Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 37

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 37


“Let me sleep!” I mumble back.

“Kat, can you hear me?”

“Of course, I can hear you go away, I’m tired” I yawn, rolling over to face Ezra. Only he wasn’t there. I sat upright looking around the room but no one was in the room.

“Ezra?” I call out before hopping off the bed and walking into the bathroom. I quickly pee before washing my hands and w*etting my face. Drying my face on the hand towel. I squint at the mirror, before shaking my head. I need coffee, caffeine get in me. I must be hallucinating from being tired. My eyes definitely aren’t that colour.

Shaking my head I walked out, the pack house was silent as I walked downstairs.

“Oi where are you?” I mind link Ezra.

“Went to get breakfast, be back soon, Mateo is asleep, wake that idiot up for me” he replies.

‘D*mn he has a s*e*xy voice’ I shake my head at the strange thought that slipped in my head. I gr0@n that means I have to walk back up the stairs.

“Fine see you soon” I tell him turning around to head back up the stairs. Knocking on Mateo’s door, I get no answer.

“Mateo?” I sing out before giving up and opening the door. Mateo was face down on the bed, he rolls and I get an eye full of him.

‘I definitely wouldn’t kick him out of bed for farting’ what the f*uc*k is wrong with my inner monologue today? I shake my head at my strange vile thoughts. I grab a shirt that is on the floor and toss it over his manhood.

“Mateo!” I yell, shaking his shoulder. His eyes fly open and he grabs my wrist. And I find myself jerked across him before being pinned to the bed underneath him. His canines protruding, his eyes pitch black and he growls, the sound menacing.

“Mateo?” I squeal and he shakes his head, his eyes turning back to his normal color.

“Sh*t Kat, sorry I thought” he shakes his head looking away while I remain pinned beneath him.

“Can you get off me now?” I ask him and he looks down at his n@ked body pressed against mine which was only covered by Ezra’s shirt. He lets my arms go before covering himself with his hand and hopping off the bed.

“Sorry, just knock next time” he says before grabbing the shirt I tossed on him and using it to cover himself.

“I did knock and called out to you, Ezra wanted me to wake you” I told him climbing to the edge of his bed and standing up.

“I’ll get dressed and be down in a minute” he says scratching the back of his neck. He was very muscular and strong looking, like the Alpha.

‘He is so fine, has a nice a$s too’ that weird voice again? I need to eat, and definitely need that coffee.

“Kat, are you going to go?” Mateo asks and I realize I was still staring at him, my face heats.

“Sorry!” I squeal, rushing out before I embarr@ssmyself further.

Walking downstairs, I go to the kitchen and turn the kettle on while preparing some mugs when I hear the front door open. Ezra scent wafting through the house making my mouth water.

‘I wanna take a bite of that’ my face heats at the thought.

Ezra walks in before stopping when he sees me. “Hey, what’s wrong with you?” He asked and I could tell my face looked flushed, Sh*t I could feel how hot my face was.

“Nothing but you could have told me Mateo sleeps n@ked when in his room”

“Why did you go in his room?” The Alpha asks.

“You told me to wake him?”

“Yeah, wake him, didn’t say go in there” the Alpha sniffs the air for a second before walking over to me. He grabs the front of his shirt, ripping me toward him. He sniffs me, a low growl slipping from him.

“Why is his scent all over you?”

“Because I startled him, he thought I was attacking him,” I told him. I see his eyes darken for a second before he takes a deep breath. His scent overwhelmed me, and I leaned in, inhaling his scent, needing to get closer to him. I stood on my tippy toes so I could smell his neck and before I could stop myself, I ran my tongue over his skin. He pulls me closer, and I feel him shiver, snapping me back to my senses. I pull away and find him smiling at me, he grabs my face staring at me intently. His eyes staring deeply into mine.

“You look different,” he murmurs, brushing his nose on mine.

“You woke me to watch you two make out in the kitchen” Mateo’s voice says behind Ezra making him step away. I look over his shoulder and Mateo walks in leaning on the counter. He steals my coffee, taking a sip.

“Gross, how much sugar you put in it”

“That’s mine, you’re is the blue cup” I tell him and he grabs it, handing me mine back.

“I brought breakfast,” Ezra says, holding up a paper bag. Hot croissants.

I grab one out before biting into it. So good, my stomach rumbling loudly at the taste, I was starving.

“So, you’re going to explain, you said you would today?” I ask them. Mateo looks at Ezra and I watch as their eyes glaze over.

Ezra tells me about being some lunar healer, with some mystical healing ability. Honestly he sounded insane, yet the serious looks on both their faces had me wondering if it was true.

“So, you’re telling me I brought her back from the dead, and then passed out because I gave her my energy?” I ask.

“I know it’s a lot to take in, but yes that is correct,” Mateo says, biting into his croissant.

“It also means you have to remain hidden, if people find out this could be dangerous” Ezra says.

“How so?”

“People will want to use you, so you don’t go anywhere without me or Mateo from now on”

“Wait, do my parents know this?”

“Yes, they know, but Kat there is something else, you should know”

“What? There is more to this crazy story you just told me?”

“Doc said it is passed down, neither of your parents have this ability. I don’t want to alarm you but I don’t think they are your parents”

“Excuse me? see now I know your wrong, they are my parent’s, I know they are, we have the same scent”

“That doesn’t mean they are your parents, family yes but doesn’t mean they are biologically your parents”

“No, you’re wrong, I am not listening to this” I tell them walking out. How could he say that? They are my parent’s, I know them, they have always been my parents. Walking up the stairs, I head for my room.


“Just leave me alone” I snap, turning back around only no one was there. I must be losing it. I was going f*uc*king bonkers. Nothing makes sense to me. Doc is wrong, I don’t even have a wolf, so I can’t be this mythical person they think I am.

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