Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 122

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 122: Mateo POV

Alpha Nicholas and I had coordinated the packs as we all closed in around Jacksons pack. Hardest part was we couldn’t all communicate because we each had our own pack links leaving Andrei’s pack in Nicholas’s hands as he made them all pledge to him. They weren’t happy but It was necessary or they would be our blind spot at the back entry of the pack.

Ares was livid, that wasn’t a strong enough word as we circled around the pack borders.

I wasn’t leaving without my mates but their added pain was making it hard to focus and the run here took hours, hours of torment wondering if they were going to make it. It wasn’t until we hit the border of Jackson’s pack that I felt them come back from unconsciousness for the second time. Though Ezra I could tell was badly injured and in pure agony. His anger burned me like a hot poker.

Picking up a pack warriors scent Nicholas growls behind me letting me know he got a whiff of something too before I see a flash of fur dart between the trees. We had every road blocked off. The tunnels blocked off, no one was getting in or out without us knowing.

Ares gives chase at their scout, Nicholas also chasing after him as we block him off before Ares lunges, teeth going for his throat when the kid suddenly shifts back. He would only be about 16.

Ares pulls back his canines tearing through his shoulder from realising he was only young before Nicholas pins him.

I shift back walking over to him and he w*ets himself having Nicholas grey and white wolf towering over him. His wolf jumps back in disgust before growling at him and I watch the boy shuffle back on hands and feet before hitting his back against a tree, his hands going out to shield his face as I approach him.

“Are you a scout, you didn’t put up much fight for a warrior” I ask crouching in front of him. Nicholas wolf’s fur brushes my side as he growls at him ready if the kid tries to attack but also keeps my side covered from any threat coming up the hill toward us.

The boy nods. “Good you can tell us where Jackson is keeping my mates” I snap at him and he shakes his head.

Ares growls my eyes bleeding black as Ares inches forward wanting to k!ll him for his refusal.

“Jackson is dead, Darian k!lled him three days ago” the kid stutters and Nicholas furry head snaps in his direction, his jaws snapping next to the boy’s face.

“I swear, Darian k!lled him, he has all the women in the bunkers, his father publically stood him down as Alpha after he was caught k!lling one of the omegas in the dungeon. Darian f0rced the woman in the bunkers for protection but it wasn’t till everyone was locked in that we realised Darian k!lled Jackson”

“That’s why you attacked Andrei’s pack” Nicholas asks, shifting beside me swiftly. He nods and I hear rustling making me pivot to see three more scouts come out n@ked in their human forms. Hands shaking and our wolves suddenly pounced on them thinking they were sneaking up but by the fear on their faces they were surrendering.

“Halt” Nicholas orders his men to stop before ripping them apart.

“How many, how many warriors are on guard?” Nicholas asks.

“All of them, every male pack member is out, Darian rigged bombs inside the bunkers, if we don’t listen he k!lls them. I think he and Tabitha had been planning this for awhile, but when Jackson announced it, it set him off. Tabitha took a turn and no one can stop him now”

“She took a turn?” I ask but it was one of the teens behind me that answered a redhead with freckles and pale complexion.

“She has been sick for months, but deteriorating. Darian had been pestering his father to find Kat, he wouldn’t step over the border. Darian k!lled the omega girl, the things he did and his father lost it, realised all the rumours were true with Tabitha being the one to cover for him”

“They did this on orders they did it for their families, call Andrei’s men off they go in, it will turn into a bloodbath. Order them back and we are to subdue not k!ll” I tell Nicholas.

“Andrei will k!ll for this Mateo, they didn’t just k!ll his mate they mutilated her” Nicholas says and the boys cringe at his words.

“Where is he keeping my mates?”

” Safe room under the packhouse ” the blonde boy says cowering by the tree in front of me stutters out.

“You can get in through the tunnels or go in from top. But it’s heavily guarded but if they realise you are here to help, they may stand down. My mother is stuck in those bunkers, but if you get them out we will help for as long as we can before he orders us” the redhead says.

“We don’t care if you k!ll us, just get our families out please, my sister is only four” the blonde boy says with a tear running down his cheek.

“How many are in the bunkers?” Nicholas asks, without Kat we have no idea how many the bunkers hold.

“Over 700 are trapped down there, all women and children along with the elderly, 250 warriors up here”

I stand nodding looking at Nicholas before turning to the boys. “Get us in and we will take care of the rest, we will send you with some of our men to free them, piss them off or betray them they will k!ll you ” I tell them and they nod looking nervously at the Alpha behind me. Nicholas nods to his men. “Take that lot with you” he says and the boys follow them. I grab the kid’s shoulder hauling him up.

“You will get us in the packhouse” I tell him before Maddox’s anger becomes out of control. I had no idea what was going on down there but we had to be quick.

