Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 22

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 22

Mateo leaves walking out and down the hall, leaving me with the Alpha.

“Wait come back” I called to Mateo. He laughs.

“You’re on your own Kat” he sings out not even glancing back.

“You trying to escape me, little one?” The Alpha all but purrs below my ear. A shiver runs up my spine at his words and his breath on my neck.

He runs his nose along my neck, inhaling my scent. My heart pounds against my chest when I feel him press himself closer, the heat from his chest seeping into my back, fear and nervousness at being stuck alone with him kick in.

“Why are you scared little one, I would never hurt you” he whispers, turning me around to face him. He grips my chin making me look up at him, his dazzling caramel eyes staring back at me.

“I will never hurt you, Kat. If I am making you uncomfortable just tell me” He says brushing his nose along my cheek before kissing the side of my mouth.

“Answer me Kat, am I making you uncomfortable?” He asks, pulling away his hands trailing down my sides before resting on my hips.

“A little” I admit and he sighs, pressing his lips to my head.

“Come on then” he says, letting me go and stepping back. As soon as he let go I missed his touch, his warmth and I stepped toward him. He chuckles softly wrapping his arms back around me.

“You don’t know what you want?” He says putting his head on mine.

“You will soon Kat, everything will make sense to you soon” he says, making me look up at him.

“What do you mean?” I ask him.

“I would rather you find out for yourself. Come, want to watch a movie?”

“As long as it isn’t another Disney one” I tell him. He dr@pes his arm across my shoulders pulling me from Mateo’s room and down the hall toward his room.

I pause looking at his door, “you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do Kat, we can watch one downstairs or in your room if you want” he says stopping and waiting for me to decide.

“Kat!” I hear my mother’s voice call out from downstairs frantically. I hear footsteps running up the stairs. The Alpha walks toward them and I hear her stop on the stairs.

“I swear Alpha if you have touched one f*uc*king hair on her head, Alpha or not I will kick your Bl*dy arse”

“Calm down Shirley. She is right here, I would never hurt her,” he tells her and I hear my mother rush up the stairs before popping her head around the corner and spotting me. She rushes over gripping my arms.

“Did he hurt you, are you okay sweetie?” She gushes embarra*s*singly as she checks me over.

“Mum I’m fine” I tell her and she stops before mind linking me.

“You didn’t tell him, did you? Oh thank the goddess. I thought he would K*lled you for sure” she says and I raise an eyebrow at her.

“He knows mum” I say out loud and she freezes looking at me before looking at him. The Alpha was leaning against the door, arms folded over his chest as he watched us.

“You know?” She asks skeptically.

“Yes I know she hasn’t got a wolf, and I don’t care, wolf or not she is still my”- he clears his throat awkwardly.

“She is still a pack member,” he says.

“You don’t care?” She asks and I could see her shock written all over her face.

Alpha Ezra shakes his head. “No, Shirley, I don’t care. It changes nothing”

“And he didn’t hurt you, threaten you. You can tell me Kat” she says just as I hear my father’s voice downstairs.

“Shirley!” Alpha Ezra gr0@ns and I chuckle at his frustration.

“Up here!” He calls out to my father and I hear his footsteps on the stairs running up them.

“Shirley! What are you doing?” He asks my mother who turns to face him.

“Hey pumpkin” my dad says my face flushing at the nickname, gosh they could be embarra*s*sing.

“He doesn’t care” my mother mutters more to herself than anyone else.

“I told you he wouldn’t come now, we need to head home, I have work in the morning” my father tells her. My brows furrowed in confusion at her reaction. Why was it such a shock to her when Alpha Ezra was so good to us?

“Mum I am fine, everything is fine. Go home with dad”

“You don’t want to come home?” She asks, looking at me.

I looked at Alpha Ezra who was waiting for my answer. I shake my head and he smiles nodding to me.

“No I want to stay, am I allowed to?” I ask her and her mouth opens and closes like a fish.

“Yes Kat, you are an adult , well in a few days. I trust you to make your own decisions and you are safe with your… the Alpha” my father says.

“But?” My mother goes to argue with him.

“She is in the safest place, love. Come let’s go home” my father says to her and she looks at me before nodding.

“You need us, no matter how late Kat mind link us” she says.

“I’ll be fine” I tell her and she reluctantly leaves but not before eyeing the Alpha suspiciously like she thought he was going to execute me at any moment. I hear Mateo let them out downstairs.

“Pizza?” He sings out from downstairs making my ears ache from how loud he yelled. I scrunch my face up, I am sick of eating pizza.

“Anything but pizza” Alpha Ezra sings back at him.

“Fine, be back soon” he calls and I hear him leave the door closing behind him.

“Movie?” He asks and I step forward toward him. He opens up his door and I find his room is mostly grey and white. Thick dr@pes hang along the windows stopping all light from coming in. A fireplace sat in the corner of the room crackling as it burned.

A huge four poster bed sat in the middle of the room and had a thick dark grey comforter on it. I could see two doors, one appeared to be a walk in, the other a bathroom. Alpha Ezra walks over to the bedside table grabbing a remote and points it at the wall next to the bedroom door behind me. The tv flicks on and he walks over handing me the remote.

