Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 83

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 83: Ezra POV

After putting a passed-out Kat to bed, we walk back downstairs to deal with the cleanup. Mateo and the back warriors were removing bod*ies as I walked out, dumping them in a pile.

”Jasmine” I waved to her, motioning for her to come over, she dropped the leg she was carrying and jogs over to me.

“Yes Alpha?” She says stopping beside me.

“Did you guys tell anyone where you were all going” I ask her, it was a little too convenient that Jackson would attack while I was dealing with rosters and Mateo was on the other side of the town on duty, also why attack directly near the river, they would have had to have known we were not with her. Jackson was daring but even he knew it would be a death sentence to his men if we were close by.

“No one, we left the cafe where we met her parents, went to my place and Angies to grab our swimmers and came straight here” She says thinking.

“So you didn’t tell anyone?”

“Only my mate and my mum” She answers before looking at Angie. I follow her gaze and Angie looks over at us before walking over.

“What’s going on?” She asks looking at Jasmine, Mateo also wanders over.

“Did you tell anyone where you were going?”

“No, of course not and Kat was with me and Jasmine the entire time, we know better than to just leave her alone by herself without you or mateo” Angie explains. I nodded yet something was off.

“So you didn’t see anyone or stop to speak to anyone, not even while out?”

“No, we went to the cafe, met her parents there and had lunch. Kat had an argument with Ms Taylor then we all went home to get our swimmers and came straight here” Angie says and I nod. Wait, did they mean Madeline?

“Wait Ms Taylor?” Mateo says asking the question I was about to ask. They both nod.

“As in Madeline Taylor?” I ask and Jasmine answers.

“Madeline the teacher from school, she bumped into Kat and had a go at her, so Kat put her in her place”

“Alex!” I call waving one of our pack warriors over. He was in his mid-twenties and had longer hair, a bit of a hippy but a loyal member.

“Go grab Madeline for me”

“Okay Alpha she should be on duty soon anyway”

“What do you mean on duty soon, she isn’t on patrols at night and not on the northside” Mateo says, stepping around me and looking at Alex.

“Oh, I must be mistaken then she was on the other night, I will go get her” He says turning around to go retrieve her when Mateo grabs his arm stopping him.

“When was she on duty and where, you know Alpha Ezra doesn’t let women patrol at night, you didn’t think to question it?” Alex stops looking at me before turning to face us.

“She has been doing patrols along the borders and the back of the river, she has been on every night for the past month, I didn’t think anything of it because well you know” He says motioning to me.

“We are not involved, Kat is my mate you know this”

“Yeah well not now obviously because of Kat, I just a*s*sumed you said she could because that’s what she said”

“Find her and bring her to the Packhouse” Mateo tells him and he nods, running off into the trees.

“You think Madeleine had something to do with it?” Jasmine asks.

“Not sure but we will find out” I tell her and she nods before grabbing Angie and going off to help clean up. Mateo walks over toward the two men and their mutilated corpses.

I go over to the one laying next to the packhouse first, the one who shot Shirley. Crouching beside him. No doubt it was one of Jackson’s men, I could smell their Pack scent on him when Mateo called out.

“Ezra he isn’t Jackson’s” Mateo says, making me look over at him standing next to the other one.

I get up walking over to Mateo and look down, no he wasn’t jacksons man, he was Andrie’s.

“Great, just what we need” I tell Mateo who nods.


“Inside” I tell him.


“Taking Shirley to the morgue until we deal with funeral arrangements”

“Okay, I already spoke to Mathias to tell the family of our men that d*ied”

“Mated?” I ask him and he shakes his head.

“No, but they were brothers” Mateo says and I sigh. One thing losing one kid but two, Sh*t I would have to go see their parents, it would be disrespectful not to.

“You should go inside, let me handle this. Go be with Kat” Mateo says.

“Yeah she isn’t going to like me very much” I tell him, running a hand through my hair before flicking off some blood, yuck.

“Yeah pretty sure she will hate all of us, we all stood there and watched, don’t think it was just you, if looks could K*ll Jasmine and I would be dead to with the way she stared at us for not helping her” He says as he grabs the man’s foot and starts dragging him over to the pile of bod*ies.

