Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 156

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 156: Andrei POV

We were going to arrive home later than expected after an accident on the highway left us stranded on the side of the road for hours while they cleared the road. We had been stuck here for ages already and my annoyance was growing. Hearing my phone ringing in the console.

I reach over and retrieve it from the glove compartment before the noise could wake Sage who had fallen asleep with her head pressing against the window. I quickly answer the phone not bothering to check the caller ID and am surprised when my father’s voice echoes to me from the crappy cell service out here.

“Hey Son” he says.

“Yeah what’s up Derrick?” I ask him as traffic starts creeping past the crash site. I prop the phone on my ear as I steer around the barricades the police had set up. Looks like a tree had fallen across the highway and crushed a car beneath it.

“Kat had a breakdown, I was wondering if I could come over in a few days’ time instead of tomorrow. Just worried about leaving her” He tells me.

“What sort of meltdown, is she ok? I am still not far from her border. I can spin around if needed” I tell him, worry coursing through me for my sister.

I knew she was struggling with everything and not shifting wouldn’t have been helping but I didn’t think it was extreme enough for her to break down.

“No, she is fine. Maddox and Ares got to her. She found out we had been monitoring her”

“Monitoring her? What for?” I ask. No one had told me they were keeping a closer eye on her.

“We didn’t want to worry you since you have Sage to look after, but she has been exhibiting strange behaviors, I think she will be fine now though.

She finally shifted but I want to stick around to make sure before heading over to your Pack, do you think you can manage for a few more days?” He asks.

“Yes of course I can, ring me tomorrow and let me know how she is please, Kat hardly tells me anything these days” I tell him.

“Of course son, I will see in a few days. Love you son”

“Ok talk soon” I tell him, hanging up. I toss the phone back in the glove compartment and Sage shifts in her sleep before shivering. I turn the heat up before reaching over the back seat to retrieve my jacket. I toss it over her arms to warm her before turning onto the twisting road that leads towards the mountain and our Pack.

What should have been a quick drive home turned into hours of being stuck on the side of the road and my @sswas K*lling from sitting on this leather seat for so long. Cracking the window slightly I dig through my pocket trying to find my smokes. Grabbing them out, I light one.

The moon was now high in the sky, not even the mountain could hide it from view. Fluorescent eyes in the trees was the first giveaway as we drew closer to the pack, the border patrollers following the car through the windy path running alongside us within the trees.

Going over the cattle grid I let out a breath seeing the pack houses come into view. We hid deep within the trees here at the base of the mountain. Our small town was branching around the mountain base, though it was a lot larger before the attack and we were slowly building it back up, but for the most part we were more focused on the security side.

We could manage without the other stuff. All of us were used to living off the land having been rogues before an official pack and we all knew how to survive the wild, and sometimes it felt more homely living that way.

Pulling up out the front of the packhouse. I see a few lights on in the surrounding houses. A few people walked around and chatted amongst themselves.

This place had grown lonely lately, we never realized what a big part the woman in the pack played, they were the ones that looked after all activities that brought us together as a pack, the luncheons and the pack parties, little things we didn’t pay attention too and now we all just sat around mostly bored or working ourselves to exhaustion so we didn’t have to think of those we lost and the lifestyle we had grown accustomed to before it was taken away.

Opening the car door I climbed out to see Zane hop up off the gra*s*s, Casen beside him as they walked over to me. “Alpha” Zane said and Casen nodded to me. Casen looks through my window toward Sage sleeping and smirks before spotting me watching him and straightens up. Zane elbows him in the ribs making him grunt from the impact.

“What? The only thing to look at around here is your ugly mugs, I was only looking”

“Eyes off Casen you bloody horn dog” Zane says rolling his eyes. Casen shrugs not a care in the world and I could tell he has been drinking but I wasn’t going to ruin his night even if he is underage, there wasn’t much to do out here and the other members would keep an eye on him and pull him up if he became too rowdy .

“Need something for my spank bank, picturing your face isn’t working anymore” Casen says, nudging Zane back.

