Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 88

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 88

“It’s the King!”

Shilah’s heart leaped heavily the moment she heard those words. Oh, no…!

She turned swiftly to have a look and discovered it was the same man they had gotten beef from. And the entire market had gone stunned silent with the strong words from him.

Shock and confusion ran across the faces of everyone as they all stopped walking immediately, and turned towards the direction. And Dakota himself, was speechless.

“The King?” Another voice suddenly came.

“That is not possible!”

“I’ve served in the King’s Palace before” another man beside the first man said.

“And even if he do may not know me, the King is too precious not to be recognized, even in shreds”.

Shilah’s heart was beating really fast. Her eyes got to the entrance of the market and there she found Pishan and the two other guards, walking in. But they didn’t look like guards as they were causally dressed as well and their eyes were on the King.

Fear glinted in Shilah’s eyes. Everything! Everything she’s tried to work hard for was all going to be a waste! Just a waste!

“But, why would the King be dressed this way?” A woman murmured.

Despite the King’s vulnerable appearance, they were still too scared to speak out to him as they had all formed a distant circle around him.

“Why wouldn’t the King be at the market?” Another murmured.

“The Alpha King can never look this way.”

“The Alpha King would never come to the market when he has hundreds of guards and maids”.

The murmurs were beginning to upgrade into a noisy environment and Shilah turned quickly to look at the King.

Pishan wasn’t really surprised as he had a feeling right from the time, that the plan wasn’t really going to work out. And the only problem he had at that moment was getting to know if he was to attack or not.

“The King….”

“It’s really him….”

“What could he be upto….”

“Do you think there’s something wrong….”

“Do you think….”

“SILENCE!!!” A deep roar was suddenly heard – one that was bigger than the voices of hundreds; one that commanded respect, irrespective of the appearance.

Like a rapid speed in volume, the lips of the marketers sealed shut as they felt their hearts pound heavily in their chest.

Even Shilah was curious and wondered what the King was going to do. How does he get out of this? Well, the only way possible was by walking away, and that wasn’t something she had wanted.

King Dakota, always being the way he had been, took a long time before deciding to speak up, and the entire time he was silent, the marketers dare not make a sound.

King-ly, he took a step forward, and took off his hat. Light gasp was heard.

“I am indeed the King” he began, voice not stressed but could be heard by everyone.

“And I am here today, not because there’s something wrong, or because I was f0rced to look this way. But it’s all because I wanted to be here, to know what it feels like, being like this. I knew there was no way I could come as the King you all know and buy the things I need without being feared. So, I just wanted to have my simple life tonight, by appearing to be one of you. And I still want to have that night. So, right here and now, I’m not here as King Dakota, but I’m here as a Man who wants to have so much fun, for just a few hours.”

Silence – for the next few seconds, that was the only thing that was heard. Shilah was staring nervously at the floor, unable to believe the King’s words. But…the marketers, would it really have an effect on them?

The marketers turned slowly, and glanced at each other’s faces – shock and guilt reflecting on them. And finally, the first step was made when one of them hit his knees on the floor.

“Oh! By the name of the goddess, we do not deserve you, Alpha King!” He cried out, his palms clasped in a plea.

“We do not deserve to have you here in this poor unconducive environment of ours. The floor of the market is too dirty to touch your feet, the air is too bad to reach your nostrils, our eyes are not worthy enough to see you at our own will. Aside the moon goddess, you’re more like a god to us, Alpha. We do not deserve you here”.

Shilah’s eyes grew heavy with tears. What?

Another marketer joined the first one his knees, then two more, and five more, women, more men…. Until finally, just the King and Shilah were the only ones standing in the circle. Everyone else had gone on their knees, heads bowed.

King Dakota looked around, not finding the sight expecting. The honor…it was different from the one he was used to – getting daily from the Palace. This honor and respect right here from his people, was something he never thought he could see. An icy part of his heart cracked a bit.

“I am no god” he spoke out, after a minute.

“I am human like you, a wolf like you; The only difference is – I have the special authority to lead you. So, telling me you don’t deserve me is never something you should say. Because right now, I just want to have fun. On your feet, People of the Wind Walker Pack”.

Another silence descended with the people still on their knees. And finally, one of them stood up.

“Uhm…Al…Alpha King” he bowed.

“If you really want to have this fun, then I think it’s in our obligation to make it happen”.

He paused and sniffed.

“I…. I have some nice grilled fish for sale, and I’m sure you and your woman would like it. Please, you don’t have to give me a penny for it. It’s just…. from my heart”. He concluded with a bow and another stood up immediately.

“Al… Alpha King, I also have some nice sebastan soup in my store over there and I’m so sure you’d want to have a taste of it”.

Another stood up:

“Alpha King, I have some really fresh wine you’d want to taste. Trust me, Alpha King, it’s not like the regular kind of wine you’ve tasted”.

Then, another:

“My tavern is just over there, Alpha and I have so many drinks and games you’d want to try out….”

“Yes! You and your woman could play a game… together!”

Another stood up, then another, and soon, the marketers were all clamouring to say something. It brought a tear from Shilah’s eye, seeing how the whole thing had turned out. And she smiled happily and wiped it away.

Even Dakota himself, was stunned.

“Get the Party drums ready!!!!” A louder voice suddenly roared from the crowd.

“Today, we make the King’s night fun!!”




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