezra down, the cold concrete steps made our footsteps louder, the draft down here was cold which wouldn’t make for a comfortable stay.

Reaching the bottom Ezra reaches over flicking a light on, the room illuminating under its fluorescent lights. Looking around there are two cells in the far one was Madeline, holding her hand up to shield her eyes from the bright lights.

“About Bl**dy time, let me out Ezra, why the hell did you have me put in here?” She snaps getting to her feet.

I see Mateo flick a switch on the wall the moment she grips the bars. She shrieks before being thrown against the wall behind hel and I could smell the sizzle of electricity, the smell of her burnt hands.

“What the hell Mateo?” She snaps getting to her feet again.

“You, is this over the cafe incident” she growls at me pointing her finger.

“You mean Luna?” I ask and she growls menacingly.

“You’re not my Luna” she snaps and I raise an eyebrow at her words. Ezra unlocks the cell and she takes a step back as he enters.

“Wait, I didn’t mean that Maddox,” she shrieks as he grips her hair, dragging her out of the cell. He f0rces her to her knees in front of me and I see she was right, Maddox did have control or at least partially, the fact he didn’t K*ll her I am a*s*suming he is either trying not to or Ezra still had partial control.

He crouches next to her before grabbing her face with his hand and forcing her to look at me, his other hand wrapped around her hair.

“Who is she?” He growls.

“You won’t hurt me, Ezra won’t hurt a woman now get off me”

“Good thing I’m not Ezra, I have no problems ripping you apart piece by piece, so I will ask again. Who is she is” Maddox asks, his claws slipping into her cheek and she screams.

“She is not my Luna” she snaps, she was too stubborn to even save her own life.

“Wait!” I tell him when I see his hand about to go for her throat. Surprisingly he does, staring at me, wondering what I wanted.

I feel Kora come forward, pressing beneath my skin.

“Did you help Jackson?” I ask her and she laughs,

“She doesn’t even know how to use her Alpha Aura, pathetic” she laughs. Yet I wasn’t using it but her words angered Kora.

“Did you help Jackson?” I ask her, though this time Kora shoved the command at her making her scream and Maddox lets her go as she drops forward, Kora pushing more weight than I ever thought possible of an Alpha command. I knew I had one being Ezra’s mate but even he looked a little shocked as she tried to bleed herself into the floor to get away from it.

“Yes!” She screams agonised.

“Yes what?” I ask her.

“Yes Luna, Yes Luna” she screams, before writhing and clutching her stomach.

“So it’s been you all this time?” I ask completely unprepared for her next answer.

“No Angie contacted him originally, said I could have Ezra if I helped her because Jackson’s son would mate her” she gasps out between screaming.

“What?” I ask shocked and dropping the command, she growls before lunging at me, yet Kora saw her coming and f0rces control, grabbing her hand that was going for my face. Maddox grabs her hair, ripping her backwards. Her head hitting the ground with a sickening crack.

“I hope he K*lls you, I hope Maddox K*lls you like his father K*lled his mother. He will you know, it’s in his DNA” she taunts.

“You have a sharp tongue, saying things you know nothing about” I tell her before standing over her.

“Let me help you with that” I tell her, feeling my claws extend, rage like no other, fuelling me as I jammed my fingers in her mouth, prying her mouth open when I felt a snap, her jaw breaking and she screams though it sounded wrong and mangled.

Suddenly Kora punches my fist down her throat, I could feel her saliva wrap around my fingers as I gripped her tongue before reefing my arm back, the sickening sound of it tearing from her making my stomach turn and leaving me shocked at what I did, or mainly what Kora did but still it shocked me.

Maddox looks at me c**king his head to the side before looking down at her, she makes a gross gurgling noise and I drop her tongue at my feet. Mateo calmly just watching like this was something he had seen before while my stomach rolled violently.

Maddox then grabs her head twisting quickly and I hear her neck snap with one swift movement.

The moment he did, I threw up my breakfast, my hand drenched in her bl00d and I sickened myself at what I had just done.

Mateo rubs my back as I ran for the small steel sink puking again.

“First time is always the worst” he says and I look at him over my shoulder.

“What it’s true, it gets easier,” he says with a shrug.

“I don’t want that to get easier” I tell him.

“What about Angie?” I ask Maddox, his eyes flickering back to Ezra’s.

“I will have someone bring her to the packhouse” Ezra says.

“Is there somewhere else you can send her, I don’t think I can deal with her right now” I tell him. I felt sick knowing she had something to do with it, that she pretended to be my friend. Pretended to be someone I considered trustworthy.

“I can have her locked in the rogue cells in town” Mateo says and I nod looking at Ezra.

“I can deal with her Kat, you don’t have to. I know you thought she was your friend” Ezra says, Angie though was different. She was my age, she had brothers I met and family I met. I wasn’t sure if I could K*ll her knowing what it would do to them.

“Find out if she did it, then banish her”

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