Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 82

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 82

By the time we got to the river it was a little after 3 and the temperature was blistering hot still. My parents met us all out there. I made sure to tell Ezra we had a change of plans when I changed into my swim clothes but he declined the offer to come with us and said he was going to meet with some of his warriors, which was fine by me.

It was good seeing mum and dad getting along and they genuinely seemed to be working things out though it was a bit sickening watching them give each other love eyes and smooching every few seconds.

“Gosh I hope I have a body like that when I am your mother’s age” Angie says checking my mum out. I shake my head at her, mum was fit which is kind of expected considering all she does is train and teach.

“Ah this has been so nice and it has been good to get away from all the men,” Jasmine says.

“Yeah I hate having 5 brothers, it would have been good to have a sister” Angie agrees.

“Hey, what do I look like, a potato?” My dad calls out eavesdropping.

“You don’t count, you’re like one of the girls now” Jasmine taunts making my mother laugh at his offense before she comes running toward us..

“Cannonball” My mum screamed, running off the bank and jumping right between the three of us and splashing us all with water before swimming off as we all tried to swim after her.

My father was watching from his spot under the tree as we all wrestled in the water getting our a*s*ses handed to us by my mother. She didn’t care I was her kid she wouldn’t let me win, she was too compet*itive to let us win.

As the day slowly comes to an end though we all start to pack up and start getting out the water and heading for our towels when Mateo voice comes through the link.

“Jackson men just stepped over the border, north side. On my way over, where is Kat?”

“Yep I know. I am on my way, Kat, where are you? get home now!” Ezra links back.

“With Mum and Dad, heading home” I mindlink back just as my mother grabs my arm jerking me toward the treeline.

“Get her and the girls to the pack house” My father says shifting before he heads to the border which wasn’t far from here.

Jasmine and Angie grab their towels before chasing after us and we start heading back toward the packhouse. My mother was on high alert when the last thing we wanted to hear was screamed through the link. Rogues!

My mother looks behind her before letting my arm go. “Run!” She screams at us before shifting into her wolf as we hear growls heading our way. We all take off running, dropping everything and racing toward the packhouse. Kora shifts and so does Jasmine and Angie as we run home, we hear snarls and paws running toward us through the forest.

We break through the tree line and see wolves and two men step out of the treeline closest to the packhouse and Kora skids along the gr@ssto a stop only just managing to duck out the way as a dirty brown coloured wolf jumps on us.

Angie attacks a grey wolf shoving me out of the way as it also attacked. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the two men, one tall and lanky with brown hair and sharp features, the other bulky but shorter with a shaved head waiting while we are attacked relentlessly by rogues coming from every direction.

“Ezra!” I yell through the link. As Kora is tackled, she sinks her teeth into the brown wolfe’s neck and shakes her head viciously before tossing it off with her back legs.

It gets to its feet blood coating its fur when we feel sharp teeth sink out our back leg and Kora spins biting its tail as it grabs us. Teeth sink into our side, Kora whimpers before turning trying to fight the two wolves as they keep attacking, giving her no rest.

My mother’s growl coming from the side of us as she too was drenched in blood before she barrels into the brown wolf and Kora manages to take down the other.

My eyes scanned our surroundings as rogues kept coming and Jackson’s two pack warriors standing on the edge waiting for us to be taken down when my fathers wolf attacked one of them, jumping him from behind as he rips into his side.

Maddox also came running from the front of the packhouse and up the side of the house jumping into the fray as our pack warriors fought them back.

Kora whimpers in pain spinning around before teeth sink into our shoulder and neck tearing a junk of flesh away and she staggers before being f0rced to shift back.

I clutch my neck trying to stem the bleeding before getting to my feet.

“Kat, get inside and lock it down” Ezra says and I look for Maddox to see him fighting three wolves, my father still fighting the man I saw who had now shifted. Yet I don’t see the other one and Angie and Jasmine shift back also running for the packhouse. Jasmine grabs my arm, dragging me upright, and forcing me to run toward the back door.

When I hear my mothers voice scream above the fighting. “Kat!” She screams through the link when I hear the first shot fired, echoing off the trees just as Maddox K*lls the last of the three wolves. Jasmine jerked me out of the way and I felt the breeze of the bullet skip past me.

“Maddox growls, tearing off to the side and my eyes dart toward where he is running to when I see the other man with a gun in his hand aimed directly at me and Jasmine. It was like time slowed down when the next shot rang out loudly just as Maddox ripped into him.

I closed my eyes and there was no escaping it, when I heard a scream from behind me. I waited for the impact only it come from the wrong direction, sending me flying and knocking the air out of my lungs as I smacked the ground with a thud before hearing a thud behind me and a gasp of air being expelled.

Rolling over, I gr0@ned before looking up. My mother had a stunned look on her face and at first I didn’t understand why she was looking at me like that. I felt dazed until she coughed, blood spewing from her lips and she looked down.

My eyes follow hers to the blood pouring from the centre of her chest, just as I hear a horrid wailing sound, the sound so deafening it hurts me just to hear it as it clawed at my heart. Mother gasps her hand clutching at her chest before she collapses in a heap on the ground. My entire world just stopped in an instant. My heart shattered into a million sharp pieces.

“Mum!” I scream, pushing off my hands and rushing toward her when I am tackled, my father grabbing me and forcing me back while she lay motionless bleeding on the gr@ssonly metres away.

“Let go, let go. I can help her” I scream thrashing and trying to get out of his arms

“She is gone baby, she is gone you can’t save her” father cries refusing to let go.

“I can help her please, she is your mate” I scream trying to break out of his grip.

“And you’re my daughter” He ch*okes out when Kora f0rces the shift and we break out of his arms, Kora running to save her, we can bring her back. Her howl agonized as we got to her before I felt arms wrap around our torso ripping us backward.

“No, Love, you won’t heal” Ezra’s voice says next to her ear and she bites into his arm but he doesn’t let go, instead pulling us away before falling as she thrashes trying to get to mum. Rogues were dead everywhere and Jasmine was cupping her mouth with her hands in shock when I saw my father get up, walking over to her body before he bent down picking her up. Taking her away from us and Kora shifts back.

Ezra’s arms tightening around me. “No, no, no please” I scream after my father but he just looks at me, tears streaking his face before he turns.

“I can’t let you, sweetie, I’m sorry,” He says before running off with her.

“No” I scream, my chest twisting painfully as I scream. The sound so agonised and foreign I couldn’t recognise it as my own. I couldn’t breathe, I felt like I was choking on my despair the further he got from, the further he took her away.

All I could feel was pain, pain like I never thought possible, like a piece of me just broke off, a piece I wasn’t sure I could live without, she was gone.

I try to get up, but Ezra doesn’t let go, instead his grip only tightening when I see Mateo step out of the tree, Jasmine stepping toward me, tears slipping down her cheeks as she stared at me but didn’t help. I hated them, hated them all. She didn’t have to d*ie, I could have saved her.

“No, I won’t let you, your father won’t let you, kat” Ezra says and I turn in his arms smacking into him.

“I hate you, I Fuking hate you. She is my mother, I Fuking hate you” I scream at him, hitting him trying to make him let go. When I see his eyes bleed back.

“Sorry kitty” Maddox growls before he sinks his canines into my neck, my movements becoming sluggish as I hit him, my surroundings going dull, his teeth sinking into my bone.

The pain was terrible and all I could think was, I couldn’t save her, she gave her life for me and I couldn’t save her, she was dead. They were the last thoughts that slipped through my head before all I see is darkness.

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