Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Ezra’s POV:

Waking up the entire packhouse was buzzing with excitement as I walked down the steps to the second floor. Chatter and laughter filled the usual silence as they got ready for the day. Stopping at Katya’s door, I knock and listen for movement before opening the door and popping my head in, only to find the room empty. I sigh in relief, happy that she wasn’t hiding in her room anymore. Walking down the steps I see Angie and a group of kids all huddled together laughing watching something on her phone.

“What’s going on?” I ask, amused at their excitement over whatever it is. Angie quickly tries doing something on her phone, shielding it away from me and the teens suddenly take off. Walking into the foyer, I see everyone scatter and Angie’s fumbling with her phone frantically when I see the TV. My stomach drops when I see Katya on the TV screen while showering trying to cover herself. I quickly race in trying to find the remote to flick the Tv off as panicked kids take off in every direction. Not able to find the remote, I grab the chair and fling it at the Tv and shatter the screen. Angie lets out a petrified shriek and I look over my shoulder, a growl escaping my lips as anger consumes.

I wanted to hurt her, never in my life have I wanted to inflict pain on any of my own pack members, but in this moment I wanted to hurt her like she hurt my mate.

Mateo, hearing the breaking glassand everyone’s terrified screams raced down the stairs and I lunged at her, my claws slipping from hands and Mateo yanks me backwards. My claws just scratching the side of her face. She screams clutching her face as my claws sink into her soft flesh. Her hand went to her face as she screamed in horror.

Mateo and I hit the ground and I rolled off him wanting her blood, wanting her to pay for the humiliation she just caused her.

“Alpha what’s going on?” I hear Mateo asking, struggling to hold me back. Angie goes to run my alpha voice rolling over her as I screamed at her.

“f*uc*king move and d*ie” I tell her and she freezes instantly.

Mateo lets me go and I get to my feet stalking toward her.

“Give me the f*uc*king phone now” I tell her holding my hand out. She trembles but drops the phone in my hand. I try to get in but it has a password.

“password now” I tell her and she rattles off her date of birth, her voice trembling badly as tears and her blood run down her face. I could see Mateo looking over my shoulder trying to figure why I am so angry and when he catches sight of it a menacing growl escapes him.

“You would dare do that to another woman, subject her to that sort of humiliation?” I ask her, my voice deadly cold. How could she? How could she do that to my mate, or anyone. Humiliate someone in such a way then show off about it to everyone.

‘It was a joke?’

“That is not a f*uc*king joke Angela” Mateo screams at her also on the verge of shifting and ripping her pieces.

“Where is she?” I ask looking around for my mate, needing to see she is alright.

“She is still in the bathroom,” Jake says from the top of the stairs. I look up and see his pale petrified blue eyes. He nervously tries to brush his blonde hair from his face.

“And how do you know that?” I ask him and he looks on the verge of puking.

“It was Angie’s Idea, I told her we shouldn’t” He says and I see red, he helped her humiliate her in such a way.

“I will deal with them, go get her,” Mateo says.

“Everyone out” I bellow to all the teens lingering with fearful eyes looking around the corners. Angie and Jake go to leave when Mateo catches both of them by the arms.

“Not you two, you two are coming with me” He says to them.

“You better pray Katya is forgiving, because I won’t stop her if she bannishes you” I tell them and they both pale.

“Banish us?” Jake squeaks.

“Yes, Katya is going to be your f*uc*king Luna and you do that to her” I tell them.

“She can’t be Luna,” Angie stutters out, looking down the corridor toward the bathroom.

“Yes she can because she is my mate” I say before walking off and leaving Mateo to deal with them.

Walking into the bathroom I could hear sobbing, one of the shower curtains was ripped down but it did nothing to cover her n@ked body. The flimsy shower curtain was see through against her tanned skin, as she huddled in the corner of the stall.

“Kat?” I whisper while kneeling in front of the shower stall. She had her head pressed to her knees as she cried. She looks up, her face all red and blotchy and my heart breaks for her. I pull my shirt off handing it to her and she reaches out for it pulling it over head.

“Why didn’t you shift, you could have shifted and come and got me or Mateo” I tell her and she looks at me before crying again. “She video it” She ch*okes out and I pull the phone from my pocket.

“You saw it?” She asks and I look away and swallow, the entire packhouse saw her not that she had anything to be ashamed of. She is beautiful but I knew she wouldn’t see it that way.

Suddenly the front door bursts open and I hear it smash through the wall out in the foyer.

“Kat, kat honey” I hear Shirley call out for her daughter. I wanted to kick her out but the look on my mates face told me she wanted her mother.

“In here” I call out to her mother and she appears in the doorway a few seconds later.

“Oh baby” She gasps, rushing over and I move out of the way. My mate throws herself into her mothers arms clutching onto her like the woman was her lifeline.

“I want to come home” I hear her whisper to her mother and hurt hits me. She didn’t want to be here.

“How could this happen, and where is the little b*tch?” Her mothers asks, turning to me.

“Mateo has Angie and Jake”

“What about the other girl?” Her mother asks.

“There was another?” I ask Katya and she nods.

“I will find her” Her mother nods.

“And what will become of them?” Shirley asks and I could see she was trying to contain her anger, feeling it oozing off her.

“Kat can decide that” I tell her mother and she pulls back looking down at her daughter.

“I am taking her home” Shirley says and I feel my wolf hackle up at her words pressing beneath my skin.

“No, she stays and everyone will be leaving the Packhouse, she can also stay on the Alpha floor. I won’t let this happen again Kat, so please stay” I tell her. Shirley looks down at her daughter.

“I want them dealt with,” Her mother says.

“And they will be,” I rea*s*sure her.

“Come sweety let’s find you some clothes” Shirley says helping her stand. Kat tries pulling my shirt down covering her exposed legs. I thought it a little odd that she was afraid of being nude in front of people. It honestly wasn’t a big thing in wolf packs you are bound to see each other n@ked and some of the pack members even strut around n@ked after the pack runs.

I also found it strange she didn’t just shift and walk out of here to alert Mateo and I about what happened instead she called for her mother. I watch as she is led up the stairs and Mateo comes over to me looking up and away when he realises her a$s was peeking out from under my shirt.

“Where are they?” I ask him.

“In the cells, might teach them a lesson. Also Amy was involved. I sent someone to get her” Mateo says and I nod.

“Is she okay?” He asks looking up the now empty stairs. I say nothing, I felt terrible that she was subjected to that in my house.

“Why didn’t she shift?” Mateo asks, also curious.

“I don’t know, she must have panicked” I told him. It was the only logical reason as to why she didn’t just shift.

“Have you deleted it?”

“No, I want her to so she knows it is gone” I tell him and he nods.

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