Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 142

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 142: Andrei POV

This is the most relaxed I had seen her since I found her, though I knew her guard could go up at any time. Deciding not to push my luck, I let her have the bed while I went downstairs and slept on the lounge.

Though sleep never came, the paranoia that we would be attacked left me on edge, I won’t lose her. I won’t lose anymore of my pack, we have lost enough. I had just closed my eyes when Zane mind linked me. That feeling of unease settling over me that comes when I know someone or something is treading too close to my borders.

“Have you checked the wild game cameras” Zane asks, his paranoia was nearly as bad as mine since his entire family was K*lled off including his 4 year old brother.

“No, I will though” I tell him rolling off the lounge. I walk upstairs, popping my head in my bedroom to make sure Sage was still asleep. She was but I noticed she had shifted back to her wolf form, just when I thought she trusted me.

“ She does trust us, she is used to sleeping in that form” Donnie tells me. I nod shutting the door before checking the surveillance room. Pushing the door open I noticed right away Zane was near the mountain border but that wasn’t the only thing that caught my attention it was the camera near the river not far from him. Glowing eyes looking across

the river toward our pack. Multiple glowing eyes.

“7 east of you” I mindlink.

“I knew it, f*uc*king knew I heard something” He replies, already moving in that direction.

“They stepped over?” He asks.

“No, I would have felt that, they are trailing the edge though explain why I felt off earlier”

“I have back up on the way” he says and I nod before realizing he can’t see me.

“Want me to head out or can you four handle it?”

“Go back to bed Alpha, I will bring one to the cells for you,” Zane says and I sigh. Knowing that I won’t be able to sleep now.

“Hostiles only, no children, you need help ask for it Zane you know I don’t like show offs especially when it comes to my men’s lives” I tell him.

“I know we have it handled, we know the drill. Drop the sensors though, I don’t want to trip your alarms and freak Sage out on you”

“Yep, will do” I tell him, cutting the link. I watch the cameras for a bit before disarming the alarm around the front entrance. I watch a few moments as my men take them out.

This was starting to get out of hand as they just kept coming, hopefully this time I will get information from one of them.

Walking out of the room, I shut the door before crossing the hall to my room. Pushing the door open Sierra Sage’s wolf looks up before moving to the edge of the bed. Donnie pushes forward wanting to be near her and I roll my eyes when he starts whining and Sierra does too.

“Soon Sierra” I tell her when she jumps up pushing her paws on my chest. Donnie wanted to mark her but without her say so I wasn’t touching her. Sierra grips my shorts in her mouth trying to pull me on the bed.

“Does Sage know I am here or have you blocked her?” I ask her knowing my wolf will tell me.

“Sage is asleep, but she won’t mind” Donnie tells me and I wonder if I should leave again.

“Don’t shift back” I warn her knowing if she does Sage may freak out even though she had no problem showering with me, being in bed is a little different and might push a boundary she isn’t comfortable with yet.

Sighing I climb on my bed and slip under the covers, Sierra curling up beside me and I chuck my arm over her. Her wolf was purring at my closeness and I couldn’t help but smile. At least her wolf liked me, I thought to myself. I don’t know how long I slept for but I was eventually awoken by muffled voices before hearing the sound of flesh on flesh.

Sierra lifts her head and I fight back the growl that wanted to escape. Zane was supposed to be quiet. Getting off the bed, I walk to the door hoping Sierra doesn’t shift back and wake Sage to open the door to investigate the noise.

Walking down the stairs I see Zane and one of my warriors trying to drag a rogue down the basement steps. I hear a growl and know the rogue is trying to shift when Zane is suddenly knocked on his back, his head hitting the floor with a thud. I race down the steps to see the rogue shifted into a mud brown wolf, my warrior pinned beneath him.

I growl stalking toward him quickly and the wolf’s head snaps up just as my foot connects with his head knocking him down the stairs.

“Thanks” Zane ch*okes out rubbing his head. I step over my warrior and he ducks up the steps, he knew I would be pissed about the noise. Zane also goes to run.

“Don’t even think about it” I tell him as I reach the rogue who was f0rced to shift back, his jaw floppy and I grab him by his throat.

