Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 109

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 109: Ezra POV

I was exhausted as I walked back toward the packhouse. I could hear Kat and Mateo arguing as I approached the backyard before stepping out of the trees, the sky was starting to darken as night approached.

I could feel how stressed Mateo was dealing with her mood swings, yet I was too worried to come home in case Maddox let loose again but I also couldn’t avoid them forever.

“It’s pointless Mateo. I am not going to shift, I just want to go inside. Nothing we do works and I am sick of wasting my f*uc*king time” Kat yells at him. I sigh great, just what I want to come home to.

Both Mateo and Kat heard me and both looked in my direction. Kat narrows her eyes at me, I had been ignoring her. I was expecting her anger and now I was about to cop it.

“And where have you been?” She demands turning to face me.

“Working” I tell her, walking over to them.

“That’s it? That’s all you’re going to say you have been gone for three days Ezra, we have not heard a word from you”

“Kat I am not going to argue with you, just drop it and let’s go inside” I tell her, I could feel the anger radiating out of her, feel it bubbling within her as I tried to ignore it not wanting to feed off the energy she was putting out.

Her Alpha aura rushing out and out of the corner of my eye I saw Mateo drop, she was so enraged she couldn’t even see she was hurting him as her anger narrowed in on me.

“Kat enough! ” I tell her, looking at Mateo nervously as he was f0rced to submit.

“You’re right it is enough because I am done” She says heading for the side of the house.

“Where are you going?” I ask.

“None of your business” She says and I see Mateo getting to his feet, his entire body drenched in sweat.

“About time you come home, you can bloody deal with her” Mateo says before stalking off inside the house. I could feel Maddox trying to press beneath my skin as I f0rced him back, I watch Mateo walk inside before turning to find Kat gone.

Walking around the side of the house and out the front I find her longer near the house, I look toward the driveway jogging down it to try and find my infuriated mate, who had stormed off to god knows where.

I try to mindlink her only to be shoved out, I growl in frustration before trying to follow her scent.

“If you would let me out, I will be able to find her” Maddox says to me but I ignore him instead using my senses to try and pick up any sound or scent before hearing her feet on the dirt road off the driveway.

Catching up to her, I call out to her but she ignores me making me chase after her, I grab her arm. “ Where do you think you’re going Kat, it’s nearly dark” I tell her, jerking her to me, only when she turns to face me her normal gold eyes flicker black for a second before she shoves me off making me stumble backwards.

Her emotions are dark and clouded by her anger as she stalks toward me before stopping like she suddenly came back to her senses, she shakes her head like she was trying to remember what she was doing before turning on her heel and walking off again.

“Let me out! ” Maddox tells me wanting me to mark her so it dissipates, yet watching her I was beginning to wonder if maybe getting her angry might be the way to get her to shift. Maddox reading my thoughts growls at me.

“Are you nuts, she bites us she could K*ll us” Maddox says not liking the idea. I chase after her again, only this time I grab her tossing her thrashing body over my shoulder. She knees me in the ribs, and smacks my back with her fists screaming for me to put her down.

When I don’t she sinks her teeth into my neck trying to sedate me like I did her, instead I chuckle at her annoyance when it doesn’t work.

“Gotta be able to shift for that to work on me Kat” I tell her when she flops back down on my shoulder before I feel her bite my back, I gr0@n her teeth sinking into me making me flinch. I growl at her before sinking my teeth into her thigh.

She shrieks.”Don’t bite then and I won’t bite you back” I tell her as I got closer to the front door. I placed her on her feet, keeping a hold of her as I tried to get her in the house. Mateo opened the door as I tried to shove her in before she started to become manic.

“What did you do to her?” Mateo asks as she lost it once again, her anger shoving her to the edge of her insanity, like a switch being flicked.

“Her eyes, watch her eyes” I tell Mateo through the mindlink as she thrashed before dropping her weight, I bend down to grab her only for her to slip out of her shirt as I grabbed it, Mateo tries grabbing her legs when she kicks him, sending backwards into the hallway stand.

