Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Katya’s POV:

My mother seeing my panic rushes to me, I try to breathe around my panic. He wasn’t letting me go home, does that mean I was being banished because I have no wolf, does he know?

“What did you do to her?” My mother demands.

“Nothing, you have five minutes” He tells her before leaving the room and shutting the door.

“Calm down Kat, breathe ” My mother tells me clamping her hands on the side of my face trying to stop my panic attack, as she breathed with me.

“He is making me leave you, he knows” I gasp out.

“He doesn’t know, but you will be staying at the packhouse with him, till I can be trusted”

“He will find out, he will find out and make me leave mum” I tell her. I have never spent a night away from them, I have always had at least one parent at home.

“Please you can’t let him take me, I want to come home”

“Listen Kat, you will be fine. He won’t find out, and if he does it’s fine we will go rogue. I never should have gave you wolfsbane, this is my fault Kat not yours and anything that happens because of it we will deal with, that’s not all, though”

“What?” I ask her worried how this could get any worse.

“The Alpha”- She doesn’t get a chance to answer as the door opens and my father steps in. He glares at my mother before shaking his head and I watch as they mindlink. My mother gets up and steps away.

“Hey pumpkin” my dad says sitting next to me.

“You will be staying with Alpha, he will keep an eye on you” My father says.

“But I want to come home, I can’t stay with him, dad. He will find out. He will banish us” I tell him and my father shakes his head.

“He wont find out, you’re a smart girl. Even if Alpha Ezra did, he seems to be a good man, I don’t think he will care” My father says and My mother scoffs behind him not agreeing.

“Get out” He tells her, not even looking at her.

“Derrick?” My mother says and I could see the hurt shine in her eyes.

“I said get out,” He says. She goes to say something to him but stops, she walks over kissing my head.

“You will be fine,” She whispers before walking out of the room.

“Please don’t hate mum, you know she wouldn’t have meant it” I tell him.

“She was warned last time, your mother does stupid things out of fear but hurting you should never be one of them” He says brushing my hair behind my ear.

“Alpha Ezra gave me his word to look after you, you will still see us besides its your birthday in a week so he might let you come home, if you want to of course”

“Why wouldn’t I want to, I want to come home now dad” I tell him.

“I know but everything will be okay I promise. I have to take your mother home and talk to her but I will come see you tomorrow before the pack run on friday” I nod and he kisses my head before walking out.

Alpha Ezra comes back in with Mateo, my nerves playing havoc on the idea of being in the packhouse with him and him discovering I have no wolf. It is one thing hiding it when I have a place to hide, in the packhouse there would be nowhere to hide.

“I will send Mateo to retrieve some clothes from home for you” Mateo nods at his words before leaving me alone with the Alpha.

“When can I go home?” I ask him wondering how long he plans on keeping me at the packhouse.

“That hasn’t been decided,but after your birthday if you wish to go home I will allow it” He says.

“But why can’t I go home now?”

“Because your mother just broke the law, and nearly K*lled you for breaking it. She is lucky I don’t banish her and until I am certain she is no threat to you or any of the students at school. I don’t want her near you”

“My mother didn’t mean it” I told him.

“That may be true but until I know for certain you will be staying with me” Alpha Ezra says. I nod knowing he already decided and I couldn’t convince him otherwise. We waited in awkward silence, Doc wouldn’t let me leave till my drip was empty and he took more bloods so by the time I was ready to be discharged, it was pretty late in the night. Mateo didn’t return which I thought he would have, that the Alpha would have sent him back to bring me to the Packhouse. But the Alpha never left, he remained with me the entire time until I was discharged.

Grabbing my flats I slip them on, sliding my feet into them before standing upright. Alpha Ezra watched me from the doorway while Doc checked I wasn’t going to drop dead on the floor.

“She seems good to go” He tells the Alpha who nods before motioning for me to follow him. I do and we walk outside, the cool night breeze making me shiver as I am blasted with the frostiness of the air. Alpha Ezra shrugs off his jacket draping it over my shoulders before leading me to his car. He hops in starting the ignition before turning the heater up. His scent was strong in here, his jacket warm and I could smell his masculine scent now on my arms from his jacket. Driving back to the pack house in silence.

The twists and turns of the road toward it, made me woozy, the forest eerily quiet and I could see the eyes of wolves reflecting amongst the trees.

“Patrol’s” Ezra tells me and I nod.

“How many people stay at the packhouse?” I ask.

“Just Mateo and I usually. But it is kind of like a drop in centre, anyone can stay at any time if they are pack members or just don’t feel like going home. We get a few teens in every now then when they are having trouble at home” He says and I nod.

“Thursday nights the pack house is usually packed, most of the teens prefer to stay Thursday for pack runs on Friday, a reason to ditch school on Fridays because no buses come out here”

‘You don’t mind them ditching school?” I ask and he shrugs.

“Not really, Fridays aren’t that eventful at school because of the pack run, minimal training, and only two morning cla*s*ses, so kind of seems pointless to go anyway” I nod and he drives a little further before pulling up out the front of the pack house.

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