“Hey, you coming in after?” I ask him.

“Yes, if you want me to” Mateo says, stopping and I nod to him.

‘Kat is all yours when she wakes up, Kora called me some pretty horrid things and I am not dealing with her crazy a*s*s, she has a huge vocabulary of curse words’ Maddox growls.

‘Great, you are ditching me too’ I tell him.

‘No, I just don’t want to blow up near her, she doesn’t understand, she thinks we did it because we hate her mother and I am too riled up to be near her

‘I don’t hate her mother’ I tell him.

‘No, but I do, love that she saved Kat, but that doesn’t change what she did, Karma can be a real b*tch’ Maddox says. Yeah probably best he steers clear, Kat won’t appreciate him saying that.

Walking inside, I head for the bedroom hoping she wakes up and sees reason, we couldn’t let her d*ie for the sake of her mother, we can heal injuries but not a silver bullet in the heart.

Walking into the room, she was still out cold. I never thought I would have to knock her out like that, marking someone tends to be erotic to the person your marking but can also be used to ascertain dominance over your mate forcing them to submit, I hated that Maddox did it but we had no other choice. It did make me wonder how long she would be out though, having never done it before.

Her body was limp, completely limp as I pulled her over to me, the mate bond still affecting her even in her comatose state. She presses her face into my neck inhaling my scent, her scent always calming me mint and eucalyptus but sweeter, almost fruity such a weird combination but oddly right.

I try to get comfortable sitting back on the headboard, her arms falling down my sides limply. Resting my eyes, I must have dozed off because a while later Mateo scent hit my nose waking me. Looking up, he was standing next to the door looking at me.

“She is still asleep” He states and I look down at her before nodding and resting my head back on the headboard. He walks over sitting on the bed next to me before brushing her hair from her face. Her face moving slightly under his touch as she sniffed his wrist and I could feel Kora stirring within her yet unable to rouse themselves awake completely.

“Derrick asked if he could stay the night, I put him in one of the guest rooms. I think he just wants to be near Kat” Mateo says and I nod.

“Yeah, I couldn’t imagine how weird it would be going home to an empty house” I tell him and he nods.

“When was the last time you ate, want me to get dinner for everyone?” Mateo asks.

“This morning, and it’s up to you” I tell him and he leans down k!ssing her head, Maddox watching him but says nothing just makes me sniff him for some reason. When I noticed his scent was changing slightly, yet I couldn’t wrap my mind around why I thought that.

“Can I ask you something?” I ask him and he looks at me.

“What does she smell like to you?” He shrugs,

“similar to you, probably because she has your mark or maybe the other way around and you smell like her, but mint, and” He seems to think like he was searching for the word.

“Eucalyptus?” I ask him.

“Yeah, that’s it but sweeter like strawberry essence thrown in there, strange combination why?”

“That’s what she smells like to me too” I tell him and he seems to think for a second before he sniffs me.

“Your scent is stronger than hers though, more masculine while hers is sweet,” he says before realising he just sniffed me.

“Sorry, that was probably weird of me to do” He chuckles looking away.

“Well you have always been weird” I tell him not willing to admit I sniffed him as well.

“The good kind of weird though” he says making my l!ps tug up slightly, yes a good sort of weird, I think to myself.

“I will go get dinner and see what Derrick wants to eat” He says hopping up and walking out. I watch him leave. I could hear Derrick in one of the guest rooms, but figured I would Mateo check on him and I didn’t want to go anywhere in case she woke up, which wasn’t long after Mateo left.

She shifted slightly, her hands pushing up on my ch3st before she turned her head to the side and I looked down watching her eyes flutter open before she sits up suddenly, looking around. I could feel her confusion, like she wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not.

“My mum?” She asks and I just stare back at her before realisation hits her and I could see Kora was talking to her by how bright her eyes glow before they suddenly dim and she is back looking at me, focused on me yet the way she looked at me was hollow and empty before I felt nothing through the bond like she suddenly just switched off, by the look on her face she did exactly that, she was completely devoid of emotion.

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