Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 229

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 229: Kyan POV

“Kyan, I..I…I did something bad; I K*lled them, ” Marabella says; I could feel how scared she was, feel her anguish. I knew she was in the City. That is what woke me; she was close enough to me that it alerted me through the bond that was in trouble; the bond she was unaware we already shared.

“Marabella?” I called out to her, but all I could make out was that she was sobbing; my heart felt like it split it two.

“Pull over, I will find her quicker, ” Kaif said, but the thought of letting him out frightened me.

“Just tell me where, ” I tell him cracking down the window. We were wasting time pointlessly driving around in a circle.

“Left,” Kaif says, when I nearly drive past it, ripping on the wheel, the back end of my car hit the light pole, scraping across the trunk.

“Marabella, are you there? Speak to me, please, just keep on talking, ” I tell her, but she was rambling nonsense when I heard a name I did not expect.

“Rose, please wake up, wake up,” Marabella whispers before sobbing again.

“Left again, she is on the next street, ” Kaif roars, pressing beneath my skin. I turn the corner, the headlights lighting up the narrow street, and I nearly ch*oke when I try to breathe. The car skids to a stop as I slain the brakes on.

Marabella was sitting on the ground drenched in blood, Rose’s head clutched in her lap as she rocked back and forth.

She hadn’t seemed to notice the car had pulled up beside her, but when I opened my door, a savage growl tears out of her, her eyes snapping to mine, but they were pitch black and demonic-looking before she ch*okes on her sob.

“I didn’t mean it,” She murmurs, her l!ps quivering, and she bites her bottom one, glancing around before dropping her head. I peek at Rose for a second panicked; she K*lled Jonah’s sister, yet she was breathing, and her pulse even. Marabella stroked Rose’s hair and face, tears running down her face and dripping off.

Her eyes went back to their usual color. Looking around, I find a man lying dead and black veins riddled his skin. I crouched next to him, and I could smell the scent of death, not just his corpse but the smell of black magic. Her handprint burnt into his wrist as if she had grabbed him.

Standing up, I didn’t notice the other man until I turned to walk to the other, but there he was impaled on the wall about ten meters up.

A drainage pipe stabbing through his chest was holding him in place, blood-soaked the brickwork below him, leaving a puddle on the ground.

Walking over to the other man, Mara whimpers, making me glance at her.

” I‘m right here ; nothing will hurt you,” I tell her, stopping beside her, she stared at me desperately, but I had to see. I had to see so I could watch what happened.

Walking over to the other man, it looked like Kaifs handy work, the man’s face crushed into the pavement, brain matter spilling out his ears, and the top of his head burst open. His facial features were expunged entirely.

Turning back to the scene, I feel my magic ripple, and Marabella’s head snaps up like she could sense it; I had no doubt that she could.

“Close your eyes for me, Ella” I tell her, not wanting her to see the ghosts of the past playing out for her to relive. She didn’t need to witness it when she had already endured it. For once, she actually listened to me, tucking her face into Rose’s neck.

The vibration of my magic passes through me. Kaif wanting to see also presses forward; he was better at identifying power. Kaif was the oldest thing currently living and had seen plenty of magic in his time.

“Déixame ver, ” I murmur, Ghostly figures of the men that lay dead and the ghost of Marabella’s past rewind before I pause as she comes around the corner only to stop.

My brows furrowed when I noticed a strange mist behind her. It looked like it was coming out of her but not like it was attached to her. It wasn’t hers that much I knew; it was a grey-like substance. Her magic was black as coal, just like mine.

“Apparition maybe, its magic I know that much,” Kaif says, and I f0rce the scene to move forward, and she goes to turn back when she is punched in the side of the head.

A growl tears out of me, and Marabella looks up, her eyes snapping to the ghostly figures, and I move toward her, crouching beside her before grabbing her face.

“Don’t watch,” I tell her, tucking her head into the crook of my neck while I continue to watch the scene. Turning, I look back to see the man grab her hair.

Her scream makes me grit my teeth when she tosses her glove off and grabs his hand, her magic expelling out her and rushing up his arm before he drops dead, only for the other man to attack her.

“She has poor form, ” Kaif says, and he was right. She fought blindly on basic instinct, but it did the job.

“Shouldn’t she be trained, given who her parents are?” Kaif asks.

“I’ll fix it; just quiet, ” I tell him. She ducks under the man’s arm when he swings at her, her hands coming up under his chest, and she launches him. I gasp as a black f0rcefield bounces off him, sending him flying above my head and impaling him.

Marabella’s eyes were behind me, and I looked to see the other man trying to r@pe Rose. Black mist scooting across the ground when she suddenly absorbs it, taking it back into herself before he suddenly stands clutching Rose’s p*an*tie*s.

“What magic is that, Kaif?” I ask, and he seems shocked for a second.

“Death magic, necromancy I think, K*lling fuels it, “He says.

Turning back to Marabella’s ghostly figure, she roars, her canines slipping out as she pounces on him. He stood no chance once she was on top of him. She gripped his face, her fingers going through his eye sockets as she melted his face off before pushing it inward.

Marabella jumps in my arms when I hear the pop sound of his skull against the pavement, yet she still dug her hands in using both, and his brains start spilling out of his ears before she starts pounding on him, obliterating what’s left.

While screaming, don’t touch her. She freezes suddenly, shaking her head and black mist comes away like she was jostling off the dust.

“And that? ” I ask him. Seeing the demonic mist spill into the air around her evaporating.

“It can’t be,” Kaif whispers. “What is it, it feels like-,”

“Like ours, ” He states what I was thinking. “That’s not possible, though, ” I tell him.

