Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 35

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 35

Katya POV:

My entire body felt like it was hit by a truck then reversed over. I felt so stiff, like I hadn’t moved much. Forcing my eyes open, I gr0@n rolling on my side only to not recognize the room I was in. This isn’t the Alpha’s room?

I sit up looking around, only to see the Alpha’s head next to me and I realize I am in a Hospital room of sorts. Blinking lights on different monitors flashing and beeping. Looking around Mateo was asleep in a chair at my feet. Wait, how did I get here? Am I missing something?

I lift my hand brushing it through the Alpha’s hair before cupping his cheek. He kisses my palm and I feel tingles rush over it. “I love you” he mumbles in his sleep and I chuckle at his unknowing words in his sleep. His head snapping up as I laugh at his sleep talking.

“Kat!” He gasps, staring at me before clamping his hands on my face. He squished my cheeks together and I could tell he was still half asleep as his eyes looked glazed over still. My lips must resemble a fish as he squeezed my face between his palms like he couldn’t believe I was really here. Why was he acting like that?

“You’re squishing my face” I try to tell him when his eyes widen in recognition at the sound of my voice. Didn’t he recognize me, or was he still half asleep?

“Kat!” He says letting my face go. I stretch my face only for his lips to crash down on mine almost frantically.

I shove him back as his tongue invades my mouth before giving up and kissing him back. He releases me and I s*ck in the much-needed air he deprived me of.

“Geez what’s got into you, you’re acting like I just dropped dead” I tell him and he falls silent just staring at me before dropping his head and grabbing my hand, he kisses my fingertips.

“What is it?” I ask him worried about his severe affections, usually he wasn’t clingy like that.

“Kat you’re awake,” Mateo says as he walks over to me, Mateo bends down and kisses my head giving me a side hug.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” I ask him.

“You don’t remember the Rogues?” Mateo asks, looking at me. The rogues, the rogues, I rack my brain till a light globe goes on in my head, everything suddenly coming back suffocating me. It wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t a dream.

The rogues were real, it wasn’t some nightmare my overactive imagination conjured up? Jasmine was dead? All that really happened? My mind was reeling as I tried to piece together the events but all I could see was Jasmine’s vacant eyes staring back at me as I looked down at her blood-soaked body lying motionless on the floor.

“Jasmine!” I gasp, unable to breathe. My friend, my friend was dead and what about Angie?

“Kat calm down, just breathe” Ezra says, cupping my face with his hand.

“No Jasmine, Jasmine” I tell him frantically. Does he not remember?

“Kat, calm down, she is alive, she is okay” Ezra tells me.

“No, she was dead, I saw her, she…. she…. they tore out her neck.. There was so much blood” I told him before breaking down. She was gone, she d*ied, they K*lled her, K*lled my friend.

“She is alive Kat, Jasmine is alive she didn’t d*ie, you brought her back” Ezra tells me but I know what I saw, he is lying, he said he would never lie to me but he is.

I couldn’t breathe. I try to s*ck in a breath but all I see is her dead eyes, I can’t get the image from my mind now that I know it wasn’t a dream. Then the feeling I felt and how cold I got as I stared down at her, the coldness of my lips as I kissed her head.

“Sh*t! Kat breathe, you will p@ssout, just breathe please” he says grabbing my face. I could see the Alpha lips moving trying to tell me something as the room around us dimmed but yet couldn’t understand what he was saying, the room getting darker as I tried to breathe, my head feeling lighter as the room spins.

“Kat she is alive, I will explain but please breathe” Ezra says.

She is alive, she is alive. I try to convince myself to believe it but people don’t come back from the dead, we aren’t cats, we don’t get nine lives, so what he is saying makes no sense.

I concentrate on his face and his breathing trying to regain my breath as I s*ck in air before I chuckle at his face so close to mine, his eyes blurring into one. He raises an eyebrow at me but I manage to catch my breath though he continues to do his weird breathing.

“Why are you panting like a woman in labour?” I ask and he pulls back.

“I was trying to help you, you’re the one who forgot how to breathe” he says sitting back in his chair but grabbing my hand.

