Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 231

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 231: Jonah POV

Hours Earlier

I felt the moment he awoke, the part of me that is connected to Kyan tingled with a ferocity that had me flying out of bed to get dressed. I had never felt Kaif in so much distress before or ever, for that matter. But whatever happened scared him, and that monster does not feel fear.

My feet barely touched the stairs as I jumped down the staircase. I knew I would crash burn hard after this one. I had spent all day training with my father and now was about to go ten rounds with this big hairy f*uc*ker and come out the losing end. f*uc*k I would feel it tomorrow.

My father collided with me at the bottom of the stairs, startled. This is why I always stayed at my cabin and rarely at the packhouse. I was two hours away from the City but could make it there in an hour if I didn’t slow down. I just hoped he wasn’t tearing up the City.


“Can’t talk, love you, “ I tell him picking myself up off the floor and darting for the rear door. The front always took too long to unlock. Why he was even up at this ungodly hour was beyond me, it was near midnight.

Getting to my car, I fling the door open and nearly rip it off the hinges, the door swinging back and smashing against my ankle, and I hiss, the keys already in the ignition, and I start her up. I was pretty sure I woke half the pack up as I tore out along the dirt road heading for the highway. The car fishtails onto the bitumen road, the tires squealing as I floor it.

I was halfway to the City when my phone rang, yet I don’t remember grabbing it when I felt the vibration in my back pocket. I pull it out to see Casen’s name pop up on the screen.

What the hell has Rose done now? I did not have time for this sh*t. Answering it, I turn the Bluetooth on and drop it in my lap, waiting for the Bluetooth to kick in.

“Yep, “ I answer when I hear the Bluetooth finally click over.

“Is Rose and Marabella with you?” Casen asks. I nearly swerved off the road at those words. My mind racing a million miles an hour at that one question.

Jax pressing nervously against my skin, and I do the one thing I swore I never would do, swore I never wanted to see in that bastard’s head, knowing it would terrify me if I did and he would probably K*ll me because I know he would feel it. However, something told me I would find what I was looking for if I did.

“Jonah, you there? Where the f*uc*k is my mate, “

Casen snaps.

“Hang on, can hardly hear you; in poor reception, let me pull over,” I lie.

“Pfft, I can hear you fine,”

“Huh, what was that? Speak up; I can’t hear you, “ I

hear him growl and pull off onto the shoulder and off the road.

I feel for my bond to Kaif. Please don’t be wanking or f*uc*king some bimbo, I think to myself before feeling my thoughts merge with his.

My body felt like it turned jelly-like, and I melted through my seat. I blink my eyes, opening to new scenery that I knew wasn’t mine. I expected to see blood and carnage instead, I looked down at Marabella sleeping.

My brows furrow trying to figure out what was going on. What shocked me most was I wasn’t in Kaif’s head; I was in Kyan’s yet could feel Kaif present like he was in control along with Kyan, which usually Kyan had a firm grip on control, but it almost felt like he was willingly letting him forward with him.

I pull back, knowing if Marabella was with Kyan, Rose must be too.

“Jonah, what the f*uc*k bro, where you at?” Casen snarls into the phone as I find myself in my own surroundings.

“Ah, that’s better can hear you now, “ Casen growls menacingly.

“What was the question?” I ask, playing d*um*b while pulling back onto the road and heading toward the City again.

“Rose, you know your damn sister and the pain in my bloody a*s*s, her and Marabella are gone where are they?”

“Oh, I ah picked them up earlier. We are staying at Kyan’s, “

“What, and you didn’t think to f*uc*king wake me?”

“Girls said you looked nice and Cozy s*cking your thumb in ya sleep and sh*t, didn’t want to disturb you, “

“I do not s*ck my thumb! I swear if you are lying to me, “

“You’ll what?” Casen growls.

“Now sh*t will be awkward when everyone gets up, “

“Head to the City. We are all going there tomorrow for Rose’s birthday, stay in the Hotel, you have a key,” I tell him.

“Fine, they should have left a note if they were going with you, I don’t even think Kat knows,”

“Damn it, I told them to leave a note or wake Kat, “ I lie. f*uc*k I hope this doesn’t bite me in the *ss.

“All good, I will leave a note. See you tomorrow, and don’t let her out of your sight, “ I was about to hang up when he spoke again.

“Wait, if you’re with the girls, why are you driving? Is Rose with you?”

“Na, she fell asleep at Kyan’s. I am just getting milk, “ “You’re getting milk at midnight?”

“Yep, Kyan is a real c*un*tahontas of a morning if he hasn’t had his morning brew, figured I would get milk before I have to put up with his morning head, “ I tell him. sh*t, I was digging a bigger hole to bury myself.

Casen sighs, “I don’t know with you sometimes. You better not be lying to me?”

“Ring Kyan, he is still at home, but hey, you wake him, you deal with him, “ I tell him.

“Fine, fine, I believe you. I will head to the City then,” I cut the call and continue driving when I feel a rush, and this time I know for certain Kaif shifted, his anger smashing into me, and my heart jolts in my chest knowing my sister and Marabella were both with him.

“Kyan! “ I tried to feel anything from him, calling him through the bond but nothing like he was nonexistent, and I knew that couldn’t be a good thing. It made me wonder what changed. Kyan was letting him forward, but something angered him, and now I could only feel Kaif.

It took another twenty minutes of my heart palpitating in my chest frantically before I hit the driveway of the manor. My car pulls in next to Kyan’s, and I rush to the door, shoving it open.

I shiver from how cold this place is, and I had noticed over the years this place grew colder when Kaif was in control, the place reacting to his energy.

