Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 119

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 119: Katya POV

I just walked in the front door before I felt hands wrap around my wa!st from behind. I was so consumed in my own thoughts I hadn’t even realised Ezra was behind me as I opened it making me jump as he pressed himself against me, pressing his face in my hair as he inhaled my scent.

“How was Angie’s family?” He asks, I shake my head.

“Not good, heartbroken ” I tell him just as Mateo walks down the steps, a look of relief on his face before he rushes over and his arms wrap around both of us. I was squished between them as I breathed deeply.

“Thank god your back” Mateo whispers, k!ssing my cheek before doing the same to Ezra. I look up between them.

“Where is my brother?” I ask Ezra, unable to smell his scent anywhere.

“At your old house with your father” Ezra says and I nod.

“You should go shower, how is everyone in the house?” I ask Mateo.

“Most are sleeping some are still out the back”

“I will go shower, what time do we meet the Alpha’s tomorrow?” Ezra says.

“gam,” I tell him and Mateo finally moves, allowing us to enter the house and close the door.

“Ok, you two go shower. I will be up soon” I tell them before heading to the kitchen. I make a coffee before going to Ezra’s office. Jasmine and I stopped off at my old house on the way to Angie’s parents. I managed to find an old map thanks to my father hoarding all the paperwork, he even had old payslips from his work from over 10 years ago. The map was slightly outdated but I could fill in the blanks of Jackson’s pack.

It was weird being in the house, I hadn’t been back there since before mum d*ied, and everything was still the way it was, everything left untouched as we searched the basement.

Jasmine was all too happy to help and I could tell she needed the distraction too as we combed through every box before we found the maps. Going to Ezra’s office I empty my handbag of everything, the new contact lenses I brought from the chemist, we had to ask him to drive all the way in town to open it for me just so I could get them, I knew I wouldn’t have time in the morning to fetch them.

Using a stapler and a cup I unroll the map using them to weigh the corners down, before I look at it. It was dad’s old patrol border map.

Though the original school had moved to the eastern corner. I crossed out the old school and put a cross where the new one was built with the bunkers, the community centre was next to the training ground which was also not the page and I read the street names before locating it’s position and also marking it on the map.

The packhouse had a safe room, which was on the map but that was specifically for Luna and Jackson’s children. I also knew it had tunnels under

the packhouse as an escape route which we needed to make sure were the first things blocked off. Four tunnels one went to the stadium, another to the school and two more to the forest behind the packhouse. Those needed to be blocked off or points of entry even if Jackson tries to bunker down, which no doubt he would like the c0ward he is.

I leave the map before retrieving the syringe and vials we got from the pharmacist. I was going to ask Jasmine but her stomach was too weak to handle it and I also didn’t want to risk her touching it since we don’t exactly know how potent my venom is.

Though she did manage to show me where the glands were and despite how angry I have been nothing has worked as far as milking me like a snake. So now I was trying another way.

I could hear Ezra and Mateo showering still, and hear the gr0an of the pipes. Feel their unease clearly along with my own. Walking into the bathroom down the hall I use the mirror. I have to turn side on slightly so I could see what I was doing before popping the cap on the syringe.

I look at the needle horrified knowing I was about to stick that through either side of my tonsils and into the roof of my mouth.

Why couldn’t being a gemini wolf come with a user manual? This seemed extreme but I didn’t know any other way to try. I open my mouth before using my fingers to feel around the back of my mouth before feeling the squishy bit that Jasmine showed me.

Using my finger as a guide I shove the needle in. I gasp and my eyes water at the sting of the needle before I carefully remove my index finger from my mouth while using my other hand to hold the needle that was protruding from my mouth steady.

I awkwardly swallow, which is quite hard to do with your mouth open before gripping the plunger and pulling on it. I could feel the swelling in the roof of my mouth going down as I withdrew the liquid inside before pulling the needle out.

Jasmine seems to think I can’t use the venom unless either in wolf form or maybe a reaction to the person I am biting, yet this like she seemed to think actually worked as I pulled the needle out to find it filled with a black substance.

I poke the roof of my mouth with my tongue to find it healed already before grabbing the vial and squirting it into it.

I then grab a fresh needle doing the same to the other side, that one actually making my eyes water and a tear to slip down my cheek, yet the result was the same: the syringe filled with the black substance that shimmered as I held it up to the light. I fill the next vial before looking at the roof of my mouth.

“What in the world are you doing?” Ezra says and I realise he must have felt the pinch of the needle, forgetting they feel my pain now for a second.

I walk back to the office and stick the syringe in the small sharps container the pharmacist gave me. I put the vials in a bubble wrap pouch just as Ezra walks in with mateo.

“What is this?” He asks, coming over to peer down at his desk.

“Jackson’s pack, the map is outdated but still usable. The school moved over here, and these tunnels lead to the packhouse” I tell him and he nods.

“We can use this, where did you get it?” He asks.

“Jasmine and I found it amongst dad’s stuff” I tell him and he nods before going over it.

“Also I brought contact lenses, at the moment only Andrei’s pack and ours know I am a Gemini wolf, I want to keep it that way, so tomorrow I will use these” I tell them, pointing to the murky brown lenses.

“They will find out eventually” he states.

