Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 30

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 30

Angie for the most part was actually nice to me and she even stood up for me against some knob that deliberately tripped me in English cla*s*s, which I was shocked about. Though the whispers didn’t stop. I tried my best to ignore them, tried to not pay attention to them openly staring at me over the shower incident. By the time it was lunch time I had enough and wanted to go home. Walking to the office, I go looking for Mateo to beg him to let me leave. I couldn’t find him but one of the teachers told me he was in the gym setting up for training.

“Just ignore them Kat, you have a smoking ‘body, wish I had b**bs like you” Jasmine says as she helps me find Mateo. Stepping into the corridor heading for the gym, I freeze everyone turning as we enter and my stomach drops. I could hear them all whispering, some even pointed all laughing at me and I felt like the laughing stock of the school. I even had a couple of the boys grab my a$s and people whistling. The gym doors open, and everyone quiets down as Mateo steps out.

“What the f*uc*k is going on, what’s with the commotion” He snaps at everyone. They all bare their necks in submission to him.

“Now shut up all of you, and get dressed” He says, opening the gym doors and letting everyone in.

Jasmine and I walk in last and Mateo steps in front of me. Jasmine continues to the girls bathroom.

“Hey you okay?” He asks.

“Yeah, fine, can you take me home?” I ask him. He looks back into the gym.

“Are they giving you a hard time?” he asks.

“Just don’t worry about it” I tell him, about to walk off when he grabs my arm.

“If they are, tell me Kat I will make it stop”

“It’s fine Mateo, let’s just get this over with” I tell him walking in to get dressed.

“Training was horrendous. I couldn’t focus and I was knocked down more times then I could count, Jasmine apologizing relentlessly as I just shook it off.

“You’re supposed to get me down, stop apologizing” I tell her standing back up just as the whistle blows.

“Finally home time” I say following Jasmine to the girls locker room. As soon as I walked in, all the girls started mocking me and pretending to be me in the shower.

“You know what, f*uc*k this Sh*t” Jasmine says, dumping her bag on the floor. I looked at her along with everyone else, it was so strange seeing her getting angry and clearly they thought the same thing.

She starts taking her clothes off, tossing them on the ground. “Come on b*tches get ya phones out, you are nothing but gutless jealous wh*res,” She screams at them giving them a glare.

“Like what you see” She screams at them while they all just stood their mouth open while she strutted around the girls locker room with everything on display.

“What are you doing?” I ask, trying to cover her.

“Giving them something to talk about, get ya clothes off kit kat, we are streaking” she says.

“You can’t be serious?” I ask her.

“They pick on you because they know it is embarra*s*sing you, you have nothing to be ashamed about, you look better than these fugly b*tches” she says.

“I’m down!” Says Angie, walking over to us. She starts taking off her clothes Str!pping bare. Jasmine laughs before looking at me. “See” Jasmine nods to Angie.

“Are you really going to do this?” I ask them.

“Yeah I started it, this is me apologizing” Angie says. Jasmine shrugs. “Sh*t I am even doing a cartwheel,” She says. I laugh at her. “You know what, let’s do this,” I tell them, Str!pping my clothes off.

“D*mn girl you have nice t*its” Say Jasmine.

“See these Tammy, something you will never have because you are so flat you make the walls jealous” Jasmine tells the punk b*tch that had been picking on me in every cla*s*s.

Jasmine walks to the door before swinging it open, and walking out.

“I can’t believe we are doing this” I squeal nervously. As soon as she walks out I hear the boys catcalling and whistling at her. Angie walks over to the door taking a deep breath before looking back at me. “Coming Kat?” She says, I snort holding in my laugh before walking over and peering out.

“One… two .. three” Angie says and we both rush out, “Woohoo” Jasmine says shaking her a$s and we chase after her. She runs down the corridor before running outside and true to her word she did cartwheel on the oval as we lapped it.

All three of us burst out laughing as we made our way back to the gym to retrieve our clothes when suddenly a ticked off Mateo spots us and I suddenly cover myself and so do the girls. He has three towels in his hands. He tosses them at us and the girls run off and I quickly wrap mine around me.

“Are you nuts, the f*uc*king Alpha is going to K*ll me now” He says, looking everywhere but at me.

“So it was fun” I tell him and he looks at me.

“Fun, you just ran n@ked across the entire oval in front of everyone,” Mateo says, pushing me toward the gym.

“f*uc*k Kat, you better hope nobody filmed that, if the Alpha finds out”

“Too late to worry about that because he is right there” I tell him.

“What?” Mateo says, spinning around. I duck behind Mateo, he looked very angry. My mother was hot on his heels coming toward us.

“I’m out” I tell Mateo, doing a runner, he tries to grab me but I slip from his fingers.

“You have to come home with me Kat, you can’t run forever” I hear the Alpha call after me.

I laugh running back to the locker room and getting dressed. Jasmine and Angie talking excitedly.

“Mateo looked like he was about to K*ll us,” Angie says, putting her jeans on when the door suddenly opens and my mother comes in. I gr0@n great, here comes the lecture.

“10/10 for that cartwheel Jasmine, but I just need to say one thing” We all pause, waiting for the scolding.

“That was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen, you girls have the whitest a*s*ses I have ever seen” She says and we all start laughing.

“No, I am being serious you girls gotta get some sun on them bums” She says with a chuckle.

“Happy birthday Kat,” she says, coming over and hugging me.

“Oh, your dad and I got you something” she says pulling a box out of her pocket.

“Close your eyes” she says and I do. I hear her fiddling with the box before feeling her place a necklace around my neck. She clasped it into place.

“You can open your eyes” she says and I do. I look down at the gold chain and she hands me the box when I notice the pendant. “A pumpkin, seriously dad” I say out loud.

“Has matching earrings” she says and I look in the box. Two hanging pumpkins on each earring. I chuckle, shaking my head but slip them on anyway. “Thanks mum” I told her, giving her a side hug. She kisses my head.

“Well, you better go face the Alpha he is waiting for you outside and he didn’t appreciate your nud*ie run in front of the entire school” My mother says.

“Can I come home with you; you can smuggle me out?” I ask, hopeful.

“Nice try, gotta face him sometime” she says and I sigh heading for the door.

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