“No, it’s not, that magic comes from your bloodline and only yours; you are all that’s left that shares that magic, “

I wave my hand, banishing my magic and settling back in the present. Marabella shook in my arms. Her entire body trembled violently, almost like she was seizing.

“I got you, you’re okay, I can make it go away,”

“Rose, ” She sobs, and I reach down, brushing Rose’s hair away.

“She won’t remember this, not what happened here, ” I tell her, and she pulls back to look at me.

“Let’s get you out of here,” I whisper to her. I have to pry her hands from the front of my shirt.

“I have to grab Rose,” I tell her, and she reluctantly lets me go. I grab Rose, placing her in the backseat of the car. Turning around, Marabella was rubbing her arms, staring at the dead men, and I walked over to her rubbing her arms and drawing her attention away.

“What about their bod*ies?” She whispers.

“Hop in the car. I will take care of it,” She looks back at me, her eyes scrutinizing my face making me wonder what she is looking for.

“She is probably wondering why you aren’t being a snollygoster.”

“If you are going to insult me, at least use words from this era, that I understand, ” I snap at him.

“Hmm, forgot you’re a simpleton; what about a c*un*t? A*shole? Them words you should know, and describe your unsavory personality perfectly, ” Kaif huffs, and I growl at him.

“Bloody cretin, ” I hiss at him. Kaif huffs, snarling in my head. Marabella’s voice pulled me away and back to her.

“Why, why did you come, why help?” Did she really think that little of me?

Marabella may think I don’t want her, but I would never allow anyone to harm her, not even myself. If I was selfish, I would give in to the mate bond, but I know the harm that will come to her if I do.

I would always come for her; she just has to ask. I don’t care what she thinks of me. How much we argue, how much she hates me, that would never change. I would always fight alongside her, with her but always for her.

” Because your mine, you’ll always be mine, ” I tell her; stepping closer, I press my l!ps to her forehead. She clutches the front of my shirt, and I pull her toward my car, placing her in the front seat and shutting the door.

Looking at the street name, I sent a few text messages to have this place cleaned up. It was late enough in the night no one would be passing down this street, there were no houses here, and the end of this street turned into a dead end. The clean-up wouldn’t take long anyway, not for my men, who a*s*sured me they would be here in five minutes.

I thought about taking her to the Hotel as I got in the car. Marabella stared vacantly out the windscreen, and I touched her hand with mine. She jumps before blinking and looking at me.

“Will you take us home? ” She asks, and I shake my head, starting my car.

“No, you can stay at the manor with me, ” I tell her, and she looks over into the back seat at Rose.

“She is fine, I promise. I can hear her heart beating,”

“Jonah will hate me, ” She whispers, and I bite the inside of my cheek.

“He doesn’t need to know; I picked you and Rose up, ” I tell her, and she looks back at me.

“But we snuck out; we weren’t supposed to be in the City, ” She says, and I raise an eyebrow at her. She didn’t seem like the type to sneak out.

No, I knew she was not the type that snuck out in the middle of the night, so that left this idea to be owned by Rose, which did not at all surprise me.

“Where did you go?” I ask her, and she tells me the name of Henry, apparently his birthday party. It irked me that she went along with Rose’s plan ; she should have known better.

” Fine, you went to this party, and I met you there, and you stayed at my house. That is what you tell Jonah, and that is what Rose will believe. She doesn’t need to remember anything else, ” I tell her. She nods, and I pull onto the highway heading out of the City. We drive for fifteen minutes before we pull in through the wrought iron gates.

“You live here?” I nod, driving down the long driveway.

“It..It looks haunted,” I chuckle at her words; Jonah always says the same thing, that the shadows spook him.

” It is, ” I admit, and she looks at me before looking back at the old Manor.

“This place is older than the City; it used to house the Octavian Coven when it was built,”

“So witch souls are here,” She asks, and I could smell her fear as I parked out the front and the way her heart skipped a beat at my words.

“Kind of, their energy remains and can be used, but do you know where the Octavian name comes from? ” She shook her head, and I had no idea why I was telling her this, why I wanted to share this with her, but the words spilled from my l!ps, and I found I didn’t regret speaking them.

“Moon Goddess Celeste, her married name was Octavian, my bloodline stems from the original Moon Goddess, “

“But your magic dark?”

“My magic is something else entirely, similar to yours, which makes me wonder why you contain it, it belongs to the Octavian Coven and is passed down through the generations, I am the last living relative left, the last of its power, yet Kaif recognized it and so did I when I watched what happened, “

“What does that mean?”

“I don’t know, but you need to be careful with it, try not to use it until I figure something out,”

“So if you are a descendant of the Moon Goddess, why aren’t you the Moon God then instead of my mother?” I don’t answer, and she sighs.

I couldn’t tell her why, though a part of me wanted to, but she feared me enough. She didn’t need to fear where my dark magic came from. She didn’t need to fear the magic she somehow contained.

“There are some things I can’t tell you; it’s why I

can’t be with you, Ella, ” I whisper, and she looks at her blood -soaked hands. Kaif growls at my words but he knows I speak the truth. He knows being with us will K*ll her, but a part of him doesn’t care; he wanted her anyway.

“So tomorrow, everything goes back the way it was? ” I look out the window hating the sadness in her voice.

“It has too, I won’t put you at risk, ” “Risk of what?”

“Of me, history repeats; it has every time, you will be no different. Kaif’s fate will be no different, “

“What about Jonah then, ” “What about him?”

” He has no mate. My mother left his bond open to choose. If you don’t want me, at least let him have me,”

“You think I don’t want my mate, that I don’t want you? I am not doing this because I hate you, Ella; I am doing this because I love you,” I tell her.

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