Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 247

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 247: Kyan POV

I felt terrible seeing Marabella upset, but it was about time they knew they caused the majority of the issues with her, and I was sick of her being blamed and treated differently to her brother. So what if Eziah has his own issues? That doesn’t mean Marabella isn’t having any.

They all ignored her because she never voiced her problems, but at the same time, they were her parents and should have known. Her silence should have been enough to realize something wasn’t right. Instead, they just put it down to her being shy or the good child when she was depressed in reality.

They were all oblivious because she tried her hardest not to draw attention to herself but too bad for Marabella because she isn’t invisible to Jonah and me. We see, we know, and I was sick of biting my tongue.

“Think she will be alright?” Jonah asks, looking toward the stairs where Marabella escaped to. Lucas hovered, and I think he was worried about Kaif coming forward after my and Kat’s argument.

But he seemed pretty settled knowing she was going to remain here. It would have been different if Kat had tried to f0rce her to leave with her. Goddess or not, Kaif wouldn’t have backed down to her.

“She will be fine, go find Rose,” I tell him, patting his shoulder as I head up the stairs to go find our mate.

“Kyan, what about Kaif?”

“Kaif won’t hurt her, and you would feel it if he got out of control. He hasn’t marked her yet, so let‘s worry about that when we come to it,” I tell him, walking up the steps.

“Find Rose and hurry back,” I call out, and I could feel his worry at leaving me with Mara, but she would be fine. And honestly, I was relieved to have to myself for once. Maybe things would work out.

“I will try to ring you later,” Jonah calls, and I wave him off before letting Kaif forward. He sniffs the air looking for her scent.

When he can’t find it, he feels for her aura. I walked down the hall toward my room before stopping at the one next door. I knew she wouldn’t have gone far because she doesn’t really wander.

I have noticed with Marabella that she was one to just exist in a space and not leave it like it was her own personal bubble, and I had no doubt that she would be refusing to leave the room unless I made her.

I twisted the handle to find it locked and rolled my eyes before letting my magic seep up my arm and through my fingertips. The door handle melts under the heat before falling apart. Opening the door, I found the room empty, but I could smell her scent.

“Ella?” she didn’t answer, but her beating heart had me walking around the bed to find her leaning against the wall in the corner. I could feel her urge to make it stop, make everything stop, and I also knew the only reason she currently wasn’t hurting herself was out of embarra*s*sment and the fact I would feel it and know straight away.

She had her eyes closed before she laughed, muttering to herself when I observed her aura like the other day, the slight changes in it telling me something was off. It matched when she spoke to my father. Somehow it didn’t bother me she could. I was just glad he also had someone to talk to.

Although I would have preferred it be me but at least she wasn’t trapped in her own thoughts. I sit next to her before reaching over and gripping her knee, and her eyes fly open, glowing with the tears she shed.

“They left, and Jonah has gone to help find Rose,” I

tell her.

“You shouldn’t have said anything,” She says before sniffling.

“They should have noticed,”

“Yes, but I was also good at hiding it. I get sick of being the bad one; sometimes it is easier just to not be seen, “

“You mean easier to suffer in silence, become comfortable in your own misery?” She rolls her eyes.

“Maybe, “

“I used to think that,” I tell her.

“Until I met Jonah and realized silence wasn’t really his thing,” I laugh.

“No, it’s not.” she laughs.

“When will he be back?” I shrug, unsure, but he would probably come back if she asked him to or I did.

“Are you uncomfortable being on your own with me?

” I ask, but she shakes her head before dropping it on my shoulder.

“No, but I already miss him,” she laughs. I nod.

“Did you know he doesn’t have a mate, Seline and my mother never paired him with anyone? He was a loophole,” My brows furrow at her words.

“What do you mean?”

“Mum and Seline tried to pair Jonah with me, our aura’s were supposed to be together, but ours kept forging together, Jonah’s just hovered around following, “

“So we weren’t supposed to be mates?” I ask her and Kaif. Kaif shakes his head.

