Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 9

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 09 Going for Shilah

It was a very long ride on the King’s legs and by the time Chaska was done, she was so exhausted.

She took in deep breaths and fell on the floor, still panting heavily.

“Oh…” She m*oa*ned deeply, trying to catch her breath.

King Dakota had already fixed his belt and sat like nothing had ever happened.

“My King….” Chaska placed her hands on his thighs.

“Did I please you?”

“You should know you did, Chaska” the King replied as he took up the book he was reading and started flipping through its pages, trying to find the last page he’d been reading.

The smile on Chaska’s face increased. Of course, she’s the only one that can ever do it better.

She stood up from the floor, wore her clothes back on and went to stand behind the King.

“My favorite King”, she smiled.

“Do you mind me asking….why you ordered a lockdown? And where you’d gone to this morning?”

She paused and started ma*s*saging his shoulders.

“You know, I’m just concerned as I wouldn’t want any harm to befall my King. So, I just….”

“You can leave, Chaska. I need some privacy” his voice was cold, it made Chaska’s hands freeze on his shoulders.


The smiles on her cheeks faded instantly as she felt so much disappoinment run through her spine. She should leave? Just like that??

She took her hands down from his shoulders and walked up to stand in front of him.

“It’s.. it’s fine. I’ll go now” she Said with a bow and finally left the room; her heart wrenching in her chest.



In the mideast, a place far away from the seven mountains of the jackals, and the six clutches of the blood s*ckers, the Witches situated over the ocean – in their coven.

The witches – the fierce supernatural beings popularly called The Sisters of the red coven – were blessed with overwhelming beauty and super powers from the moon goddess.

They were surviving on their own and set a rule to make sure they don’t have to a*s*sociate with the Wolves and Vampires since they weren’t part of their *ridiculous* governance.

They chose their basement far across the ocean so it’d would have to take a person days or ride before getting to a mountain or clutch. They really wanted that distance and so far, everyone’s been surviving under that rule. But, not until today.

Sukie – the one who’d helped the King – rode on her horse through the gate, headed for the horse stables.

Their conven was just like a mighty palace; not a single male can be found inside, but witches all through. It was actually forbidden for a male to ever step foot into the palace.

As Sukie rode on her horse, she came across so many of her sisters who were dressed in their usual red garment, some having their hoodie over their heads. Some carried baskets of clothes, some baskets of supplies – just doing their normal daily routine like workers. Every member of the coven refers to each other as “sisters”.

Finally getting to the stables, Sukie halted her horse and climbed down from it. Two sisters were there at the stables, feeding the horses.

“Sister Sukie” the first one called, wearing a smile.

“You’re back”.

“Hi, Eva” Sukie muttered as she adjusted her hoodie on her head and started walking away – heading for the main hall.

Sukie wasn’t the leader of the coven, but she earned a lot of respect due to her superiority and because she was closest to their Queen.

She was always looking calm, but you wouldn’t want to get on her bad books.

She kept bowing to the other sisters she came across, who in return, bowed to her as well. And finally, she got to the hall which was mainly called the Throne room.

“Sukie” one of the sisters at the door called as she stepped in.

“Greetings, Sister Tin” Sukie managed a light smile.

That was the place where their Queen normally stayed. The Queen of the witches was known as the Supreme Sister.

Sukie could see her sitting on her throne, the gold crown on her head, while a sister ma*s*saged her feet.

“Greetings, Supreme Sister” Sukie bowed and greeted when she stood in front of her.

The Queen – Sister Kylie – hesitated a little before turning to look at Sukie and releasing a light smile.

She was a young pretty lady but was older than Sukie.

“Sukie” she drawled. “You’re finally back. It took you two days”.

“I’m sorry, Supreme Sister. The journey wasn’t as smooth as I’d expected. But all thanks to Hecate, I was able to arrive safely at the village and heal the mother and child”. She lied.

“I see. Good job, Sukie. Hope you sent my regards to them?” The supreme sister asked.

“Of course. They can’t thank you enough”.

A short silence stepped in as the supreme sister glanced at her feet.

“You should go take your bath and get some rest, Sukie. The ride must’ve been tiring for you. And when you’re done, be sure to come out so we can handle some of our businesses”. She said.

“Of course, Supreme Sister. I’ll be back shortly”. Sukie said with a bow and left.




King Dakota stood in front of the mirror, his deep sea eyes giving him his King-ly reflection.

The door opened not long after with his gamma walking in.

“My King” Pishan called.

“The horses are ready. It’s time to leave”

King Dakota didn’t give a response immediately, but after some seconds.

“Let’s go” he mumbled as he took his sheath from his table and turned towards the door.

“My King”, Pishan stopped him.

“I um…. just have a little question; When we get there, what will you do to the lady?”

Dakota stood and stared at him. Then, in his cold tone, he replied:

“You’ll see when we get there”.

And with that, they walked out of the room, going to get the lady that vi*olated his orders the previous day.

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