Shoving the kid forward I nod for him to start leading the way, Derrick’s wolf falling in line with me.

“Any word? ” He mindlinks. I shake my head but decide to try again now I can feel they’re awake.

I f0rce the mindlink.

Katya POV

Ezra’s breathing increases with knowing what I am about to do, but one thing was ringing in my head, I had no idea why it came back to me,had no idea why it suddenly popped in my head but now it was replaying loudly on repeat, the Moon Goddesses words so regal and clear. “Would you make the ultimate sacrifice, your life.” That’s what she said to Marabella, that’s what she said to each of us, but that choice was always taken, we never made the choice for ourselves.

It was a sacrifice I would make, I would d*ie for them. d*ie for those I loved just like they would for me. Maddox presses forward, Ezra’s eyes flickering black while Darian was cackling his head off like a madman.

“20 minutes out, just hold on for 20 minutes” Mateo’s voice echoes through the link and I realise it was working again. Ezra’s eyes snap to mine hearing him also.

“Jackson is dead” I mindlink back.

“I know, he is holding the pack’s women and children against his warriors, they are in the bunkers loaded with explosives”

“Mateo you need to get out of here” I tell him panicking as I feel him getting closer. Mateo couldn’t be here, his life depended on it. Making my decision easier because I knew it would disable him.

“Dad?” I call through the bond.

“Pumpkin?” He says the relief in his voice almost made me ch*oke on a sob.

“Dad, you need to get to Mateo and get him out”

“What?” he asks and I realise I have to command him.

“Get him out, promise you will get him out, he can’t step foot in here” I command through the link shoving every piece of my command over him.

Ezra’s roar snapping me back into my surroundings just as three men walk in. It was clear what they were here for, they were under command I could tell by the way they moved. The way their faces held no emotion as they started to untie my legs and I used this as my chance to reach Mateo.

Tears slipped down my face as I called through the bond to him, my heart tearing to a million pieces as I tried to remember the words I had to speak and wishing I didn’t have to, but they will not d*ie for me..

“ I love you” I tell him, his response was instant.

“Love you too, ten minutes kat, hang on”

I hear fighting upstairs, Darian growls rushing up the steps of the basement we were in before shoving the heavy door open.

“I Luna katya Hartley reject you Beta Mateo Leo Calder of the black creek Pack” I ch*oke out before hearing Mateo’s anguish before feeling the teether snap. I feel Ares howl more then I hear it just as I hear Ezra snap the chains. My mark dissolves and burns like acid on my skin and I cry out at the pain.

Everything happens so quickly and Darian’s mens startled reaction is slow when Maddox starts tearing into them, ripping them to pieces . Andrei’s straps are severed as the table is flipped on its side.

Maddox’s claws tear through the side of the steel table as he attacks the man using it to keep distance between them when I hear a gun go off before seeing Darian walk back down the stairs, a scream leaves my lips as I see Maddox drop and I rush over to him, my hands still tied behind my back tightly. I try to loosen them but all it does is give me burns from the ropes being laced with wolfsbane.

“You said you would free him” I growl.

“I am but I am not risking him attacking me when I do” Darian says just as the two men grab him, Ezra f0rced to shift back.

“Settle down Katya, just concentrated wolfsbane he will be out long enough to turf him off my property” He says before walking over to a grate in the floor and lifting it. I find stairs leading further underground.

“Seems your pack was still willing to fight even with no Alpha, now I had to make some new plans”

I watch the men haul Ezra down, his feet dragging on the ground as they haul him after their Alpha.

I could hear a war upstairs raging as we walked underneath the town and they were completely unaware we were here underneath their feet. The men split off from us and I stop.

“Drop him to the end of the tunnels in the forest” Darian orders his men as they split off.

“I am not rejecting him until I know he is safe”

“I know but my sister is in the infirmary, we will go grab her, then you can reject your mate, save my sister and we are leaving” He says. “You will feel it if I hurt him, I give you my word just make sure you keep yours” He says.

“We got to the end of the tunnels after around 20 minutes of Darian dragging me through them and I had to run to keep up with him. When I touch my pocket I feel one of the vials is broken, my leg sticky from the substance yet the other feels intact. I needed both, but now I had to come up with something else.

“You get him out?” I ask my father, glad I still had the pack link. “Yes, I will hold him as long as I can, I know you did this for a reason kat and I trust you” He says and I let out a breath before he gr0@ns and I know Mateo is fighting him to get back in, the pain would have wore off by now and be just a hollow numbing pain like I am getting, a void, a cold one.

Darian stops and I realise there are more tunnels then I realised as he shoves me forward pressing the gun in my back before I feel the claws of his free hand sever my ropes and freeing my own.

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