Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 57

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 57

Katya POV:

Ezra didn’t say a word for most of the night, his thoughts consuming him, Kora was on edge and kept telling me something wasn’t right. Her anxiety setting mine off.

‘Maddox is going to K*ll her’ Kora tells me, making me zone back into what she was rambling about.

‘He will if he gets out again’ She rambles.

‘Who Mum?’ I ask her and she nods pacing, always pacing she hadn’t stopped since Ezra brought us back to the room. I sit up and Ezra jumps gripping my wrist. “Where are you going?”

“To pee” I tell him and he lets go before sighing.

“You’re not leaving me” He asks and I look at him.

“Why would I leave you, I love you” I tell him and he rolls on his side facing me, he had been staring at the ceiling for hours.

“Because of Maddox,” he answers.

“I’m not going anywhere Ezra, but I do need to pee” I tell him, my bladder screaming for me to get to the bathroom.

“Mateo is leaving for a few days,” he says as I reach the bathroom door.

I stop my heart skipping a beat knowing I would be on my own with Maddox if he did take over Ezra again. Kora knew she wasn’t strong enough to restrain him if he did and I felt bile rise in my throat.

“Does that bother you?” Ezra asks but I ignore his question walking into the bathroom and shutting the door. I quickly pee before washing my hands and turning to the door. My hand stopping at the door knob while I try to pull my fear aside, try to block my emotions from him.

Ezra was sitting on the edge of the bed staring at the bathroom door.

“You never answered, but I know it does bother you. You feel safer with him near” he says and I could feel his hurt at his words.

“How long will he be gone?” I ask and he growls before suppressing it.

“I don’t know, a few days he said” I nod walking over to the bed when he pulls me between his legs and wraps his arms around my wa!st.

“What did Mateo mean?” I ask him and he presses his head against my bre@sts.

“It doesn’t matter”

“But he said you were cursed too” I tell him.

“Not cursed, not like you, But yes it does feel like a curse sometimes”

“What does?” I ask pulling his face back.

“My wolf”

“I don’t understand?” I tell him, Maddox had a serious temper problem but he was sweet for the most part.

“My father’s wolf K*lled both his mates, my grandmother d*ied by her husband’s too, our wolves are a separate ent*ity to us, they allow us control not the other way around” Ezra says.

“But I have seen you control him” I tell him, stepping away from him. Ezra nods.

“Yes I do have some control, more than my forefathers because I haven’t kept him locked up, that’s why I let him forward with me, why I let you hear him through the mindlink. It helps, keeps him calm, you keep him calm from taking over”

“What do you mean, Maddox is sweet, well when he isn’t angry” I tell him and he chuckles nodding his head.

“He can be, my father’s wolf never was. He was cruel but my father feared his wolf, refused to accept him as his which only fuelled him”

“You’re not scared of Maddox?” I ask, Ezra shakes his head.

“No just what he is capable of, my father’s wolf took him over, shoved him out and K*lled my mother, his wolf then took a chosen mate and K*lled her too”

“When you say took over, like he didn’t give him control?”

“He K*lled off my father’s human counterpart basically, took over both forms and locked my father away in the back of his own mind, so I K*lled him with Mateos help”

“Mateo helped you K*ll your father,” Ezra nods.

“Yes, I never noticed at first, after a while I noticed him change over the years, his anger becoming worse, his control less. He attacked me and Mateo was staying the night. He would stay when my father was being particularly difficult, Mateo’s wolf Ares attacked him. He turned on Mateo and Maddox lost it, forcing the shift before K*lling him”

“You’re worried Maddox will f0rce you out, like your father’s wolf”

“Maddox wouldn’t do that, he would eventually give me control back, we may be different we have a bond, something Mateo always worked on with me, Mateo would make me let him out so I could learn to control him in a sense, after a while it got easier and we have grown together. I am not afraid of him taking control, I am afraid of him losing control and you getting hurt in the process”

“But you’re good now though” I tell him and he nods, pulling me onto his la-p. “Yes he is calm right now” he says and I nod running my fingers through his hair.

“Does Maddox want to K*ll my mother, Kora said he does” Ezra doesn’t answer, that is an answer in itself and I knew I would have to warn her to stay away. Maybe go tell her to leave.

“He doesn’t trust her, not after everything she has done and neither do I. I don’t want you seeing her no more” Ezra says and I feel my stomach drop.

“She is my mother” I tell him and his grip on my h!ps tightens.

“You are to stay away from her, I haven’t given you any rules Kat, I let you do what you want when you want which is more than most Alpha’s allow of their Luna’s, but you break this one, I can’t be held accountable for what Maddox does to her”

“What are you going to do, banish her?”

“Mateo will tell her to leave for me, give her a choice to either come clean and leave with your father or to run and go by herself” he says and I hop off his la-p.

“What, no!”


“No, if she can’t stay then I’m not staying either Ezra, I won’t give up my family because your wolf has some god complex” I yell at him.

“Kat enough!”

“No! She is my mother, my father’s mate Ezra”

“She isn’t your mother, and your father would hate her if he knew, get back in bed I won’t ask again, this is how it is, I won’t have a traitor in my pack”

“I won’t stay without my mother” I tell him.

‘Calm down we will think of something, probably not best to poke his wolf right now Kat’ Kora warns and I swallow, she was right. Ezra gets up walking toward me but I dart past him and climb in bed before he can grab me. I hear him sigh before climbing in beside me.

A knock on the door has me looking at it. An older woman walked in, she had a bag in her hand which I could smell was Chinese food.

“Mateo sent this up before he left, I will start cleaning up Alpha” the woman tells us.

“Leave it Marge, I will take care of the cleaning tomorrow” he says climbing out of bed.

“So Mateo left already?”

“Yes he seemed in a rush, but said you both haven’t eaten” she says looking over at me. I gave her a brief wave feeling awkward that I am in bed while she was in here. Yet the way she looked at Ezra was quite motherly.

“Thank you, you can home Marge you don’t need to stay”

“You sure? I can see there is quite a mess downstairs I don’t mind cleaning it”

“Go home, I will take care of it, thanks for bringing us dinner” he tells her and she nods giving me a brief wave and a nod. She leaves and Ezra comes over to me.

“Hungry?” He asks but I shake my head.

“You should eat Kat,”

“Can I Speak to Maddox?”

‘kat what are you doing?’ Kora asks, she didn’t want me near Maddox not after earlier.

Ezra stares at me. “You want to speak to him after what happened before?” He seemed a little shocked.

“Only if you eat first” he says, handing one of the dishes.

Satay chicken, my favourite and I was a little surprised Mateo always remembers every little thing. I pull the lid off and Ezra walks out before returning with two trays and some bottled water.

“Thank you, gosh that’s hot” I tell him and he nods before sitting beside me. We ate in silence, though I could barely taste anything, my mind consumed with trying to convince Maddox to let her stay.

I knew my mother would never hurt me, she may have done the wrong thing by my mother, yet she raised me, loved me like I was her own. Now I just had to convince Maddox to give her a chance.

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