“No, she was ours. I just think Jonah was also hers. My mates aren’t picked by the goddess, they are picked by the shadows, yet the shadows that taint her

would have sought us out even if she was Jonah’s only” I relay that to Marabella, and she sighs. i

“Well, that makes sense as to why mum couldn’t forge us, or Seline, “

“Does Jonah know that?” I asked her.

“No, I was pissed off at first when I found out. I thought mum was originally depriving him of his mate, to stop me being with you, but it turns out you wanted to stop that anyway,”

“Not anymore,” I tell her, and she looks at me.

“But we need to break the curse first; I won’t risk Kaif hurting you. That’s why your mum wants you to leave. I know she would have seen it, seen Kaif K*ll


“What do you think?”

“I don’t know, I have seen you d*ie twice because of Kaif, so I am not sure. I don’t know if the future is changing or if some other f0rce is in play,”

“What do you mean?”

“The first vision I had, you were dead, I know you were dead. It looked like I strangled you, but the second you still had the same marking around your neck, and in that one Kaif K*lled you by marking you,

“I d*ied from you marking me?”

“No, from Kaif marking you, in his form, not mine,” I squeeze my eyes shut at the memory. The only thing I hated was seeing things I couldn’t explain.

“So you had two visions of me dying,” She states,

and I nod.

“Yes, but I can’t explain how you came back the first time only to d*ie the second,”

“And I definitely d*ied the second time?”

“I think so, the vision cut out, but you were bleeding out,” I could smell her fear but also her confusion.

“What about his previous mates? How did they d*ie?” Kaif growls, and that was one thing he tried to keep from me, yet I envisioned it so many times, felt the shadows of them tainting me, could hear their screams. Yet it always had something to do with the children born. Once they were born, he marked

them, and they saw the things he did, which changed

them. Changed him. “I don’t know?” “But you said?”

“I have seen their deaths but not what caused it, just that Kaif tears them apart,” I chewed the inside of my lip and glanced over at her. She swallowed and seemed deep in thought.

“Does Kaif know?” he growls, and a sickening feeling washes through me like he was holding something back, like there was something he didn’t want me to see.

“They always do the same thing; I can’t let that happen. I can’t control the urge to K*ll them when they try,” That’s all he offers me. Still, I had a sinking feeling I didn’t want to know whatever it was, and I prayed I never saw it because the emotion emanating from him was murderous, yet longing because he loved each one of them.

“I am going to shower. You can use my bathroom. If you want, I will use the communal one,” I tell her, ignoring her question. I stood up before pulling her to her feet.

She follows me to the hall, and I grab a fresh towel from the linen cupboard and hand her one. Going into my room, I grab some clothes and place some on the bed for her to wear. I really needed to organize clothes for her, she must feel strange wearing mine although she hasn’t complained.

Heading for the door, I grab my clothes when she speaks behind me, making me stop.

“Or you could shower with me?”

“You want me to shower with you?” I asked, turning back to face her, wondering if I heard her right.

“Well, you did the other night, so it is not like you haven’t seen me n*ked,”

“Yeah, but you were passed out, a little different,”

“So, do I need to ask Lucas for his brandy cream or the bottle to get you to shower with me?” She laughs. Kaif pressed forward, and I tried to shove him back.

His eagerness to be anywhere n*ked with her was making me uncomfortable. I realized I hadn’t said anything when she moved her weight from one foot to the other and bit her lip. I could feel her rejection at me not saying anything.

“You don’t get in that damn shower with her, I will, though, and I may break it,” Kaif snaps at me.

“It’s ok,” Marabella says and darts into the bathroom, closing the door.

“What is wrong with you?” Kaif growls at me. “You is what is wrong,” I snap at him. I hear the

water turn on and feel her embarra*s*sment at asking. I turned to leave to head to the other showers when I couldn’t get past the damn door. I tried to step past the door again, but it was like hitting a barrier.


“Wasn’t me,” he says, though the glowing of my hands, I knew he used a barrier spell to stop me from leaving the room.

“I swear if you give me damn hard-on in there, I won’t forgive you,” I tell him before walking back to the bathroom and opening the door.

“No promises,” Kaif chuckles.

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