“Keep Sage from your filthy thoughts please” I growled at him.

“No promises Alpha” Casen taunts and I shake my head at him. Little sh*t was asking for a beat down.

“So why are you both over here, what is wrong?”

“We caught another rogue, got some information out of him” Zane tells me and I look toward the packhouse praying the rogue isn’t in the basement right now.

“Tied to a chair at my place, didn’t know whether or not to bring him to your t*ortur*e chamber” Zane tells me answering my thoughts. I scrub a hand down my face trying to decide what the best thing to do is.

“What information did you get?”

“Not much really, just they sent him out to scout for food. Found out there was 14o in their camp mostly women and children, another camp not far from theirs is full of a band of rogues up to no

good. He claims his camp had nothing to do with the slaughter of our pack but I can’t be sure”

“Just let me get Sage to bed, and bring him to the basement. Keep this one quiet this time, you wake her and I will skin your @ssnext time ” I tell him.

“Yes Alpha, I will mindlink you when it is done” Zane says, walking off toward his place across from the packhouse.

“f*uc*k! ” I whisper under my breath before walking around to the other side of my car.

“You will ruin everything, are you trying to make her hate us?” Donnie snaps at me.

“No, but I need to protect our pack”

“Find another way, this is not the way Andrei” Donnie growls retreating to the back of my mind.

Stupid wolf, he was all for it before she came along and now he pretends he doesn’t like hearing them begging for mercy.

I carefully open the door and grip her shoulder before she tumbles out. The movement wakes her and she yawns looking around while I unclip her seat belt.

“Finally we are home” She yawns and I like that she called it home. She climbs out of the car and walks over leaning against the concrete wall waiting for me to open the door. I place my hand on the panel hearing the locks gr0@n before opening it.

Sage wastes no time heading straight for the room while I switch the alarms off so they don’t go off when Zane comes in later before following

after her. When I walked into the room she hadn’t even bothered changing, just flopped face down on the mattress.

“She is more tired than usual, ” Donnie mutters to me.

“Pack training and leaving the house obviously a bit much on her considering she doesn’t usually go anywhere” I tell him before walking over and tugging her shoes off her feet, she tries kicking me away and crawls up the bed before jamming her face in my pillow. I leave her to go shower but

when I come out I find her only wearing her shirt and p*an*tie*s, having kicked off the rest of her clothes. And now she is sprawled out like a starfish on her stomach, one of her legs hanging over the side of the bed.

“ She is a bed hog,” Donnie announces as I walk into the closet to retrieve some shorts. I slip them on deciding to get some sleep before Zane wakes me at some ungodly hour when he brings the rogue in.

“Where are we supposed to lay at her feet like a pet?” Donnie asks, I chuckle at his words, how could someone so small take up so much space? I slide in my side trying to steal my pillow that she stole before reaching over and grabbing hers.

Gently pushing her over to her side before giving up and deciding to s*ck it up.

“We aren’t built for smaller spaces” Donnie mutters to me. I roll my eyes at him before trying to roll her over, I eventually get her to roll on her side.

“Think she will freak out if I spoon her?” I ask Donnie but she was pretty much dead to the world, but she was also only wearing p*an*tie*s and a shirt, usually she slept with more clothes on.

“Only one way to find out” Donnie tells me, I roll into her but she rolls at the same time to face me before chucking her leg over my waist and burying her face against my chest.

I tuck her closer, liking this position better before closing my eyes. I slept well until I heard the door downstairs close before hearing Zane’s voice through the mindlink.

“Tied and g*agged, ready for you Alpha” and I realized he was leaving, not coming in. I tossed the blanket back to get up but Sage had moved and was half laying on top of me. I try to slide out from under her when she grabs the waistband of my pants.

“Don’t go” She mutters and I panic, freezing in place thinking maybe she heard Zane bring the rogue in. I lay back down deciding to ask Casen to train with her in the morning and I will deal with the rogue then. If I get up now there is a chance she may wake up and come looking for me.

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