Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 89

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 89





Lady Cami was so restless in he room, hearing what she had heard.

Her both hands were on her waist as she paced back and forth, almost panting. And after a while, she plonked herself on the bed with her hands going over her face.

Lord Ryder….Why would he want to cause a war between the Wolves and witches? Why would he ever think of something like that?? Because he wanted to take the Alpha King’s position?? For real?

And to think he was still having another plot…

She paused and sighed heavily.

No; she needed to warn the Wolves. Even if it meant betraying him, she still needed to warn them about it. What Lord Ryder was trying to do was something that could cost a really big disaster – an outburst! And she couldn’t just sit back and watch it happen.

She turned her head and glanced at the window. It was dark already and too late to send a message. So, first thing in the morning, unfailingly, she’d write to her sister. Yes, she’d write a letter to her, telling her about it so she can inform the King. That was exactly what she’d do.

She took in a deep breath, liking the fact that she had come up with a positive plan.

And suddenly, a knock was heard on her door.

She looked up immediately, her eyes reflecting fear and angst. Uh-uh. Was he calling for her? She really didn’t want to see him at the moment?

She tried calming herself, but before she could even do that, the door went open with Lord Ryder himself, coming in; her heart skipped heavily, eyes grew heavier. What?

She felt so much heat on her forehead as he paused at the door and leered at her. Oh,no… Why was he there at that moment? She had actually thought it’d be one of his boys….

Would she be able to hide her nervousness?

Lord Ryder held the opened the door and stared quietly at her for a long time, probably studying her face.

“Is there a problem?” He finally asked, voice so cunny and deadly, and the fearful Cami shook her head negatively.

“Are you sure?” Ryder asked, taking a walk closer to her.

“Y… Yes. Just feel a little dizzy, but I’ll be fine” she gulped hard and reduced her gaze to the floor, feeling his presence getting close.

Lord Ryder’s steps were leveled as he walked round and stood behind her, then placed both hands on her shoulders.

“But, you look tensed, My lady. Why?” His voice was a whisper, as he ma*s*saged her shoulders tenderly.

“Are you sure there isn’t something you’d like to share with me?”

“No; No. Not at all” Cami shook her head again.

“I’m totally fine, My Lord. T… Thank you for the concern”.

Lord Ryder continued ma*s*saging her for a few seconds, but not until he moved his hand up to her neck and gripped it tight.


“Urgh!” Cami gasped and lifted her hand to touch his, but couldn’t take it off her neck. What’s he doing??

“Do you really think I’m that stupid?” He growled into her ears, still holding her neck tight and choking her. “Huh? Do you really think so???”

Cami was confused and couldn’t say a word even if she wanted to.

“How dare you?” He continued. “How dare you spy and eavesdrop on my conversation?”

What???? How did he know?

“Ry….Ryder, ple…ase” she ch*oked on the words, realizing her breath was getting short.

But Ryder didn’t stop – not immediately. At last, he let go of the neck and pushed her roughly to the floor where she gasped for quick breaths.

“Now, you listen to me, Cami” he warned.

“I have my plans, and no matter what I’m going to carry them out. So, don’t even think of stopping me ’cause I’d make sure that’d be the last thing you ever get to do in life. If a word about this, gets to anyone, I promise you, Cami; I’ll drive a stake right into your heart, and watch you burn. Do you understand?

Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she sobbed and stared at him in disbelief.

“I said, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!” He roared and she bobbed her head tearfully.

And with a curse word, Lord Ryder marched out of the room.




The loud sound of sticks hitting the party drums, and the villagers cheering and dancing, had filled the air. Yes, Villagers; not just marketers. In less than a few minutes, the news of the King being at the market had flown out and attracted lots of attention as everyone wanted to witness the “Simple” King.

Pishan and the guards were still far away, but close enough to run into rescue if need be….

And while the villagers drum, party and jubilated, they were careful enough not to ch*oke the King and his woman, and maintained a reasonable distance from them, despite the fact they were being circled.

Shilah had a huge smile on her face as one of the men led them to his tavern. To think this night had turned out like this, was one of the greatest blessings she could ever ask for.

The villagers kept drumming and dancing around them as they walked to the tavern, and finally getting in, only a few were permitted to go in with them, while the rest remained outside and continued drumming.

“Please, over here, My King” the man pointed to a table, rounded with seats. And with a nod, the King took a seat, while Shilah took hers on the same table, facing him.

The tavern had been empty, but the moment they entered with the few villagers it became lively.

The man ran speedily and returned shortly with a jar and two cups.

“I make my drinks myself, Alpha King” he beamed, decanting from the jar into the cups.

“And I can a*s*sure you, you’ll like it”. King Dakota watched with scrutiny as the drink foamed in the cups.

“And what is this called?” He asked, taking a close look at it.

“Oh! I call it bourbon!” The man laughed and pushed the cups closer to them.

“Please… give me some minutes to get the soup ready, My King. I’ll be right back” he added and ran off, signalling the villagers around to keep their protective eyes on him.

“You’ve ever tasted this before?” The King asked Shilah, as he held up his own cup.

“Not at all, My King. I’ve never tasted… alcohol” she shook her head and the King scoffed.

“Well…. I guess it’s time to do something new” he shurgged and drank from his own cup.

Shilah watched his face observantly as he lowered the cup down from his lips, and the moment he did, she couldn’t cloak her laughter.

She covered her face with her palms and snorted with laughter, and the King was amused.

“Okay…Is there a problem?” He asked, beady eyed.

“No… Not at all, My King” Shilah was admist laughterโ€™s as she uncovered her face and looked at him.

“Uhm… It’s just that, you look really funny”.

“Funny? How?” Dakota asked, finding it amusing st how red her cheeks had become.

But, goodness! She looked so cute with the laughters. That was actually the first time he was seeing her laugh.

“The… the drink” she pointed out to his lips, and that was when the King realized the drink had left it’s foams round his moustache.


“This has to be a joke” he clicked his tongue as he wiped it off with the back of his palm.

“And to think you were laughing at me…. you really have to be punished. Now, drink yours without stopping”. Whaaaat???

“My…. My King!” Her eyes dilated in surprise, her face still radiating with bemusement.

“Go on, Shilah; drink up!” He lifted her own cup and f0rced it to her lips.

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