Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 56

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 56

Mateo POV:

Friendship was what kept me here, Ezra told me to leave countless times over the years yet I never could. I have always loved him like a brother, sometimes I questioned if it was more than that because no matter how much he scared me sometimes I could never bring myself to leave him. Not after everything I know. I wouldn’t let him destroy himself, let his beast take him over like it did his father.

Fear pricked my skin as soon as I heard Maddox’s voice in the hall and I knew history was to repeat itself. The beast within him was always savage, a monster in every way and Ezra fought constantly to keep him at bay.

I had no doubt Maddox loved her, that Ezra did, yet in Pierce’s family love is what k!lls them. His father was a monster, k!lled his first mate and his second chance chosen mate.

Nearly k!lled Ezra and that was one thing that always kept Ezra level headed, he knew what Maddox was capable of and always made sure to be the best version of himself, yet he knew it was a battle he couldn’t always win.

Even though I usually caught the brunt of it over the years, and Ezra hated hurting me, I knew he was grateful, and trusted I would keep our pack safe, keep his future mate safe from him.

He has always wanted his mate, as much as it scared him, he always wanted someone to love him, and accept the monster he carries with him, someone who would love him without question and I knew Kat does. That she would so he needs to tell her, she won’t run like he thinks, like his mother tried too.

No woman has last mated to a Pierce Wolf, no woman strong enough to contain and keep the wolf at bay. But after seeing the way her wolf was almost fearless of him, saw the monster he was yet still attacked anyway seemed to hone him in.

Or maybe it was Katya’s soft personality that calmed him; he was a storm that destroyed everything in his path, while she was calm, the eye of the storm, the peace within the destruction.

Giving me hope she could break him. That her love for him would be enough to break the curse on his bl00dline. Maybe she would survive a Pierce wolf when no other woman had.

Walking back to my room, the trail of my bl00d following me to my room as I pushed the bedroom door open. I could hear them walking back to their room when I heard the footsteps stop suddenly.

“Go ahead, I will be back in a sec” I hear Ezra tell Kat. I hear him walking toward my bedroom before the door opens. Yet I could hear Kat hadn’t moved from the hall, hear her heart rate spiking in her ch3st as he got closer to my room, I heard my handle twist before stopping.

“Kat, go to our room, please” he says.


“Mateo will be fine. I am only checking on him” Ezra tells her. She must have agreed because I heard her walk off though I knew what was coming. He pushes my door open, stepping inside and closing it.

“I know you’re mad, bro but seriously what do you expect?”

“Are you done?” He says, making me look at him.

“I’m not mad, well I am but you had no right doing that, telling her that”

“She won’t run Ezra, she hasn’t yet. She could have when he unleashed in the shower on her” I tell him and he sighs.

“You’re scared she will, aren’t you?”

“I’m scared she will pick you” he tells me and I look away.

“I won’t allow that even if she did”

“Wouldn’t you, because you have no problem getting up in my business when it comes to her?”

“Would you rather me let him k!ll her?” I ask him.

“He wouldn’t have, I have more control then they did” I scoff at his words of more control, he had Maddox reigned in better than his father had with his wolf, yes that was true but I would hardly call that control.

“You need to let him around her more, Ezra. His jealousy can’t be the only reason he is unleashed”

“It wasn’t his jealousy this time,”

“Then what is it?” I asked laying back down, my body was aching, though Kora healed most of me but still I ached. I feel the bed dip, Ezra sitting near my feet.

“He was angry she hid it, hid that Shirley k!lled her mother”

“What?” I ask sitting up. Ezra nods, his fist clenching on his knees where they are placed.

“Shirley k!lled her mother Katherine, yet she doesn’t want me to do anything about it, doesn’t want her father to know, there is no curse of her having children. Everything Shirley said was a lie and Jackson helped cover it up”

“Maddox doesn’t think she can be trusted” I tell him.

“Neither do I, how can she be? She already posioned Kat, she lied to her, yet she still chooses her”

“It’s her mother Ezra, let Kat deal with it, she will tell her father eventually”

“And if she doesn’t”

“Then I will, so you don’t come off as the bad one, but what I want to know is why Jackson didn’t tell Derrick, what did Shirley promise Jackson to remain quiet” I tell him and he sighs before what I said clicked in.

“You don’t think, she wouldn’t have promised Kat to him would she?” I shrug but it makes sense why Jackson has been trying to get Shirley back.

“I don’t know but we will figure it out, he isn’t taking her and I feel sorry if he does. Maddox will rip apart not only him but his entire pack to get her back, you know this” I get up, walking to the bathroom.

“Do you need a hand?” Ezra calls to me and I shake my head.

“So what happened with you and Jasmine?” He asks as I step in the shower.

“Nothing you know that, we don’t mess with She-wolves”

“But she was half n@ked”

“Come on Ezra, you know me better than that. I won’t sleep with her, I know she has a mate out there and I am not it”

“I’m just saying, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you did. ” He says and I roll my eyes, there is no point. Jasmine had a mate, so no point getting attached to her only for her to run off.

I hear him get up before he stops in the door, “Kora li*ked you”

“I am aware of that, she is a healer” I tell him and he nods before pinching the bridge of his nose.

“You need to get Kat out of your system, I can’t stop Maddox if you get too close to her”

“So what? You want me to screw Jasmine and hope it works” I scoff shaking my head.

“I wouldn’t confuse Jasmine like that, or push her away from being Kat’s friend because she ups and leaves me and she will leave when she finds her mate”

“Well you need to think of something, do something Mateo”

“And if it doesn’t work?” I tell him looking over at him.

“It will, it has to”

“You should get back to your mate Alpha” I tell him.

“Call Jasmine, I know you like her too” He says.

“She isn’t kat” I tell him and he stops as he turns around.

“No, she isn’t and that’s why I said call her, Maddox won’t share her Mateo”

“But would you?” I ask him, he is always so consumed with giving his wolf what he wants that he often overlooks what he wants.

“I would never deny her what she wants, but that doesn’t mean I would be happy about it either, she is mine Mateo” He says. I nod my head rinsing the soap off.

“Yes she is, I might leave for a few days, figure some things out” I tell him and he looks at me, I could see the fear in his eyes at my words.

“Maybe if I am away Maddox will calm down”

“Yeah but what if he doesn’t. No one else will get in my way if he loses it” Ezra says, panicking slightly.

“Spend time with Kat, I will leave for a few days and see what I can find out about Jackson, we still also have the issue of who in the pack is giving him information” I tell him and he nods.

“You will come back though?”

“Of course, I will, I know you can’t live without me” I tell him and he chuckles. I shut the water off, climbing out and Ezra hands me a towel.

“Go back to Kat, I will handle your duties for a few days while we figure this out” I tell him just as I hear my bedroom door open again. Her addictive scent wafting to me. Ezra walks over to her,

“He is fine, we are just talking” he tells her. He opens the door wider showing I am still alive and she lets out a breath before looking away seeing me in only a towel.

“I’m fine Kat, Ezra won’t hurt me” I tell her knowing he wouldn’t, Maddox however would k!ll me if he wanted to and would have if Kora didn’t intervene, she nods looking at Ezra wanting him to go with her. It shouldn’t bother me, yet kat doesn’t look at me like that, and she shouldn’t, she only wants Ezra yet that doesn’t calm my beast from wanting her too.

“Go, I am fine” I tell them both, they needed to both get out before I embarra*s*sed myself with getting a hard on at the sight of them, this towel wouldn’t do much to hide it.

Ezra nods to me before walking out, I hear Kat squeal as he grabs her. “I can walk you know” I hear her tell him before my door shuts completely.

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