Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 201

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 201: Katya POV

The moment I grabbed Eziah, I raced toward the packhouse intending to lock them in the house until help arrived. I got three steps when I felt a jolt, pain ravaged me as I was f0rced to stop. “No, no, no, not now” I scream.

My surroundings blur and shake and I feel myself being s*cked into the vortex of teleporting to Seline’s realm. I barely caught myself still mid run when I was f0rced here.

I try to teleport back but can’t. Eziah quiets down looking around and I try to find Seline to tell her to send me back when I see her collapsed body next to the fountain of life.

“Seline!” I shriek rushing over to her. I roll her on her back and she mumbles incoherently. Her eyes white and I shake her, her eyes shaking and flickering between all white to gold.

I place Eziah down next to her before standing up and running my hands through the water trying to find something to fix her and get back to my world.

When I am suddenly watching the scene I just left. Andrei, Ezra and Dominic were back helping and my father was rushing toward Sage. The entire cene was bloody chaos and destruction.

I turned looking down at Seline before dropping on my knees next to her. I grip her arms trying to heal her, trying to rouse her conscious enough to help me. Eziah cries and climbs up on her, his eyes glowing brightly.

“That’s it bubba, help mumma” I tell him, tears streaking down my face. I felt torn. I needed to help Seline but I needed to get back to the real world and not this one. Seline suddenly gasps, her eyes refocusing but the golden hue surrounding her was gone, she looked almost human.

“Kat?” She gasps and Eziah leans heavily on me. I grip his arms and he turns all floppy.

“Eziah?” I shriek, clutching his slack body in my arms when his eyes flutter and he yawns before passing out. I try to heal him, try to take some of the exhaustion from him enough to rouse him awake but I feel his heart rate even out and he sighs happily enough but falls asleep.

“You need to get up, I need to get back” I tell Seline. Seline coughs, blood pouring from her lips and down her chin and my heart beats rapidly in my chest. So hard I could hear it.

“No, no, you don’t get to leave me with this, please” I beg her.

“It’s time Kat, ” She whispers, her eyes falling shut.

“ Seline, NO. I don’t know what I am doing” I tell her, shaking her until her eyes open.

“You need to get up, you’re fine. I healed you, Eziah healed you” I tell her but she shakes her head when her nose starts bleeding and running down the side of her face.

“You have to do it Kat, you have to do it and get back to your mates” She whispers and I shake my head when I hear footsteps making me look up to see a man in Lycan form.

His face looked like a wolf and he was covered in fur but he stood taller than anyone I ever knew. Fur so dark black I thought it was almost blue and the colour of the sky at night.

Gold eyes stared at me and I see a silver dagger with rubies in his hand and a huge white stone at the end of the handle. I sit back on my heels watching as he walks over to her before sitting next to her.

“Did you get it?” Seline whispers to him, turning her face to him. He nods looking down at her and brushing her hair from her face before pressing his furry head to hers.

He grips her hand in his, bringing it to his face, her hand looks tiny in his and I realise who he is.

“You’re Bain aren’t you?” I tell him and he pulls away from her, his eyes going to mine and he nods his head once before handing me the dagger and I shake my head, pushing it away but he thrusts it forward at me while holding the blade.

“No, no, I don’t understand” I tell him looking at Seline, but he grabs my hand placing the knife in it.

“This is how it has to be, this is how you become the Moon and its Goddess” She says and I shake my head.

“You will and you have to” I look down at Eziah before picking him up and placing him on the sofa gently. Walking back to her, Bain was cupping her cheek with his hand and tears were running down his face and snout.

“You remind Koraline, I love her when you see her again, you watch over our girl, ” She says and he nods, his shoulders shaking as whimpered.

“Don’t cry my love, this is how it has to be, it’s time. It’s time I go” Seline tells him and he nods, wiping his eyes on the back of his hand and nodding his head.

Seline turns her head to me and smiles sadly. “ You will be great, I knew it the day I first saw you, take care of my children for me” My lips quiver and I could barely see anything through my tears.

“Please don’t make me do this” I tell her, my voice trembling.

“Seline blessed daughter of the Moon, hereby grant my divine power and my life to Katya Hartley, daughter of mine and the new Moon Goddess, Goddess to the children of the Moon” Seline says and I feel a cold rush, roll over me and I shake my head not wanting it, I didn’t want this.

Bain grabs my hand holding the dagger and hovers it over the centre of her chest. His grip holding it there, his pained and tear filled eyes holding mine as my hands shook violently in his as I tried to pull it away.

“ I Katya Hartly accept your sacrifice and will take your place as the Goddess of the Moon” I ch*oke out and Bain suddenly lets my hands go and I cry out as I plunge the knife into her chest, the handle growing hot when I feel her life essence rush up my arms.