“Don’t know about her eyes, pretty sure she gave a black one” Mateo retorts, rubbing his face before blinking rapidly when she suddenly growls.

Something only shifted wolves can do and I knew I was right, the key to make her shift was get her angry.

“She just growled” Mateo says as I try to hold her still, she was completely out of her mind and I was half tempted to mark her just to get her to stop when she drops her weight again this time kicking me in the chest forcing me back out the door. She gets to her feet, her eyes darting around except now they were onyx as she stalked toward me.

Mateo grabs her around the arms, pulling her backwards when she throws her head back, headb*tting him, making him let go. I rush toward her only for her to lunge at me at the same time.

Damn she was fast as she tackled into me, taking my legs out from under me, before she landed heavily on top of me, knocking the wind out of me before jumping to her feet and running out the door.

Mateo shifted quickly before darting off after her, Maddox pressing beneath my skin wanting to be let out when I heard her skid across the gravel before coming to a stop. I get up walking toward her while Ares cuts off her path.

She looks around trying to find an escape before realising she wasn’t going to get anywhere with Ares or me blocking her. Every time she moves, Ares reacts by pushing her back the other way and cutting her off. Her breathing is getting heavier.

Her chest heaving with each breath she took.

“Easy Ares” I tell him, it was like trying to herd a savage animal, and right now, that is what she was.

Kat realising she wasn’t going to escape either of us decides to try to fight her way out. Running straight toward me before punching me, I catch her wrist jerking her toward me. 1

“Nearly but not close enough” I tell her before shoving her away.

“You got a death wish?” Mateo says his voice flitting through my head.

“Nope, but I will make her shift” I tell him as I block her kick to my side. She growls becoming angrier and angrier everytime I block her.

I grab her fist when she tries punching me again and jerk her forward only for her to lift her knee, her knee connecting with my stomach making me double over before she uppercuts me.

“f*uc*k! ” I gasp not expecting it to hurt so much, I spit blood on the ground, my teeth biting into my tongue before charging at her only for her to sidestep, her leg snaking out and hitting behind my knee and making me stumble forward. I see Ares sitting on his hind legs, his head c*oc*ked to the side as he watches her get the better of me.

I shake my head getting to my feet only for her to jump on my back, her arms locking around my neck and I grab her arm before ripping down on it, her body somersaulting over the top of me before hitting the dirt, I hear the air leave her lungs with an ompth. She growls her canines slipping out of her gums and protruding past her lips as she looks up at me. I smile at her enraged face before backing up to allow her to get to her feet.

I know it was a low blow, I know how much she hated judgement and hated being compared to others but I was running out of ideas and I couldn’t very well have her kicking my @ssall night.

“Come on Kat, gotta do better than that to be my Luna” I tell her and she growls menacingly. Her claws slipping from her fingertips.

“How will our pack accept a luna who can’t even shift, a wolf-less Alpha,” I watch her body start trembling, at my words her anger becoming all she could focus on.

“Maybe I should give you back to Jackson, you mum was right, you will never be good enough for an Alpha” I tell her.

I hear Ares whimper before feeling Kat falter at my words, her eyes flickering before she screams as she charges at me, her Alpha aura rushing out of her at blinding speed and I feel like I am smashed with shock wave making me stumble backward as she suddenly shifts before crashing into me.

My head smacking the ground with a thud, before she growls down at me, her teeth bared and at my throat as she snapped her teeth next my face. I don’t even think she realized she had shifted until I spoke.

“There is my Luna” I tell her as she glare down at me. Her paws on either side of my head. I lift my hands running them through her fur along her sides before she looks down at my hands, she looks up with recognition in her eyes before lifting her paw and looking at it.

She steps back, her Alpha aura dropping and I sit up to see her completely shifted. Though she wasn’t white like Kora, not white as snow but white with golden tones on the ends of her fur. She shakes her fur out and I see Ares come over to her, he licks her face before nipping at her.

“I shifted,” She says shocked, when I notice she could talk like Kora could without the mindlink.

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