Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 27

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 27

I see his eyes glaze over as he carries me toward the front door before it opens and Ezra walks out.

“What the f*uc*k happened?” He asks.

“I scratched it” I told him and Mateo hands me to him. Mateo walks ahead opening doors before I am placed on Ezra’s desk.


“On a nail climbing in the window of the house”

“You broke into your parents house?”

“No they told me I could so technically I didn’t break in” he raises an eyebrow at me before pulling my pants down. Mateo walks in with the doc who a*s*sesses it.

“She needs st*itches unless you want to heal her?” The doc says looking at the Alpha. I watch both their eyes glaze over. Doc walks out closing the door and I see Ezra take off his shirt before I realize what he is about to do.

“Hell no that is not happening, so gross and only mates are supposed to do that” I shriek, scrambling off the table.

“Grab her” he says to Mateo and I jump away from him.

“No, Alpha you can’t do that, well you’re not supposed to anyway” I tell him.

“What did I say about calling me Alpha Kat, either I do it or you heal like a human which will take ages, nobody has to know, you can stay home for a few days”

“No but I will and you’re not supposed to heal those who aren’t your mate or child” I tell him, Its sacred well supposed to be, in wolf form the mate or parents saliva has healing properties and can heal their loved one if injured badly, but it is only meant to be between mates and children because it requires them to obviously lick you and their saliva to go into your system. So, Maddox licking me will give me pieces of his DNA.

“Kat it’s not a big deal” he says, Str!pping off his pants leaving him on only his boxes. I look away.

“Yes, it is, you’re not supposed to”

“Maddox was licking you the other day,” he says.

“That was different and you know it, I wasn’t injured, your wolf’s saliva has to change and will be temporarily marking me, everyone will smell you on me, they will know what you did”

“So, what, let me know” Ezra shrugs walking over to me. He grips my face and kisses me, his lips pressing against mine softly before I feel the Alpha tense slightly. I feel Mateo’s grip tighten on my arms.

“I kissed her” Mateo blurted out like a maniac.

The Alpha pulls back, his eyes turning onyx, his wolf appearing for a second which i thought odd.

“Really? you pecked me, why are you so worried over it Mateo, why would he even care?” I ask him, shaking my head. I couldn’t believe that he thought now was a great time to blurt out something that seems so trivial.

“We will talk about that later,” Ezra growls, looking at Mateo behind me.

Ezra suddenly shifts so quickly even Mateo jumps. Maddox growls at Mateo for some reason, even snapped at him. I smack his nose grabbing his attention.

“What’s wrong with you, he is your best friend” I tell him and he whines at me sniffing my neck, his wolf was huge and in the light he was just as magnificent, his dark fur shimmering under the lights and he looks down sniffing my leg before licking my fingers.

“He is just angry Mateo kissed you” Ezra tells me.

“Why are you both making a big deal out of it?” He doesn’t answer when I suddenly feel Maddox’s tongue run up my leg. He licks the long-jagged scratch on the outside of my leg, and I could feel it healing. Feel it closing as my skin tingles and sparks rush over my skin suddenly making me gasp. Mateo’s grip tightens on me holding me upright as my eyes flutter shut.

Now I understood why mates should only do it, my mother’s wolf licked me once when I was child and broke my arm, the bone jutting out of my arm, it healed and my skin felt warm. But Ezra doing it and me not being his kid had a completely different feeling and I now understood why it was sacred.

Sparks moving everywhere make my legs tremble, arousal flooding me and a small M0@n escapes my lips and I am f0rced to lean against Mateo. My face heats up from my reaction to him when he suddenly stops. Maddox presses his nose to my leg and I look down breathless, my wound completely healed.

My face heats up embarra*s*sed at the noise I made and I realize Mateo heard it too as he still held me.

“Don’t be embarra*s*sed, we know why it is sacred between adults” Mateo says as the Alpha shifts back putting his pants on but not his shirt.

“You could have warned me first” I tell them mortified.

“You would have said no, besides it is all over now.” Ezra tells me.

He kisses my head and Mateo lets me go before stepping away from me.” Kat go shower and get changed, I need to speak to Mateo” he says before bending down and retrieving my pants off the floor. He hands them to me and I slip them on. Mateo was suddenly tense but said nothing.

“Is this because of him kissing me, it was innocent Ezra, I don’t get why it matters?”

“I will come see you in a minute Kat” Ezra says dismissing me. I sigh, giving Mateo a worried look. Why was the Alpha so mad over it?

“Go Kat,” Mateo says and I couldn’t help but feel worried about him. The Alpha’s entire demeanor changed once Mateo blurted it out, I reluctantly left, yet I couldn’t help but be curious as to why the Alpha was so upset over something so small.

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