The Moonstone glowing brightly as I absorb its power. I don’t know how I knew what to say but it felt right as it vibrated around me, the words coming out on their own.

I s*ck in a breath feeling her power vibrate through me, warm and loving and yet cold and smooth as it caresses every piece of me, warming me from the inside out as her last breath wheezes out of her and my arms fall, letting go of the dagger.

She looked almost peaceful as she lay there and I got a glimpse of who she was before. Bain howls loudly and the sound breaks my heart.

“I’m sorry” I tell him.

“She is at peace now” His voice says through my head before he places his arms under her body and lifts her, walking down some corridor and away from me. I wiped my tears getting to my feet and walked over to Eziah who was still sound asleep and picked him up.

“Time to go home” I whispered to him before feeling my surroundings ripple and it was so much easier than before, just a mere thought and I was back in my realm, standing amongst the chaos.

Sage POV

The moment the word was screamed the first explosion went off just to the right of the packhouse, the walls shook and Mateo’s wolf stopped. His head turning toward it as Andrei and all those that left rushed in and started taking down wolves. So many men I could not recognise racing toward us when Mateo suddenly shifts back racing toward his car.

“We need to get them out of here” he screams to me and I look for a way out when he ducks and weaves his way through fighting wolves, scooping up some keys and hitting the b*tton to his car.

“Get the kids in the car” Mateo calls to me and I nod racing into the house.

“Jonah, Kyan!” I scream racing into the house.

“Kids! ” I scream racing into the hallway. What if one of them got in, or someone took them or hurt them. I panic looking around frantically when I hear soft sobbing and I see Kyan and Jonah hiding in a corner behind the couch. Marabella was clutched in Kyan’s arms and they were both shaking terribly. I race over to them checking them.

“I need to get you both out of here, I need you two to both hold each other’s hands and you need to run with me to the car” I explain while taking Marabella from Kyan’s arms. I grab Jonah’s hand forcing him to his feet and Kyan grabs his hand when I walk to the entryway and peer out the door.

“Stay close and don’t let go of my hand” I tell Jonah, tucking him behind me. The car was 20 metres away from the house as we stepped out. Mateo was fighting a grey wolf while in human form. Wolves were fighting everywhere and blood and fur everywhere. Mangled screams and whimpers filled the air along with the stench of blood.

The rear door was open on the car, Mateo must have opened it.

“Straight to the car and get in and duck down” I tell the boys. They nod, their little faces full of fear and I clutch Marabella to my chest.

“One, two, three” I tell them, ripping Jonah to me as I take off running for the car. Growls and snarls break out everywhere when Jonah screams behind me. His hand let mine go and I turned looking over my shoulder to see a ginger coloured wolf running straight at me.

Its body collided with mine, and I couldn’t do anything but tuck and roll as I tried to shield Marabella. Jonah starts screaming and Kyan.

Marabella’s head clutched in my hands, her body tucked to my chest as the wolf tore into m y back as I curled into a ball using my arms and legs to shield her. I scream, my back and arms being ripped to shreds as it mauls me when I hear it grunt.

“Go!” Mateo’s voice yells at me and I push off the ground, running toward the car again. Staggering and catching myself on the door frame of the car. A wolf tore into my leg and Marabella was screaming loudly. I try to kick it off as its teeth sink into my thigh and I look over my shoulder to see Kyan and Jonah being chased into the house by a wolf.

Mateo fighting the wolf that mauled me. Using the arm holding Marabella I place her in her carseat. Kicking my legs trying to get the wolf off me as I slam the door shut hoping she doesn’t fall out of her seat.

“They ran back inside” Mateo screams as another bomb goes off. I see Dominic fighting three wolves still in human form, his suit torn to shreds but he moves quickly smashing them with his magic before moving onto the next.

I punch the wolf when it pivots, sinking its teeth into my arm and I punch it again only for it to knock me over, landing on top of me when I wrap my arms around its neck and my legs around its torso, pulling up and squeezing as hard as I could.

It makes a ch*oked whimper noise but I don’t let go, it’s back legs thrashing and cutting mine apart and I see Derrick running toward the house just as I feel its neck snap in my arms.

I toss it off, running toward the house again, Mateo on my heels as we race toward the boys who are trapped inside with the wolf. I could hear their screams. Just as I go to step onto the threshold next to Derrick, he reaches it the same as me.

I feel heat rush over me, from inside the house. The smell of gas reaching my nose when I am thrown backwards. The house explodes and I gasp knowing Jonah and Kyan are inside, my skin feels like it is melting off from the sheer intensity of the heat of the explosion and I scream before I feel nothing and see nothing. Only oblivion as my body smashed into the ground.

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