Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 11

Chapter 11

I follow Shirley out of the room. I grip her arm dragging her away and out of earshot of Katya. I hear the door shut and know Mateo shut it to keep her from listening in.

Shirley however turns around and glares at me. ” My daughter is your mate isn’t she?” She demands.

“You don’t demand answers from me, why would you poison your own daughter?”

” I told you why, she needs to build up a tolerance”

“Where did you get it from” wolfsbane was banned in our pack, from most packs. Her heart rate skips a beat and I could smell her fear at answering.

“I grew it” she admits, stunning me further. Wolfsbane was allowed to grow in the wild naturally because we know better to touch but it was illegal to grow it.

“Where and how much have you got left?” I ask before sniffing the air. She looks away defiantly.

“I don’t get it, why would you want to grow it and use it on your own daughter. None of this makes sense, you know I could have you banished for this or have you K*lled. Is that why you left your last pack to avoid punishment?”

“No, we were banished, or going to be anyway because I hit the Alpha’s daughter” Shirley tells me, not giving anything away yet I knew there were other reasons. Something in my gut telling me something else was going on.

“Katya will be staying at the packhouse until further notice, tell your husband to drop her things off tomorrow” I tell her. She goes to object when I glare at her forcing her mouth shut.

“I wasn’t asking, until I know what is going on. She remains with me” I turn to go back to the room when she speaks.

“Can I at least speak with her privately? I need to apologise, know she doesn’t hate me. I honestly didn’t realise how much was in those pills” She says.

“Not until you hand your stash over, you won’t be going near her ” I tell her mother. Shirley presses her lips in a line before reaching into her back pocket and pulling out what I thought at first was a wallet. She grabs my hand shoving the container in it.

“I want to see my daughter” She growls at me before realising what she did. My eyes turning to that of my beast make her step back.

“If she permits it” I tell her, turning my back on her and walking into the room and shutting the door in her face. I noticed her remain at the door.

Katya looking behind me worriedly, Mateo sitting on the edge of the bed. He quickly moves and I sit beside her.

“Is my mother okay?’ She asks. She nearly d*ied because of the woman yet she was more worried about her then the fact the very same woman she was worried about nearly murdered her.

“She is fine, she wants to speak to you. I told her it was up to you, though I don’t know why you would ever want to see her again after what she did” I told her.

“She is my mother, she would never intentionally hurt me” Katya says looking back at the door.

“Do you want to see her?”

“Yes, I want to go home now” She says.

“We will talk about that after your mother leaves, I will give you five minutes with her”

“Wait, what do you mean after she leaves?”

“You’re not going home Kat, you’re staying with me” I tell her and I hear her heart rate start pumping in her chest, her breathing getting heavier.

“No, I want to go home, I need to go home” She says with tears in her eyes and Mateo looks over at me, her fear of going home with me was leaking from her pores, suffocatingly strong. Why was she scared, we hadn’t done anything to her, yet she wants to go home with the monster she calls mother.

“We will talk about it after your mother leaves” I tell her, motioning for Mateo to leave. He dashes out the door quickly and her mother steps in before moving to her side.

“What did you do to her?” She demands brushing Katya’s hair from her face, trying to calm her down. My mate looked like she was hyperventilating.

“Nothing, you have five minutes,” I tell her, walking out. My wolf urged me to stay and calm my mate but I would when her mother was gone. Doc comes out after me a few seconds later.

“Can you give her a sedative?” I ask him and he nods.

“I can but let’s see if her mother calms her, she is quite frightened of you Alpha, you sure you should take her home with you?” Doc asks me.

“Well I am not leaving her with her mother, she has no reason to fear me” I tell him and he also agrees.

We waited in the hall and I had to move away from her door. I didn’t want Shirley anywhere near my mate. Mateo nods as I step away from the door and takes my place to keep eyes on Shirley. I now understood why her mate hit her, to do that to your own daughter was disgusting and unforgivable. By the way he spoke to her this wasn’t the first time he had dealt with his wife poisoning their daughter all for the sake of her building tolerance to a poison that could K*ll her.

Smelling cigarette smoke waft to me, I look down the hall to see her father coming back inside. His hair all ruffled like he had been running his fingers through it constantly. He seemed calmer but by the hard set of his eyes I could tell he was still angry.

“Derrick” I acknowledge as he approaches. He looks at me, the anger leaving his eyes and I could tell he had been crying by the redness around his eyes.

“Is she alright?” He asks and I nod to him.

“Your wife is in there with her,” I tell him looking toward the door.

“I know my wife wouldn’t intentionally hurt our daughter, she is extreme sometimes but she loves Katya” He goes to enter when I grip his arm pulling him back. He looks down at my hand on his arm before meeting my gaze.

“There is something you need to know, I would rather tell you before Shirley does” He stops turning around giving me his full attention.

“What is it?” He asks looking over his shoulder at the green door where his mate and daughter are.

“Katya is coming home with me,”

“Alpha, my mate wouldn’t hurt her intentionally, it was an accident I will speak to her” He tries to say more but I cut him off.

“Your daughter will be safe with me, she is my mate and I don’t trust your wife now” He seems stunned for a second, his eyes darting between me and the door.

“She is your mate?” He whispers his brows bunching together in confusion. His wife figured it out but he seemed more shocked than her. Shirley was angry at the discovery of me being her mate, he however seemed confused.

“Does Katya know, did you tell her?” He asks.

“No and she is reluctant to come home with me”

“Because she doesn’t know you are her mate, I will speak to her. Are you going to tell her?” I shake my head.

“No she will find out on her own when she turns 18, a*s*suming your wife hasn’t told her” I tell him and he nods.

We look to the door and I hear Katya sobbing begging her mother to let her come home.

“This might be a good thing then, I will talk to her” He says.

“What do you mean?” I asked, him how any of this was a good thing. He looks over his shoulder at me.

“I mean you being her mate, it might help her”

“Help her? What aren’t you telling me?”

“Until I am sure you won’t reject her, I won’t tell you anything besides, it is not my secret to tell. Katya is a good judge of character always has been, if she trusts you. She may tell you herself, but until you figure it out or she tells you herself” He doesn’t finish and I could see he was debating something with himself.

“Promise me you won’t reject her”

“Now why would I reject my own mate?” I ask him.

“I want your word, all the rumors that I have heard about you, one that always stuck was you were a man of your word, I want your word you will give her a chance when you find out, give her a chance to prove herself, don’t shun her. My daughter deserves better than that and if you hurt my girl, Alpha or not I will cut your throat in your sleep” Mateo snorts at his threat yet his eyes never waiver from mine. He really would try even if it meant his death.

“You have my word Derrick, I have no intentions of rejecting my mate, nothing will change that” I tell him and he nods before turning and opening the door.

“I will convince her then” He says before walking inside and shutting the door.

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