“Pick a movie, I need to have a shower” he says walking to the bathroom and flicking the lights on. He stops at the door, “you can join me if you want?” He says and my face heats up.

“So innocent” he whispers a smile on his lips.

“I am not,” I tell him and his eyes sparkle deviously.

“Join me then” he challenges. Opening the door wider.

“I um..”

“Chill Kat, you don’t have to” he says,

“No, just you will see me”

“n@ked?” He offers with a chuckle.

“Will you turn around?”

“I promise I won’t peek,” he says, turning around and walking into the bathroom. I hear him turn the shower on and I walk into the bathroom. He Str!ps his clothes off and I get a glimpse of his a*s*s, my face flushing. D*mn these cheeks, why do they gotta give me away every time. I think to myself trying to cover my blush with my hands. I avert my gaze instead, looking around.

The bathroom was all black tiles on the floor and grey on the walls. A darker grey sink basin with silver finishings. The shower took up an entire wall and even had a piece that came out of the wall that you could sit on. It also had two shower heads.

“Are you coming in?” He asks his back still to me and I sigh, Str!pping my clothes off and dropping them in the basket. I open the shower screen hopping in.

I try to cover myself, half expecting him to turn around but he doesn’t. Instead he grabs the shampoo out of the niche squirting it in his hands before washing his hair. I turn the other showerhead on, the spray coming down hard and I adjust the temperature till it is bearable.

The Alpha keeps his back to me, giving me a perfect view of the lines of his muscled back and his a*s*s. He has a large burn down one side going just below his underarm to his hip. I reach my hand out and run my fingers over it.

He freezes, but doesn’t stop me.

“Gross huh?” He says.

“No, but I bet it hurt,” I told him.

“Fell on a campfire when I was a kid” he says before rinsing the soap from his hair.

“How old were you?” I ask him.

“I think 8 or 9” he shrugs. I drop my hand before grabbing the soap off the niche.

“You can turn around, technically you already saw me n@ked in the video” I told him. He turns but his eyes go to mine instead of looking down.

I stare back before I find my eyes trailing down his body. He was carved like marble and I had this overwhelming urge to touch him, to run my fingers over his abs and v-line when I suddenly got a glimpse of him. I gulp, the man was part horse or it’s fake it has to be fake. I suddenly felt terrible for the woman in the brothels, any other d*ic*k would feel like throwing a sausage up a hallway once he was done with them. My face jerks away, my face flaming like all my blood rushed to my cheeks.

He laughs and my eyes snap to his and he raises an eyebrow.

“Pervert” he teases.

“Honey, I’m home” I hear Mateo sing out from the bedroom making me jump. My face pales, the bathroom door wide open. The Alpha jerks me to him looking over his shoulder.

He pressed me against the tiles shielding my nudity with his body.

“Mateo shut the bathroom door” he calls out.

“Oh la la what have we here, nice a$s Alpha” I hear Mateo call out before hearing the door click shut.

“I got Chinese” he calls out from the other side of the now closed door. I let out the breath I was holding looking up at the Alpha whose eyes were pitch black.

“Maddox?” I whisper shocked that his wolf came forward. The Alpha shakes his head, his grip on my hips loosening.

“Sorry” he says and I become startlingly aware of his body pressed closely to mine.

Ezra leans down pecking my lips softly, before going to pull away when I reach up, pulling him back and kissing him.

He chuckles, kissing me back, his tongue running across my bottom lip wanting access and I open my mouth slightly and I feel his tongue move between my lips as he deepens the kiss making me M0@n into his mouth, sparks rushing over my body everywhere his skin touches.

“Oi hurry up food is getting cold” Mateo calls out and I pull back laughing before looking around him.

“Come I should feed you” he says, stepping back and letting me go, his eyes never wandering and I suddenly realised he was a man of his word. He never once peeked, never once pushed me for anything else. My heart flutters at the realisation. Great I was crushing on my Alpha, I thought dryly. Ezra wraps a towel around himself before holding one out to me.

“My clothes are in my room” I tell him, wrapping the towel around myself.

“Wait here, you can wear mine” he says slipping out before returning with a pair of shorts on. He hands me a shirt and some boxer shorts before going back out and closing the door. I slip them on before wrapping my hair in the towel. Stepping out, I find Mateo sitting on the bed with three plastic plates.

“Got the good China, the disposable kind” he says handing me a plate of Chinese. It smelled awesome, my stomach growling embarra*s*singly loud.

He moves over and I hop in the middle next to him. The Alpha comes into the room with a can of coke and some beers. He chuck’s one to Mateo, before cracking himself one. I take the coke from him before grabbing the remote and settling against the pillows. I go to the horror section on one of the apps he uses.

“No, go to comedy or the kids section” Mateo whines.

“Act your age geez, you’re a werewolf not a child” I tell him.

“Fine but I am sleeping in here” Mateo mutters while sipping his beer.

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