Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 31

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 31

Katya POV:

I took a good 5 minutes and multiple nudges from my mother before I actually got the guts to go face the Alpha for my actions. For some reason the idea of upsetting him made me nervous, though it was funny and exhilarating to do, now I was worried he would think less of me for doing it.

Walking out Mateo and the Alpha were waiting in the corridor, the Alpha pushing off the wall where he was leaning. I turned about to run back in only to run into my mother. Jasmine and Angie were still hiding in the gym locker room, waiting to see how much trouble I would get in before trying to escape themselves.

“Ah ah ah Kat, you run and I may just spank you” My face heats at his words especially since he just said that in front of my mother. Though I was more flushed by the words that left her lips at his threat.

“Well D*mn that sounds like fun, run Kat” my mother whispers, making me chuckle at her as she turns me around to face the Alpha, giving me a push forward.

“Well I gotta go, but I will see you tomorrow Kat” my mum says giving me a hug. She kisses my head before walking off, Mateo following her as they discuss training for tomorrow.

I bounced from one foot to the other awkwardly, The Alpha just staring with an indecipherable expression on his face, the man would be good at poker. I could not read him right now and that made me more nervous.

“I can explain” I tell him and his lips tug at the edges and he raises an eyebrow at me.

“By all means please explain yourself” he says though his words didn’t sound angry, more amused than anything else, making me confused.

” I …you see”-

“I did see actually, the entire school saw” he says, a smile slipping onto his face.

“Wait, you’re not mad?” I ask.

“Oh, I am mad but not for the reason you are probably thinking” he says walking toward me, I take a step back making his smile bigger, his eyes flickering to his beast for a second at the action.

“I am mad” he says, reaching for me and pulling me against him, his voice next to my ear.

“I am mad because you ran n@ked in front of the entire school, yet I shower with you and am yet to see you n@ked” he says.

“It was a spare of the moment thing, not a well thought out decision” I told him.

“You don’t sound the least bit sorry,” he says though I could hear the smile in his voice.

“I am sorry, sorry I got caught, so you’re not mad?”

“No, not mad but jealous that you were so willing to show Everybody what’s mine before showing me”

“What’s yours?” I questioned. He laughs, kissing the top of my head when we suddenly hear screaming. The Alpha spins facing the corridor exit pulling me behind him. More screams are heard before I feel the mindlink open up, “Rogues” everyone screaming the warning just as we hear fighting outside and deafening growls.

“Get back in the gym now, wait for Mateo now” He screams before taking off in a blur. I am left standing in the corridor when Jasmine and Angie rush out. The school was now empty besides staff and a few lingering students. So of all places to attack, why attack the school when it was about to close?

“Is it really rogues?” Angie stutters, looking toward the glassdoors, I could smell her fear, hear her heart beating in her chest. We may have to train every day but that doesn’t mean we were ready for war.

“Kat, where are you?” My mother’s voice comes through the mind link.

“Still in the gym” I tell her, my heart pounding against my chest. We see three large wolves walk past the glassdoors at the end of the corridor. They walk past when the last one stops, he has brown matted fur and we hold our breath, it looks in through the glass, its breath fogging it up.

“Mum!” I call through the l**k. It must have been something in my voice because she screams at me.

“Hide, I am on my way” she says just as the other two wolves come back also peering in at the three of us frozen in place. It licks the glass, its tongue rolling over it lazily.

“Get back in the gym” I whisper, taking a step back refusing to take my eyes off them.

The black one backs up before charging at the glass, the glassshattering from the f0rce raining shards of glassdown onto its fur.

“Run!” I scream and we all turn running for the gym doors. Our shoes screeched on the smooth floor as we ran for our lives toward the green gym doors. We all hit them at the same time, busting both of them wide open. Angie and I turned and gripped the door forcing them closed before hearing the lock click in place. One of them hits the door, the doors pushing inward slightly making us jump.

We could hear them growling before again hitting the doors trying to get in. Jasmine and I both ran over trying to put pressure on the doors so they didn’t bust open. Our shoes slipped on the linoleum floor as they continued ramming it using the full weight of their bod*ies against it.

“Angie finds something to brace the doors” I tell her and she looks around frantically before grabbing a chair. We jam it under the two handles hoping it will hold.

“What do we do?” Angie shrieks as we all watch the doors when the banging suddenly stops. Our hearts pounding so hard it’s all I could hear. Angie suddenly yelps loudly, when we hear a bang making me spin around to face her. Her hands covering her mouth as we looked at the other doors, at the end of the gym had blown open and I saw Jasmine run out of the corner of my eye.

“Jasmine No” I scream as she runs toward it to close the door. She skids along the floor trying to stop when the black wolf steps in, it shakes it head as she scrambles backwards trying to retreat away from it, but she was too close. It lunges at her and she doesn’t even have time to shift before it rips into her neck and starts shaking its head viciously. A mangled scream tearing from her before she falls silent, her body falling limply on the ground.

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