“I called her over,” Mateo says, looking at the Alpha.

“Called who over?” I ask.

Suddenly the door opens and a bleary-eyed Jasmine runs in, in her pajamas, which had little tweety birds on them. I thought I had gone mad, until she spoke.

“Kat?” She murmurs, her voice like music to my ears as I run off the bed and jump her. I crashed on top of her and she felt real. “You’re alive, you’re alive” I squeal, kissing her pretty head, as she patted my back.

“Yep, very much alive, but if you start busting out in song, I may just K*ll myself and you’re slobbering on me” she says patting my back as I squeeze the living daylights out of her, never wanting to let her go. She was alive, Jasmine was alive. But how?

“After bringing me back to life, you would think she wants to keep me alive” She ch*okes out.

“Sh*t sorry” I tell her, pulling back and looking down at her.

“Oh yeah girl on girl action” comes Mateo’s voice behind me and I look over my shoulder at him.

“Huh?” Both Jasmine and I say at the same time. Mateo nods downwards and I look down at her realizing I was straddling her waist, my hands conveniently on her bre@sts. I move my hands, raising them.

“Sorry” I squeak, my face heating up.

“Don’t worry if I was gay, which I am not Beta Mateo” She says glaring at him “you would totally be my type” She says sending me a wink before giving Mateo the stink eye again.

I laugh before hopping off her and helping her up. “Nice jammies” Mateo tells her and she rolls her eyes at him.

“See? all healed, thanks to you. Now can I go back to bed, I was having the best dream”

“A w*et one” Mateo asks, cutting her off and she flips him the bird.

“No actually about getting into the college I want to get into, nothing w*et about it though I think I would pee a little with excitement if I did get in” she says her eyes lighting up.

“You dream about attending more school after finishing school, so lame” Mateo b*tts in again.

“As I was saying before this moron b*tted in, I am tired, can I please go to bed, thanks for saving me but I need beauty sleep” she says pouting.

“Wait, I saved you?” Jasmine looks around me, looking at the Alpha who was just observing quietly behind me.

“You haven’t told her yet; come on man I am not lucid enough for this right now” She whines.

“I will explain, you may go back to dreaming about college” he says in a mocking tone.

“Ok, I love you, thank you, Beta Mateo f*uc*k you and goodbye” Jasmine rants before racing out.

I shake my head at her quick departure.

“She is feisty isn’t that right, pumpkin?” Mateo says and I grab the closest thing to me and lob it at him for calling me pumpkin. Turns out it was bedpan.

Mateo bats it away with his hand. “Eww so gross and you touched that with your hand” he says.

“It’s clean” I tell him before turning to the Alpha. He holds his arms out to me and I step closer and he pulls me on his lap, shoving his face in my neck and inhaling my scent, he runs his tongue over my neck and I shiver. Sparks erupting over my skin and I M0@n before clamping my hand over my mouth at what I did.

“Gosh I can’t wait for her to figure it out,” Mateo says, shaking his head. The Alpha laughs at him. And I glare at them both.

“Are either of you going to tell me what’s going on, and how my best friend was resurrected from the dead?” I ask.

“I thought I was your best friend?” Mateo says feigning hurt as he clutches his chest.

“I can have more than one” I tell him,

“But I am number one, right?’ He says, giving me a wink.

“You are getting off topic, one of you needs to explain, please I am getting a headache” I tell them and Alpha grips my chin turning my face toward him.

“Let’s get you home first, then I will tell you in the morning, it’s a little late for this conversation, besides we have been sitting in these uncomfortable chairs for three days. I miss our bed and I am sure Mateo misses his too” he says. Wait, did he just say three days? They have been waiting for me to wake up for three days?

“Three days” I gasp. I lost three days, but I wasn’t even that badly injured, it didn’t make sense.

“Yes Kat, Doc thought you would wake up after a few hours but it’s been three days, I will explain tomorrow but can we please go home” he says and I look at him. He did look rather tired; his clothes were all wrinkled and he definitely looked uncomfortable.

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