Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 124

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 124: Katya POV

I was dead, I knew I was dead by the weightlessness before I felt myself being pulled back, my sense of self-becoming heavier as I was being pulled back to the heavy weight of life. I remember hearing the Moon Goddess voice, her voice soothing as she guided me back.

“When you were born, I knew you would be great from the moment I heard you scream, such a way to be brought into this world and you fought with everything to make it out alive.

Only a true goddess would give it all up for her people just like I did to save mine a long time ago” She tells me. I could feel her presence, it was hard to explain, feel her energy holding me some place, warm and loving, even without breathing I felt a peace.

“And for that I give you a piece of me, for that I make you a Queen. I bless you my Gemini wolf and I gifted you with your life, one you never deserved to have taken by me, you shall be my first Alpha of Alpha’s and with it comes great responsibility, you d*ied like a Queen and now I make you one” She whispers to me.

I felt confused by her words before I heard her laugh yet I could feel she was gone yet I could still hear laughing in my head. As the heaviness became fullness, before a sense of wholeness.

“I have gifted you great power Kat, I know you will use it wisely” She tells me.

“What do you mean?” I try to ask but no words escape me yet she answers internal thoughts.

“I gave you a piece of my soul, I made you a Queen and Goddess in your own right, you are the first of many, many great rulers. Blessed by me for you are my Gemini Goddess, my Gemini Queen, so breathe, breathe Kat and take back your life” She whispers and I feel myself f0rced to breathe.

I s*ck in a lung full of air, feel my life being f0rced back into the real world and never in my life did polluted air taste so sweet. I open my eyes to see Mateo clutching me to him, feel his and Ezra’s emotions smash against me like a tidal wave making me touch my neck.

“Kat!” I hear them say while I was shocked I was alive, I was alive and they still loved me even after I rejected them. Relief rushed into me from them, Ezra’s lips pressed to my temple as he held both Mateo and I and I could smell the saltiness of their tears. Feel their love like a warm buzz growing within me.

“You are in so much trouble when we get home, don’t you ever leave me again” Ezra growls at me and I reach up touching his cheek that was pressed to mine, he leans into my touch and presses his lips to my fingertips.

Mateo and Ezra finally let me go, allowing me to sit up before I am shocked to see hundreds of faces standing around us. My heart stutters with relief when I see Andrei and my father amongst them perfectly safe and those that d*ied on the ovals, their faces peering back at me.

“Hey pumpkin, ” My dad says and I get up racing toward him. I throw my arms around his neck, hugging him close and inhaling his scent. Andrei also comes over to me wrapping his arms around both us and smothering me between them.

‘Oi settle, don’t k!ll her, let her breathe” Mateo says, tugging me out from between them Andrei chuckles but steps away.

“Darian?” I ask him.

“In pieces”

“ Could probably put him in a jigsaw box if you want to try to put him back together, I could find other ways to k!ll him that would be more creative” Andrei says, his eyes darkening slightly at the idea.

“Nope dead is good enough for me, come on let’s go home” I tell them. I step past them toward the oval that was still smoldering with little fires when everyone suddenly takes a knee. I gasp at the sight when they all bare their necks to me, even Alpha Nicholas.

“What are they doing?” I murmur embarra*s*sed only to turn and see my father and Andrei also on their knees.

“Get used to it, the Moon Goddess made quite an entrance” Mateo says, draping his arm across my shoulder and tucking me under his arm while Eazra grabs my hand.

“Wait, you met her?” I ask, I thought I could only hear her and didn’t think she would actually make herself seen.

“Yep she said you forgave her we can tell you on the way home” Ezra tells me.

“Dad get up, stop, you are embarra*s*sing me” I tell him before nudging Andrei with my foot wanting him to get up too.

“Yet they don’t and my face heats when I realise I will have to tell them all too.

“Rise ” I tell them, my voice I thought would come just as embarra*s*sed and squeaky as I felt yet surprisingly it rang clearly with confidence and strength I sure as hell didn’t feel.

“My Queen” they all say unison and if my face was red before It just grew a million shades darker at their words.

