Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 144

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 144

I stand up looking out the living room door toward the kitchen and see him disappear into the kitchen before I rush up the steps to the bedroom before finding some clothes and slipping them on. Sierra I could feel was blocking me out or sleeping.

I wasn’t sure because she was so on edge it was hard to know if she was awake or sleeping. I felt her nervousness despite her blocking me out of her thoughts.

“Sierra?” I ask her as I slip on the grey tights before walking into the bathroom. I grab the toothbrush Andrei gave me and quickly brush my teeth. I hear the front door open as I am rinsing my mouth of the toothpaste. I look around for a hair tie seeing as shifting I lost mine somewhere.

Giving up, I walked downstairs and into the kitchen and Andrei was leaning on the bench with a cup of coffee in his hand yet Zane was no longer in sight and it must have been him that left the house while I was in the bathroom. Andrei slides a coffee cup over to me and a plate with toast on it.

He then moves and I watch as he moves closer before slipping a hair tie off his wrist and standing behind me. He runs his fingers through my hair before pulling it up into a ponytail securing it with the hair tie. He then steps away.

“We leave in ten minutes” He says before walking out of the kitchen. I grab my coffee and plate and sit at the table and quickly eat. He didn’t seem angry, just seemed like he was trying to give me space, yet Sierra was petrified of him for some reason. It came on so suddenly that it confused me, making me wonder what my wolf was hiding from me.

The fact that she retreated to the back of my mind had me anxious like she couldn’t bear to be forward while he was present. I try to pull on her and move the veil separating us but she slams it back in place.

“Sage! ” Andrei calls just as I finish eating. I hopped up quickly dumping my plate and cup in the sink on the way past before finding Andrei waiting at the front door which was open. He then turns his back on me and walks out the door waiting just off the side of it.

As soon as I walk outside I feel Sierra stir peering out my eyes. Stepping past Andrei he suddenly grabs my elbow jerking me back to his side. He then closes the door with his other hand. Once the door is closed, his hand slides down my arm as he grabs my hand in his.

“ I didn’t mean to scare your wolf” He says as he starts walking toward the road. I looked up at him but his eyes were straight ahead. I didn’t understand what he meant by that, I saw him and yes the sight of him was petrifying yet I still didn’t understand her cold fear of him.

“What do you mean?” I ask him and he looks down at me.

“She didn’t tell you?” He asks his brows furrowing and so do mine trying to figure out what he was talking about. He shakes his head looking ahead again.

“I’m sure she will,” he says, swallowing before pulling me between some houses and toward a small hill. Walking through the small village-like town I noticed that every house has roller shutters, every house has alarms and solar power, and every house was built solid like his. All impenetrable, making me wonder how bad the attack was on the pack because there weren’t

many houses yet I could see the burnt down remains where houses used to be because the ground was black in places and new gr@ssslowly growing back through the scorched earth.

Once we got to the top of the hill I found a paddock, on the other side of the paddock was the forest. Around 5o or 6o men were in the paddock training and sparring with each other. Some were running laps of the huge circular field that had been mowed into the paddock. I swallow seeing so many half n@ked men fighting and training. Yet it wasn’t what I expected.

Most training grounds I had seen from afar as we passed pack territories, they used mats and safety gear and equipment.

Here they trained with bare knuckles and the ground was what they hit when taken down. No equipment, just their hands and brute f0rce, no punching bags they used each other instead.

Some men were bleeding and the brutality of it as they unleashed on their own pack members like they were fighting to the death. I gulp looking up at Andrei.

He didn’t expect me to fight them did he? There was no way I would stand a chance against any of them. Some were even fighting in their wolf form tearing each other to shreds.

I stop taking a step back. Andrei stops looking at me before looking at his men belting the living daylights out of each other. “They won’t hurt you” he says and I knew he wouldn’t let them hurt me but it doesn’t mean they won’t unintentionally. I shake my head.

“I don’t want to train with them” I tell him and pressed his lips in a line looking at them.

“You’re safe here” He says but he wasn’t understanding.

“No I don’t want to train like that, I didn’t think you actually beat each other bloody” I tell him horrified as I watch Zane on top of another man bringing his fists down on him while the man beneath him tried to block him while punching into his ribs and trying to get him off.

“You’re only just starting, nobody will be training with you except me and I am not going to hurt you Sage, just training” He says, tugging me off to the side away from them and toward the forest.

I felt eyes on us as we moved away from everyone making me very aware of the fact I am the only woman here. When he stops in the shade of the forest I freeze as Sierra steps forward taking control for a second making me tense as I look at the forest.

Andrei sits on the gra*s*s. I took an unwilling step toward the forest as I fought against Sierra for control. “Sage?” Andrei says and I take a breath in realising I was holding it.

“ It’s not me ” I tell him through gritted teeth. I wondered what was up with her. We had finally decided to stay and she wanted to, yet now she wanted to flee our mate.

“Run Sierra and I will chase, I don’t mind the cardio” Andrei says. I feel her recede blocking me out again and I stumble forward as she releases control.

“What did you do to her?” I ask him. “Not me but Donnie, and he didn’t realise until it was too late and we saw you on the stairs” he says patting the gr@ssbeside him.

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