Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 135

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 135: Kat POV

Seline frantically stared down into the water while I nervously watched from the side chewing my nail, trying to stop myself from freaking out that I was technically dead.

“I just need to push the idea in one of their heads” She says and I see her eyes on Ezra. She swirls the water with her finger whispering while she does.

“What are you doing?” I ask her, watching curiously.

“Trying to give Maddox an idea” She mutters.

“You can do that?” I ask her and she waves her hand from side to side.

“More a push in the right direction but it is up to him to take it, I can’t f0rce words in their heads but a nudge, an image I can” She shrugs. I watch as Mathias suddenly starts hand compressions and time seems to slow until an ambulance shows up.

“Did it work?”

“Yes, Maddox knows something is up with the babies, but Mathias is smarter then I give him credit for, his mind instantly went to getting them out” She says her hands placed on both sides of the round bowl as she looked down at the scene playing out in it.

I could see Mathias working on me, feel a strange pulling sensation, like tugging on my stomach, yet I felt no pain as I watched myself be cut open and the first baby a little boy come out, he is covered in my blood and a nurse quickly wraps him up taking him off to the side, her looked healthy and big for a baby.

A few minutes p@ssby and I watch Mateo grow weaker, Maddox watching worriedly. Blood soaking the ground under him. Mateo was bleeding profusely as he clutched his stomach, his face twisted in pain and he started to lose color.

“Will they be ok?” I ask her worried about the amount of blood loss. “Mateo is only a Beta, but he should be fine hopefully. Maddox is stronger, Ezra’s bloodline is strong, pure in Alpha genes, he should be alright as long as he doesn’t take on too much. I think he hasn’t shifted because Mathias will need help healing you” She pauses for a second.

“Wait here comes the other one ” Seline says when Mateo suddenly staggers, nurses gripping his arms, Maddox looks at him then turns his attention back to me on the table. Mathias pulls my daughter from me and Seline leans over closer, her face barely off the water as she squinted at the picture.

“What’s that?” I hear her mutter. Before I feel like the air is being pulled from my lungs and I gasp.


“Seline?” I panic feeling myself fading, the room vibrating around me.

“It’s okay your gemini wolf is kicking in with Maddox healing you, but kat the hands don’t let them touch” I hear her say when I suddenly feel like I am being s*cked through a vortex at blinding speed.

I feel the world warping and darkness then light flowing over my eyelids before I hear chatter around me and feel the warmth return along with the w*et feeling of blood covering me.

I Hear Mathias arguing with Maddox and I open my eyes taking a deep breath in. Air filling my lungs and my babies cries filling the air and my head rolls to the side as I try to focus on the room around me. My vision blurring before I see Maddox healing Mateo who collapsed on the floor. I try to reach out to him.

“Maddox?” I say rolling on my side and falling off the table. My body felt foreign as I tried to control it, numb and like a jelly-like substance. Maddox collapses and Mathias grabs me under my arms helping me get to him.

Mateo stirs gr0@ning and lifts Maddox’s head that was slumped on him. “Maddox” Mateo says worried, Maddox head is all floppy, his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth while he panted.

“Kat” He ch*okes when he sees me before reaching for me. He pulls me to him and Mathias lets me go and I instantly drop my head, grabbing Maddox’s head and press my lips between his eyes.

He whines before I feel my magic stir and feel this warm fuzzy feeling tickle me, making my body tingle and he suddenly lifts his head, licking my face frantically while a wave of vertigo washes over me before settling and I collapse back against Mateo who was patting Maddox. I look around and see Mathias next to the nurses looking over our babies.

“That is strange, why are they different colors?” He mutters to himself. I push up off Mateo’s bent knees to a standing position and I hear bones cracking and know Ezra just shifted back behind me. Walking over to Mathias I look over his shoulder a t my son and daughter. My daughter was small, heaps smaller than our son.

“I think she may have become distressed,” Mathias says. He moves aside letting me look at them. I noticed the gemini markings on their necks, though my sons was gold and my daughters were black.

“The markings” I whisper touching my own, though mine was the color of my marks like a red and blue markings yet theirs were different.

“My daughter starts crying and I clutch her hands before I gasp. Black tendrils shooting up my arm and I feel my eyes blaze fighting off her magic. This was bad, I grab my son’s tiny hand and her magic instantly changes and the veins start disappearing and I feel his healing touch rush over me reacting to their emotions as they both cried.

“Don’t touch her hands” I gasp looking at Mateo.

“What?” Ezra and Mateo speak at the same time. I watch one of my hands glow gold, the other writhing with black veins.

“They were both meant to be Gemini wolves but instead of having both powers I think it split between them” I realize the Moon goddess words coming back to me. “The hands” She was trying to tell me something about their hands.

“Fascinating” Mathias says, staring at my hands. How could this go so badly wrong? My son was blessed with the touch of life while my daughter was blessed with the touch of death.

All I could think of was what this would mean for her future, she would never be able to touch anyone, and if her touch was this deadly would her kiss be just as potent and what of that of my son?

“Kat?” Ezra says reaching to stroke the back of her tiny hand. I slap his hand away and he looks at me. “ She was K*lling me and our son was healing me, yet her power was stronger than his” I whisper.

“They haven’t even shifted though” Ezra says and I shake my head.

“Yes but I am the gemini wolf goddess/Queen”

“So what does that make them?” Mateo asks. I look down at both them, gold eyes peering back at me.“ A God of life and the Goddess of death” I let my words sink knowing I am right, Seline tempted fate by bringing me back and blessed one child but accidentally cursed the other.

“Don’t touch her hands, somebody get me some mittens” I whisper wondering what this means for her, does that mean she will never be a normal child, never be able to play, never be able to hold someone’s hand, touch someone’s face? Everything has a balance and by bringing me back, Seline had blessed and cursed my kids.

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