Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Katya’s POV:

I remained in the room not wanting to risk running into everyone. I knew they were outside, I could hear the talking of pack members excitedly chatting about the pack run from the bedroom window. When the sun started to set, dread filled me. I slip some loose fitting clothes on which is what most pac members wore when they are going to shift. At least I kind of looked the part. When it was nearly 5, I was about to head down when I heard a knock on the door.

Opening the bedroom door my father was standing there in just a singlet and shorts. “Hey Pumpkin” He says and I roll my eyes at the nickname he refuses to give up. I threw my arms around his waist hugging him tight.

“Your mother said you had an issue here today?” He says and I nod against his chest. He kisses my hair.

“What do I do about the pack run?” I ask, looking up at him.

“I asked the Alpha if we could take off a bit early so you don’t have to deal with everyone,, he agreed that’s why I am here to come get you” He says.

I close my bedroom door following my father. I see the Alpha talking to a group of people out the back as we slip outside, my mother waiting next to the treeline. Alpha Ezra turns as we walk out giving my father a nod and my dad leads me over to my mother. We slip into the forest and start walking.

“We found a stream earlier today, thought it would be nice over there to wait out the pack run” My mother says and I nod.

“I’m sorry about earlier Kat, I shouldn’t have been so harsh” She says and my father gives her a look making her look away from him.

“What did your mother do?” my father asks through the mind link. I shake my head. I don’t want them fighting over me. My mother starts Str!pping her clothes off before jamming them into a log of a fallen tree. My father does the same shifting quickly as I keep my back turned to them. I have seen them n@ked but that doesn’t mean I want to.

My fathers caramel colored wolf comes over to me, nudging me wanting me to climb on his back. I do just in time to see my mothers black and grey wolf step out of the trees. They take off running and It kind of reminded me of when I was little before we discovered I had no wolf. I would always get piggy backs on mum and dad when I was little.

We zipped through the trees, and I dug my head in between my father’s shoulder blades so I wouldn’t fall off from the momentum, my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his throat. They ran for what felt like forever before stopping and I climbed off finding my feet again. This place felt secluded. The stream running through the forest had only the scents of the passing animals but surprisingly no wolf scents.

“Where are we?” I ask.

“Near the border, no one will come out this far. Alpha Ezra forbids them getting too close to the border” My mother mind links.

“Will I get in trouble being here”

“He won’t know, your father reckons we should just tell him, but”

“But not till I prove myself” I mutter knowing why she doesn’t want him knowing. I wasn’t so sure now, the Alpha seemed different to the others back home. I felt comfortable with him, it was hard to explain. In the distance I hear an air horn go off making me look the way we came.

“Go I will be fine,” I tell them knowing they loved pack runs and letting their wolves out. I sit by the stream and my fathers wolf comes over rubbing his big furry head on mine before my mothers licks my cheek. I watch as they duck off between the trees and disappear. I should have brought my phone. At least I could have played candy crush while I waited.

I wasn’t sure how long the pack run went for but I felt like I was here for hours already when I heard the Alpha’s voice run through my head. “Kat, where are you?” He asks and I suddenly become nervous.

“I am around” I tell him.

“Are you hiding from me?” He asks and I cut off the mind link, shoving him out. I know I will probably get in trouble when I get back for it, we aren’t supposed to shove our Alpha out of our heads. I feel him trying to f0rce the mind link when he suddenly gives up. I hop up deciding to go lean on the tree and rest, maybe sleep. The darkness was becoming eerie the longer night went on. The shadows amongst the trees creeped me out and I suddenly wished for the safety of my room.

I could hear all the crickets and owls hooting in the trees and around the stream. Leaning my head on the tree, I listen when I suddenly hear deafening silence. The crickets falling silent made me nervous. Silence was never a good thing in a forest, it meant predators were near. My eyes snap open when I hear a twig snap and I sit up looking into the trees. My eyes were stronger than that of humans but this part of the forest was dark from the canopying trees.

Hearing the snap again, I spin turning the opposite side when I see glowing amber eyes peer out from between two trees. My breath gets lodged in my throat when I see a humongous black wolf step out. His fur was so black I could only just make him out in the darkness. I shift nervously wondering who it is.

The wolf moves, stepping toward me and I feel his aura vibrating the ground around me and I let out a breath. “Alpha” I whisper and reopen the mind link.

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