Ezra tugs me forward and I grab Andrei’s arm so he and dad know to come with us and the crowd parts letting us through as we walk out the school grounds.

“Alpha Nicholas” I wave to him and he too also follows. “My Queen” He murmurs before tugging a young woman with him. He smiles at my blushing face and I shake my head at him.

“What will happen to Jackson’s pack?”

“That is for you to decide,” Ezra says. I look at Andrei.

“Don’t look at me I don’t want them, it is hard enough not trying to k!ll them after what their warriors did” Andrei says.

“We can divide them” Alpha Nicholas says as we walk through the crowd.

I look at the woman following, wondering if it was Alpha Nicholas mate before realising her scent wasn’t matching his.

“This Keila, Alpha Harley’s missing Luna” Alpha nicholas explains I nod to her and Andrei growls and so does Mateo.

“We will deal with him when we get back,” Ezra tells him.

“Deal with who?”

“Harley, he betrayed us, told Darian where you were” Mateo tells me but I shake my head.

“You can’t say you wouldn’t have done the same, any of you would have done it for your mates, why would he be any different” I tell them.

One week later.

My stomach lurches for the 3rd time as I race to the bathroom but only make it to the sink. I throw up yet again, sweat dripping from me as I lose the contents of my stomach.

The last three days have been hell. Nausea ripples through me at anything and everything, just the smell of food makes my stomach turn, moving too fast makes my stomach turn.

Ezra grabs my hair to stop it being coated in my spew. “I hate this” I tell him before Mateo passes me a glassof water. I took it from him, wiping my mouth on the towel he was also holding. I watch as Mateo cleans the mess I made in the sink sipping my water.

“Arms up” Ezra says and I look down to see I am also covered in vomit. I liked that shirt too. I place my glasson the sink basin and let him peel it off, surprisingly neither of them were squeamish, it would be kind of weird if they were though considering they spend the majority of the time covered in blood from constantly training the new pack members and all ours.

“Okay Mateo is staying home today and this afternoon we can go see the pack doctor, might be able to get something for the morning sickness and maybe a scan to see how far along you are” Ezra says. I nod at him before Str!pping my pants off and hopping out of them and getting in the shower.

I twiddle my thumbs at the doctors office, it was odd. Everyone stared or bowed or bared their necks to me when they saw me and I hated leaving the packhouse because of it. I don’t think I will ever get used to it, It wasn’t bad but was certainly different and was taking a bit to get my head around.

“My Queen” Comes a soft voice. I look up to see a woman in a white doctor’s coat come out. I hop up following her and she shows me to an ultrasound room before telling me to lay down. I do as she asks while Ezra and Mateo sit in the chairs.

“Afternoon Luna Queen” Mathias says walking in.

“Alpha king, Beta” Mathias nods to them before sitting on the stool next to me.

“How is Jasmine?” I ask.

“Getting rounder, don’t tell her I said that though she is quite sensitive about her weight” He chuckles before tucking some paper towel into the waistband of my pants.

“This will feel cold” He says, squirting some jelly on my belly. He grabs a device thing before smearing the jelly all over before pressing some b*ttons on the keyboard making a picture pop up.

“I will give you something for the morning sickness” Mathias says, his eyes not leaving the screen.

Mathias turns some dials, the ultrasound device moving over my stomach before he nods to Ezra and Mateo. They both stand up walking over and Mateo sits on the edge while Ezra stands while Mathias turns the dial before we could hear the soft thumping of a heartbeat, he then presses another b*tton before there was another slightly quicker thumping and Ezra’s eyes widen as he leans down looking at the screen.

“Congrats my kings you are having twins” Mathias says before he brings up the two images side by side, they kind of looked like jelly beans with arms and legs. I stare at the screen.

Mateo leaned down kissing my lips softly and I could feel the tremble of his lips against mine.

“How far along is she?”

“In human gestation about g weeks, so that would make her just of two weeks werewolf pregnancy around 10-12 weeks to go and you will have two little bundles to enjoy” Mathias smiles at us.

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