Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 205

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 205

One week Later

Sage POV

Sweat glistened on my skin as I waited for Jonah to get home from school. It was extremely hot today as I waited for the bus that would drop Jonah at the end of the entryway into the pack. Laying on the gr@ssunder the shade of a tree, I sit up when I hear the bus coming down the road. The blue and white bus pulled up just as I got to my feet.

“Mama“ Jonah squeals, jumping down the bus steps before skipping over to me with a picture in his hand. I smile down at him as he shows me a picture he painted.

“Oh wow, it is lovely, “ I tell him, taking it from his little hands as the bus pulls away, leaving.

“Do you like it?“ He asks and I nod before reaching down and hugging him, his scent soothing after the boring day I have had.

Andrei has been busy in the city helping Lucas, but he rang me a few hours ago to tell me he was on his way home. I was expecting him back any minute. He was trying to get home before Jonah finished, but must have got stuck in the evening traffic.

“Can we stick it on the fridge?“ Jonah asks, excitedly.

“If we can find room, we might have to put it in dad’s office. The fridge is running out of room, “ I tell him. He nods happily, taking my hand and we start the long walk back to the pack house.

Halfway back, I pull Jonah off to the side of the dirt road, needing to have a break. I am sweating profusely and feeling light-headed.

“Are you ok Mum?“ Jonah asks as I flop down on the gra*s*s.

“Yes, I am fine. It is just boiling today, “ I tell him, and his brows scrunch together.

“It’s not hot, I have goosebumps, look“ Jonah tells me, holding his arm up to show me. I blink twice

before looking up at the sky. The sun was out yet looking at Jonah. His lips were blue, and he is covered in goosebumps. Confusion sets in, though I thought it odd earlier that I saw Zane in a jumper.

“Maybe you’re coming down with something,“ I tell him, reaching up and cupping his forehead with my hand. Yet I couldn’t feel his temperature at all against my clammy hand.

“Your face is very red, “ Jonah tells me and I observe him, his lips trembling slightly. Yet, I felt like I was burning up. Maybe I was coming down with something. Standing up, Jonah grabs my hand as I sway slightly, dizzy from standing up too fast.

The feeling doesn’t leave though as we slowly trek back to the pack house. My vision blurred, and I was becoming hotter, my skin burning and my mouth was so dry.

“Jonah, have you got any water in your drink bottle?“ I ask him. He stops dropping his school bag on the ground before rummaging through it and retrieving his blue water bottle. It was still half full, and I popped the lid and gulped some water down.

Quenching my thirst before squirting some in my hand and w*etting my face and the back of my neck.

My surroundings spin when I hand it back to him. Jonah is watching me, his lips pursed, and he shakes my arm gently as he tries to pull me along with him.

Staggering forward, I tried to f0rce my feet to keep moving, though every step was getting harder to take. Vertigo washing over me in waves when I exhale loudly. Jonah stops and I nearly trip over him.

”You smell funny. Are you sure you’re alright?” Jonah says. I try to gently nudge him forward to keep going. The simple motion throwing my balance off and the ground is suddenly rushing toward my face.

I don’t even feel it when my body hits the ground. I hear the air leave my lungs, but all I could think about was the burning sensation that was rolling over my entire body. My blood felt like it was boiling in my veins.

Jonah’s shrieks of panic become dimmer as all sound becomes muffled and I f0rce myself to roll on my back as I stared up at him. My entire body felt heavy, like I was weighed down.

”Mum, mum ” Jonah’s face turning purple as he shook me, yelling for me, tears streaming down his face. I wanted to comfort him, desperately to soothe him, but my muscles locked and I was seeing double. Jonah looks over his shoulder before suddenly he is gone.

Managing to turn my head, I could see the silhouette of a car driving towards him before dust from the gravel road filled the road and I hear the screeching of tyres on the road. My heart jolts in my chest as I see the car headed straight at Jonah as he waved his arms.

Adrenaline shoots through me and I sit up. I could hear the car sliding across the gravel when a dust cloud engulfed Jonah. The engine suddenly cuts out as I stagger, falling a couple of times as I race toward him. When he suddenly disappears amongst the dust from the road, my shriek of fear rings loudly in my head.

