Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Most of the next day I spent in my room. This place was pretty quiet for a pack house. Alpha Ezra popped his head in a few times to check on me but other than that left me alone. Mateo however knocks on my door at lunch time. I open the door and he steps in with a pizza box in his hand.

“What is it with you and pizza?’ I tell him, shaking my head.

“It means I don’t have to cook” he says as he flops down on my bed before reaching for the remote, flicking on the TV that was on the wall. He pats the bed beside him and I roll my eyes before walking over and sitting next to him.

“Eat!” He says before flicking through the movies on Netflix. He finds some girly movie to put on. I raise an eyebrow at him and his choice.

“You want to watch the princess diaries?” I ask him, just as the bedroom door opens again. Alpha Ezra walks in with some cans of coke and places them on the bedside table.

“Mateo is a chicken and only watches PG movies” Alpha Ezra says sitting on my other side and making himself comfortable.

“You don’t like horrors?” I ask, chuckling at him.

“Watched paranormal activity once, gave me nightmares for weeks. I was convinced the packhouse had ghost”

“He wouldn’t sleep without every Bl**dy light on in the place” Alpha Ezra says, shaking his head.

“How can you be scared of a movie when you’re a werewolf?” I deadpan.

“I’m not scared” He says with a huff.

Alpha Ezra raises an eyebrow at him clearly saying otherwise.

“And to think you’re meant to be Beta and protector of the pack as long as we don’t go to war with ghosts’ ‘ I tell him.

“Yep if there is a ghost, sorry to say you’re on your own” He chuckles.

“We sat and watched the movie in silence, Beta Mateo was really engrossed in the movie. Alpha Ezra however falls asleep halfway through clearly bored and even I yawned a few times at the childish movie, as I tried to f0rce myself to remain awake.

Mateo moves over some and I wriggle over giving the Alpha more room as he sleeps. Only when I moved he rolled, placing his head in my lap and arm around my waist. My arms up in the air awkwardly not knowing where to put them. Mateo chuckles at the sight of him.

“Yeah the Alpha is a hugger, we shared a room while visiting another pack, jerks made us share a bed. Alpha likes being big spoon” Mateo laughs, making me chuckle. I relax, draping my arm over his shoulder.

“Are you excited to find your mate soon?” Mateo asks, eyeing the Alpha snuggled in my lap.

“Never gave it much thought” I tell him honestly.

“Isn’t that what all she-wolves wish for, to find their mate?” Mateo asks.I shake my head.

“Not me, have you found your mate yet?” I ask him and he shakes his head showing me his neck.

“Nope, but I am happy being a player” He says and I roll my eyes, typical Male response.

“How old are you?” I ask him.

“Same age as the Alpha 25” He answers, eating another slice of now cold pizza.

“And neither of you have found your mates?” He shrugs. The Alpha snuggles closer, his arms tightening around my waist. Mateo chuckles at him. The Alpha scent wafting to my nose makes me inhale deeply. When I feel his hand brush underneath my shirt on my back. Tingles rush over me making me shiver.

“He really is a hugger huh?” I tell Mateo who laughs.

“Yeah just watch for drool” He says, making me laugh.

“Why are you both in here anyway, don’t you have work to do?”

“Nope, for once we have nothing to do, so thought we would join you. Don’t you like us being around you” Mateo asks.

“No, it’s not that just weird you both wanting to hang out with a teenager”

“You’re not a teenager though, you turn 18 soon and besides I wasn’t going to go annoy Marge downstairs, she would put me to work”


“Yes she is a cleaner here, sometimes cooks for us too” I nod.

“Well I should go find something to do, make myself useful” He says hopping up.

“Wait take your Alpha with you” I tell him looking down at the man with his head in my lap sleeping.

“Na he looks pretty comfortable, you can keep him” Mateo says while laughing as he leaves the room. He shuts the door and I try to wriggle out of his grasp only for him to tighten it and snuggle closer. I brush my fingers through his hair trying to wake him but he doesn’t. Giving up, I rest my eyes only to fall asleep. His warmth and his scent calming as I drift off into oblivion.

Waking to the sounds of people rushing into the house. Opening my eyes I sat up and realised I was laying on top of the Alpha. The voices downstairs grew louder and I realised it was students from school filling the place.

“Sorry” I tell him looking down at him and how our positions changed.

“All good, you were keeping me warm” He says with a chuckle. I untangle myself from him feeling embarra*s*sed that I fell asleep on him, but to be fair he fell asleep on me first so it was kind of his fault. I hear the door handle rattle and am thankful that Mateo locked it.

Mateo’s voice reached my ears.

“Find another room Angie and away from the stairs near the Alpha’s room” I hear Beta Mateo tell her. He sounded angry.

“Great” I say to myself.

“What’s wrong?” The Alpha asks, looking at me.

“Nothing Angie, will give me hell if she sees you leave this room and realises I am in here”

“No she won’t, she isn’t too bad”

“To you maybe because it is obvious she has a thing for you” I tell him.

“Well I don’t belong to her and besides we aren’t doing anything we fell asleep” He says.

“Yeah well Angie seems to think, I am stealing your attention from her”

“You are but I will never be hers, I belong to someone else”

“You’re mate when you find her?” I state hopping up and straightening my now wrinkled clothes.

“Yes my mate, and only my mate” I nod.

“Well I need to head downstairs and check on everyone, we usually have a barbeque on Thursday nights, easier then cooking a feast, so I will see you when you come down” He says. I nod before hearing a knock on the door making me look at it nervously. Last thing I needed was for Angie to give me hell over him accidentally falling asleep in here with me.

“Relax Kat, it is only Mateo” Alpha Ezra says and I let out a breath I didn’t realise I was holding as he leaves the room.

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