Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 82

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 82

Shilah was a little surprised as the wolf settled in her arms, laying on the floor and feeling so relaxed. Well, it’s entire body couldn’t be all on her.

It’s furs touched Shilah’s skin and made her shiver at first. Goodness! It was so soft and smooth – the pyramid of every other wolf she had ever seen.

Her heart melted, staring at the Alpha laying in her arms. It shifted uncomfortably and whined, and Shilah couldn’t understand what was wrong with it. It moved again and whined and following the only instinct in her head, she lifted her right palm and placed it on its head.

“Keep calm… please” her voice was so calm as she ran her palm over its furry head.

The wolf wagged it’s tail and whimpered again, leaning closer towards her. Obviously, it liked what she was doing; and realizing that, Shilah added more concentration.

A long time passed with Shilah saying nothing as she simply stroke his head. The cave was so damn quiet, the bellowing of other wolves from afar could be heard.

“Thank you for not hurting me” she suddenly said, still stroking it’s head. “I didn’t mean to anger you. I just…. I just made some tea and wanted to give it to you”.

The wolf whined and shook it’s head, amusing Shilah who didn’t understand what it meant.

“I just wish you could be this calm all the time, you know?” She chuckled.

“Don’t get upset, but… the King is always very grumpy”. She paused and laughed and the wolf lifted it’s head from her bossom to look at her face.

“N…No, no, don’t get me wrong. T…The King is actually a very nice man” she shook her head, fearing she had tampered with the wolf’s temper.

“I….do like the King a lot. It’s just that…. I don’t think the King likes me. Not just me, but… the King doesn’t like anyone. He’s…. always looking so serious and that’s one of the reasons I’m always scared of him” She paused and sighed, letting out a wistful smile

“The King is a nice man, and I know he didn’t chose to be as grumpy as he seems. Something must’ve changed him”. Staring into the wolf’s eyes, she was surprised to find him melting when she said those words.

“B… But I believe everything will be over soon and the King wouldn’t have a reason to be sad anymore” she quickly added, touching it’s furry cheeks.

The wolf closed it’s eyes for a second, and on opening them again, it surprisingly stretched it’s neck, stuck out it’s tongue and licked up the scratches on Shilah’s arm.

Shilah gasped, abacked.

“Oh, my…” She muttered as she didn’t expect such from him. The wolf licked it up, cleaning every traces of blood from it and somehow, it tickled Shilah with it’s cold w*et feels.

“T…. That wasn’t necessary, Alpha; but thank you” she smiled at it and it bopped it’s head and returned to it’s relaxed position in her arms.

Shilah continued stroking it’s hair which it seemed to like so much, and in that moment, she seemed to had forgotten that was the King she was so scared of.

But…. how did he get cursed in the first place? She thought. The wolf didn’t move or whine in her arms again, and neither did Shilah. And in that state, the duo fell asleep.


A long time passed and Shilah couldn’t tell why the sleep had felt so different, and sweet.

She slept for so many hours and didn’t even realize.

Turning on the hard floor, she moved her hands unconsciously, trying to get to the wolf, but was surprised when her hands only came in contact with the hard ground and not the soft, furry skin.

The Wolf…! Did it leave already?!

She gasped and opened her eyes immediately as she sat up, and her heart gave a mighty leap when her eyes got in contact with two blue eyes, staring at her. She seized breathing.

The King!

It was the King himself, sitting and staring at her.

Her head spun as she sat properly on the floor, trying to get the dizziness off her head. He was in his human form already, dressed in a more causal dress. He had shifted already?. Was the full moon over? She thought.

Dakota just sat on a small rock in front of her and had been staring at her the whole time as she slept. His eyes…. he couldn’t get his eyes off her face – thinking of the unbelievable that had happened.

And even as she came awake, throwing her hands around probably looking for his wolf, he still couldn’t stop staring at her.

Shilah….the only that has been able to do things, not even the goddess could do. The only lady that makes him sleep, makes him eat, and calms his wolf- something no one has been able to do for years.

His wolf…he couldn’t believe she had tamed it and made it even fall asleep in her arms. What manner of sorcery?

Who was this lady?

Shilah swallowed hard as the King stared crankily at her. It was making her really uncomfortable and nervous. She didn’t do anything wrong, did she?

Or….. Was it possible he remembered all that had happened between them?

Of course, he did!

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