Andrei POV

My mind is consumed with everything I need to get done. I still needed to bring the rogue camp to the pack, but with everything going on I just haven’t had time to organize anything. The pack had been sending supplies regularly to them. The biggest

issue being they were still reluctant to leave their camp. At least they were safe with the Reaper wolves gone, but I definitely needed to organise something soon.

The pack is eager to get them here; the men finding it harder to cope and have been working themselves into the ground.

Pack meetings have been happening every few days because Zane and I were struggling to keep them in line. Some refuse to sleep after the recent attack, making them relive the day we lost nearly the entire pack. Old memories resurfacing and the paranoia kicking in. Last night Lucas brought Kyan up, I was at a loss at what to do.

Kat had been run off her feet with being a Moon Goddess and running the packs. She was almost dead on her feet and I couldn’t ask more of her. She already brought Sage back and despite saying she was alright, I knew she wasn’t.

So instead I asked Lucas if he had any ideas and he brought Kyan to me. He stayed last night and left early this morning. Last night I called a pack meeting.

Some hadn’t slept since the day the Reaper wolves attacked and it was taking a toll on them. Men falling asleep on border patrol, others turning manic and their wolves taking over. It had been chaos. The first week was horrid with all the funerals and clean up.

When Kyan walked in with Lucas at first, I was confused, wondering why he would bring Kyan when my men were unhinged and erratic at the moment. I didn’t even like Jonah being around them while they were like that, however Kyan walked in and the way he walked in and grabbed everyone’s attention instantly startled me.

Lucas waved me over and Kyan walked to the front of the room of the small demountable building. ” Unless you want to join them, you need to hop out right now, ” Lucas said in a hushed voice.

Zane overhearing rushes over to us and Lucas drags us out of the small meeting room and outside. Sage, Nora and Jonah were in the pack house. Nora had stayed the night before after one of our men broke into Zane’s place and attacked him, thinking Zane was an intruder trying to K*ll his own mate.

We had barely stepped outside when I heard the thuds and went to turn around to race back inside, only for Lucas to grip my arm.

”He is fine, ” He said to me. And he was right. When we could step back in, I found my men on the ground out cold and Kyan walking toward us.

”There alive ” was all he said before walking past me and heading to the pack house.

I stood stunned. Zane and I thought we were going to have to drug the water cooler to get them to sleep. I had no idea what he did, but Sage told me earlier that most of them were still asleep.

A few woke up and she said they seemed better. My mind was reeling over the events of the night before as I drove up the driveway, finally getting home from meetings in town with the pack’s accountant.

It didn’t feel right just letting Jonah be given half the Safari Casino , so instead Lucas and Kyan agreed to let the pack buy half of Jonah’s shares which would only be an investment anyway to the pack and Lucas said anyone needing a job would have work which would be good for those of the rogue camp. If they were comfortable working away and returning when they please.

Driving on auto pilot I didn’t see Jonah until the last second as he ran towards my car, waving his arms frantically in the air. I lock the car, my foot slamming down on the brake and I ripped the handbrake up. I heard Sage scream a bloodcurdling scream yet didn’t see her.

The car skids and rushes toward him. Panic nearly makes me throw up when the car comes to a stop and I couldn’t see him. Dust everywhere. I couldn’t see a thing out any windows.

My entire body was shaking as I tossed the door open when I hear Jonah’s voice.

”Dad, Dad. Something is wrong with mum ” He cries, wrapping his arms around my legs. The immense relief takes my breath away as the fear of hitting him recedes, and the dust finally settles.

”What are you doing on the road ” I snap at him. I didn’t mean for my words to come off so harshly. But it shook me, nearly running him over.

”Mum ! ” He cries and I glance around, wondering where Sage is. I heard her voice seconds ago. My eyes scan my surroundings when I see her hands clutching her knees as she bent over and threw up. Jonah points at her and I look down at him. Tears streaked his face before I look back at her.

”Sage?” I call out to her before heading toward her. Jonah races toward her and a second later she collapses in the dirt, making me run to her side in panic. Jonah was clutching the front of her dress.

Kneeling beside her, I watch as her eyes roll into the back of head as she goes unconscious when her scent smashes into me. A feral growl leaves me, making Jonah jump and leap away from me.

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