Zane gr0@ns but stomps down the steps after me while Chase, my warrior, darts out and I hear the door close and the beep of the alarm turning on.

“Get the door” I tell Zane and he runs up closing it as I slam the rogue on the steel bench. He thrashes kicking and clawing at me as I start tying him down.

“Please Alpha, you know I can’t stomach this sh*t” Zane says and I glare at him.

“ I asked if you needed a hand, you said you didn’t clearly you were wrong so now you get the punishment, I will deal with Chase tomorrow”


“No, now get to work. If you didn’t want to do it then you should have restrained him, you know better then to walk them in, no one goes willingly into their death Zane, so man up and choose a knife, and you better pray you didn’t wake Sage ” I tell him.

If they were having trouble getting him in they should have said so, I would have come out and done it but instead they are always trying to take on more than they can handle, what better way to teach then make them either watch or join in. This

could have been avoided if he admitted needing help but my men could be stubborn wanting to prove themselves and that sh*t gets people k!lled so they need to learn when to ask for help or suffer the consequences, I don’t have time to baby them.

Zane grabs a knife, his hands trembling. I know my men hate it but they will get used to it or learn to admit when they need help.

I grab the blowtorch walking over to the table. The rogue starts screaming as I turn it on and I drop a cloth over his eyes so he can’t see us. His senses would be in overdrive with his eyesight cut off “Now, either you speak or we start cutting limbs off” I tell him and Zane starts to turn green.

Sage POV

Sierra woke me as she shifted back, I could feel her terror and at first I was confused as I looked around and found myself on the floor. “Why did you block me?” I ask her knowing she must have or I would have felt her get off the bed. She doesn’t get a chance to answer when I hear a loud scream making my blood run cold.

“Sierra, was that inside?” I whisper my eyes on the closed bedroom door, she growls and the screaming gets louder before I hear it suddenly cut off. I look out the window and see it is still dark outside.

“Andrei has someone in the basement” She tells me and I ch*oke on my gasp, another rogue, he has another rogue down there making me wonder who it is this time. Was this one innocent or was this one like the other ones, my t*ortur*ers?

I stand up looking for some clothes and I find one of Andrei’s shirts and slip it on before walking to the door. My hands trembled as I clutched the door knob making it rattle.

I pull it open and creep over to the stairs and look over the railing at the basement door, I jolt back when the basement door opens. The smell of blood and rogue filling the air and I hear Andrei arguing with someone when his Beta steps out covered in blood and I feel my stomach drop somewhere cold within me.

“Go on get home, I will deal with it” I hear Andrei say and Zane closes the door and rushes toward the front door stopping as he wipes his hand on his shorts cleaning it before placing it on the panel to unlock the door. As he turns he spots me frozen on the stairs.

His chest and face are covered in blood and I take a step back and nearly trip up the step. He holds a finger to his lips and looks at the basement door as the main door swings open. Zane looks at me worriedly.

“Never upset him Sage, he tells you to jump you do it” Zane says and I look at the basement door.

“And if I don’t?” I squeak. I hear a noise, my eyes darting to the basement door and so does Zane’s before he rushes out the door just as Andrei steps back into the foyer, he shuts the door muttering to himself and I can’t move, completely frozen at the state of him.

His eyes wild as he turns to walk up the steps before stopping as his eyes land on me. He was drenched in blood like he bathed in it. I stumble back away from him as he takes a step.

“Sage?” he says looking down at himself before his eyes dart to me.

“It’s not what you think” He says but I don’t know what to think other than he is a monster, what did he do to the person that was down there to be covered in blood like that, why couldn’t I hear them anymore. Andrei slowly starts walking up the steps and Sierra screams in my head.

“Run Sage” She screams and I take off running up the steps toward the bedroom before slamming the door shut and locking it. Sierra instantly lurching forward and forcing the shift as she darts under the bed.

“Sage open the door” Andrei says and Sierra whimpers, her fur all hackled up. Donnie tries to talk to her but she blocks him out. “No more lies, I don’t want to hear their lies” She whines at me. “Sage!… f*uc*k! ” Andrei says before the door bangs loudly like he punched it.

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