“I know but I would rather one war at a time or none if possible, if they don’t know they have no reason to worry, people fear what they don’t understand, so let’s keep the hysteria to a minimum” I tell him just as Mateo picks up the vials. I quickly snatch them from him not wanting him touching them in case they break in his hands.

“That’s my venom, hands off, I don’t want to be resurrecting the dead just yet” I tell him.


I hold up the sharps box and Ezra pulls a face, that explains the sharp sting we both got and I nod.

“What do you want to do with it?” Ezra asks.

“Not sure, but Andrei wanted it though the water supply is off limits, if this can K*ll a werewolf it could probably K*ll humans too, so no tampering with water supplies we don’t need any collateral damage, but I will hang onto them for now until we find another way to use them, if not Mathias can use them to experiment on anyway” Ezra hums in agreement, it would be interesting to see what my saliva actually contains.

“I am no good with strategy, so I will let you work that out with the other Alpha’s but I thought the map would help and I wanted to see Andrei had another plan we can use the venom for” I tell them.

“Andrei will meet us tomorrow at the conference place, how many Alpha’s?”

“One I know of for certain, he was organising the other Alpha’s for me but said probably more will come” I tell him.

“Well I need to check patrol but get some sleep. I will be up soon, I will mindlink the border patrol before bed to check on them” Ezra says and I grab the vials before following Mateo out the door. I look back at Ezra who had his eyes downcast on the map at least it kind of helps.

Getting to bed it didn’t take long before I passed out with exhaustion. It felt like I only just started to go into deep sleep when the alarm rang loudly pulling me back awake. My eyes felt like sandpaper and were watering from the lack of sleep. Ezra gr0ans before forcing himself out of bed too. Mateo however was already up, his scent faint in the room.

“Come on babe we gotta get up” Ezra says and I yawn sitting and tossing the blanket back. I showered quickly before popping in the contact lenses that interfered with my vision.

“Eat both of you” Mateo calls from the bedroom and I walk out to find he had set a tray down on the bed with jam toast and coffee. Ezra gets out wrapping a towel around his waist before coming out.

“Thank you” I tell Mateo, grabbing some toast and tearing a piece off. I lean against him, letting him calm my nerves.

“You okay?” He whispers. I was ok, despite everything I felt fine if anything relieved that we were finally doing something about Jackson instead lying in wait all the time.

“I am fine, just want everything over with” I tell him. We all ate breakfast together and I could hear people waking up and smell bacon cooking on the barbeque outside. When It came time to go though I was reluctant to step out of the bubble of what felt like normality in our room and into the chaos again but knew it was inevitable and needed to be done.

“ Alex is coming over while you two are away to help organise different warriors into groups so when we go in, every side is covered” Mateo says.

“We won’t be long, ” Ezra says, k!ssing him. I reach up wrapping my arms around his neck. Mateo leans down k!ssing me and I deepen the k!ss before pulling away.

“Be safe and alert, you are going on neutral territory, I can send a few warriors to follow” Mateo says.

“No we should be fine” Ezra says though I had a strange feeling something was going to happen today. I had no idea what but the feeling was unsettling and had me racing back to my room. I pocket the vials before rushing back down. I don’t know what good they would be but I also didn’t want to leave them lying around.

“Where did you go?” Ezra asks and I hold up the vials and show him.

“Giving them to Andrei?” I nod.

We got in the car and started driving, but the feeling grew more intense. I couldn’t explain it, just a sense of dread.

“Go back” I tell Ezra and he looks at me.


“Go back, turn the car around, something is off” I tell him, feeling like we need to be back on our territory.

“Kat it is like another 1o minutes away” Ezra says not agreeing but I shake my head.

“No, something is off I can feel it, turn around Ezra” I tell him and no sooner had I said it, did I hear a car at the T section before we hit the curvy road to the highway.

Everything happened too quickly before I Knew it, all I could hear was the sound of twisting metal and glassbreaking as the car was shoved over the barrier and started rolling down the steep hill, the car somersaulting as it plunged into the ravine before stopping against a tree upside down next to the road that winds down the small mountain.

Blood dripped from my head and I gr0aned, my entire body aching as I looked around dazed. I reach for my seat belt that was the only thing holding me in my seat and unclip it. My hands being cut to pieces as I land on them falling from my seat and onto the roof.

“There, I found them” I hear a voice call. I looked at Ezra who was unconscious, his head bleeding and he had a huge chunk of steel stuck in his leg and stomach.

I could hear people running to our location and knew they were not our people. I undo his seat belt and he falls on top of me. My hands checked him and I pulled the piece of broken steel from his leg and stomach. He gurgles up blood before I feel someone grab my leg.

“Got her” Someone yells and I turn using my other leg to kick the person. They grunt.

“Ezra” I yelled, slapping his face but he was out cold, and badly injured. I feel the man grip my legs again trying to yank me free from the wreckage as I clutched onto Ezra trying to wake him.

Knowing they were going to take me, I gave one last kick trying to get the man off before grabbing Ezra’s face and pressing my l!ps to his.

“He is as good as dead” I hear a man say looking in at him from the drivers side, my eyes growing heavy as I feel my energy being s*cked out of me as I gave it to Ezra, my fingertips letting him go as I am s*cked under into oblivion then everything goes black.

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