I know Marabella is in Kyan’s room. I recognized it from being in his head, but all I got was silence walking in. I checked the guest bedroom and found Rose snoring, and she had kicked her blankets off.

I shake my head before closing her door and s*cking in a deep breath before climbing the stairs. I expected bloodshed and the house to be totaled and screaming like usual, but it was unusually silent.

That scared me more because silence usually meant he was hunting.

Pushing his bedroom door open, Kaif’s head snaps up, and he looks at me. I had to reign in my composer, my jaw nearly hitting the floor at the sight before me.

Kaif moves, half crouched over Marabella about to pounce and attack. I turn my back on him and shut the door before turning back to face him. His eyes watch my every move as I move toward him.

He sniffed the air, and I looked at Marabella fast asleep as he crouched over the top of her, the sheets tearing under his claws as he flexed his fingers and growled at me.

“You want to risk waking her just so you can attack me?” I whisper.

“She won’t wake; he knocked her out, “ He startles me by answering. I expected a growl or some baring of teeth, maybe being tossed through a wall but not actual words from the brute.

“Mine, “ he growls so low and deep that goosebumps rose on my arms and a tremor ran through me.

“That’s debatable, “ I tell him, stepping closer, trying to keep my movements slow enough that he doesn’t see me as a threat.

“No, mine.”

He moves again as I try to get closer to her, one of his claws pressing into the pillows beside her face as he shifted his weight, getting ready to attack me if I move too close.

“Kaif, let me check on her, “

“She is safe with me; I won’t hurt her, “

“Not intentionally, but your claws, “ I point to the pillow.

“I am very aware of where my mate is,” He says c*oc*king his head to the side to stare at me.

“Kyan?” I ask him, and he growls.

“He does not keep her. He was going to reject her, take her memory away” I wondered what memory he was speaking of, but I would have to wait to get answers from Kyan.

“Ah, that’s why you are here,” I tell him, and he huffs out a breath. This felt weird having a conversation with the beast that usually tosses me around like a ragdoll.

“Yet, you haven’t marked her,” I tell him, glancing under his arm that was shielding her.

“He thinks me K*ll her, “ “And what do you think?”

“I think he wrong, she strong, she has the same power, we equal.”

“I think so too,” I tell him, and he watches me.

“You think too, “ I nod. I step right next to the bed, and he growls as I reach my hand to brush some of her hair back, and he moves back to the other side, watching me like he was debating whether or not to rip my arm off.

“You tell Kyan I not K*ll her,” I nod. “I can, “ I tell him, and he nods.

“But I won’t unless, “

“Unless what?” He snarls, moving to swat my hand away, and I smack his nose. He growls, gripping his muzzle in both clawed furry hands and sneezing.

“Bless you,” he growls at me, baring his teeth. I point to Mara, and he stops sniffing her face before licking the side of her face. I blink at him. I knew that he was more animalistic than human, but seeing him actually lick her grossed me out. Not that Jax wouldn’t, but he didn’t look like a Werewolf, some version of half man half beast, so it was shocking also to see him be so gentle. I thought that word was missing from his vocabulary.

“You sniff her b*tt next you out,”

“You humans disgusting sniffing b*tts, I no sniff b*tts I, not an animal,” Says the animal that just licked her, I thought to myself.

“As I was saying, I help you convince Kyan to mark her. I want something in return,” I tell him.

“No, I know you want what’s mine, mine not yours,” “No, I don’t want to take her; she can be ours, “

“No, mine, “

“You know what your issue is. You were an only child, never taught to share your toys, “ I tell him.

“And you, you is thief, you try to covet what’s mine, “

“Ours,” I correct.

“Mine,” I roll my eyes.

“See, that’s what I mean, spoilt brat raised with a

silver spoon in your mouth when you should have been raised with a wooden one on your *ss,

“You want my help. I want her too. Or”


“Or I take her. You can’t K*ll me, Kaif; you and I both know it, so what will it be?”

“No, ask for something else, “

“It’s a win-win, either way, you’re stuck with me, I am already bonded to you. Me being bonded to her will help keep her safe,”

“You want blood tie to her?”

“I want a mate to bond with her. I want to be her mate with you, “

“Me not mating you, this why you want wooden spoon in your a*s*s?” Kaif snarls. f*uc*k, it was like talking sign language when neither of us spoke the same language, and he was suddenly half baboon. I shake my head.

“No, her mate not yours, no spoons going in a*s*ses or anything in a*s*ses, “ I spit at him.

“I not mate you, “ He growls.

“No, I mate her,” I tell him, pointing at Mara.

“Easy Jonah, back off, “ Jax warns when Kaif starts trembling.

“No, mine,”

“You can bond her first; that’s fine, I just want her. I don’t care how I have her or when I just want your promise to let me keep her with you, “ He appears to

think, and I was almost tempted to go back in his head to get a feel for what he is thinking.

“You make Kyan mark her? “ he says, looking down at her. He hooks his claw under a piece of hair, pulling it from her lip so daintily it was the oddest thing to see, like watching someone try to pick up a bit of

hair with chopsticks. I reach over when it falls from his fingers, moving it and he eyes me.

“Can I?”

“Can you what?” I huff and just sit next to her. After a few seconds, he seemed to settle, and I had a feeling I would be sleeping with one eye open tonight. He curls his ma*s*sive body around hers like a bloody cat, half pulling her on top of him. I sigh and lay down.

“Don’t eat me, “ I tell him. He huffs, but eventually, I hear him purring, making me crack an eye open to see if I was actually hearing him and not a mini chainsaw somewhere in the room.

Satisfied it is him, I close my eyes, draping my arm across Marabella. After a minute or so of my arm remaining attached, I figured he was okay with it and fell asleep.

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