Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 146

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 146

“Soft spots” Zane says as I struggle to breathe.

“Donnie, you’re hurting me” I shriek as I gasp for breath feeling like I am being crushed to death.

“Fight or flight he isn’t hurting you Sage calm down, he is showing you. Panic will get your adrenaline pumping, calm down and think” Zane says. They were insane, this wasn’t helping me but suffocating me.

“You can’t shift Sage but that doesn’t mean you are defenseless, you’re still a wolf” He says as I try to shift his weight.

“Claws” Sierra says coming forward, feeling my panic and I feel my claws slip from my fingertips before sinking them into his side.

Donnie shifts slightly but doesn’t get off instead presses his head down sniffing the top of my head.

I claw at him not seeing the point in this because I am omega even shifted I wouldn’t stand a chance against him.

“He is still a man” Zane hints and Donnie growls at him.

“What?” I hear Zane say and I lift my knee but without getting much movement he shifts slightly so I can’t knee him in the balls. I gasp again trying to get air as I thrash underneath Andrei’s wolf.

“Andrei make him get off” I cry out as I struggle to breathe. Yet Donnie remains squashing me and I push my arms between his front legs, getting a little relief as his weight moves slightly off my chest before wrapping my arms around his neck. I pull myself up and turn my face to get some air now that my face isn’t pressed into his chest. Donnie looks down, licking my cheek.

And I growl at him before lifting my head slightly, my canines slipping from my gums and I sink them into his chest and his shoulder and he whimpers, shifting slightly as I use my hands pushing his head away. Donnie presses his teeth to my neck but doesn’t bite just to show me where to bite before he licks it.

I drop my chin before lifting my head and biting his neck at the same time I jam my claws into his ribs. I feel my claws press between his ribs yet he doesn’t move until I rake them down his sides, feeling his flesh tear as warm liquid spreads across my fingers and my claws slip into his abdomen.

I bite him again this time on his shoulder where it meets his neck where it is softer and he jolts trying to rip away but I shake my head and he suddenly jumps off shifting back and I hear laughter. My chest heaving and I glared at Andrei who was crouched next to me laughing at me.

“I couldn’t breath *sshole” I tell him sitting up.

“You were fine, you were just panicked, Donnie would have got off if he thought you were in danger of suffocating” Andrei says as I pick fur off my tongue and from between my teeth.

I got up. I am pissed off and start walking back toward the pack house when I am tackled from behind. I lurch forward as arms wrap around my shoulders when Andrei suddenly turns and I land on top of him instead of on the hard ground.

“Andrei stop it you are pissing me off” I tell him as I squirm trying to get off him but he holds me in place a devious smile on his lips which just pisses me off more as I try to get out of his grip. I scratch my claws down his sides and he hisses before laughing and pressing his face in my neck.

“Andrei f*uc*king stop” I scream at him enraged that he was doing this. Tears burn my eyes and I am shoved back into my head, memories of being pinned down and restrained by monsters flooding m e and I start thrashing and screaming and clawing and biting him, anything to get out of his

clutches. Memories of their bod*ies pressed on top of mine, their putrid breath as they breathed on me, the feel of their hands clawing at me when his grip suddenly loosened and he gr0@ned before he rolled over.

“Shh, shh. I didn’t mean it, I was just playing” Andrei says, cupping my face as tears rolled down m y face as I tried shaking the memories away.

Regret flooded me and fear and sadness, the emotions confusing me as Andrei whispered to me. My heart was pounding in my chest as I suddenly became overwhelmed.

“Shh just breathe Sage, I got you no one will hurt you” Andrei whispers and he presses his face into m y neck. His scent overwhelming me but also soothing as I inhale his deeply letting the smell of him calm me.

“Just breathe ” He whispers and I blink back my tears looking up at the clear sky. Warm liquid runs across my cheek and a drop hits my eyelid as I blink before realising I had hurt him. I start shaking, wondering if he was going to be mad.

“That’s it, calm down, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to freak you out, I won’t ever hurt you Sage” He whispered before sitting up on his elbows. Regret smashes into me again and my brows furrow the emotions foreign to me. Andrei brushes my hair from my face and my eyes snap to his.

Andrei was watching me and I could see how bad he felt. Warm liquid drops on me before I realise he is bleeding. I swipe at my face and Andrei suddenly clutches his neck and my eyes go to his neck and he pulls his hand back looking at it before his eyes dart to me. A gasp escaping him, yet my eyes are stuck on his neck horrified at what I had done.

“Sage?” He says his voice panicked.

“Is that why you did it?” I ask, my heart thumping rapidly in my chest.

“No that wasn’t my intention, I was just mucking around” He says quickly as I try shoving him off.

“Sage, please listen. I never intended for you to mark me ” He says while I try shoving him off me again shoving my elbows against his chest, he rolls letting me up. I look around to find the paddock clear and everyone gone and I realise he ordered them away.

“Sage I swear, I didn’t. I wouldn’t f0rce you to mark me” I ignored him walking off across the field heading toward the packhouse. Tears burned my eyes as I realised that freaking out I had marked him, sealed myself to him.

“’Sage, please I didn’t mean for that to happen”

Andrei says chasing after me. I could feel his emotions pouring into me, feel his panic, feel he was telling the truth but it didn’t change that I marked him. Didn’t change that if he hadn’t tackled me I wouldn’t have freaked out and accidently marked him.

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