Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 81

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 81

Shilah’s heart hit heavily against her chest as she ran away, her legs trying to cover enough distance as well. But it didn’t take long before she felt those sharp claws on her right leg that drew her back.

“Argh!!” She screamed in both pain and fright as her back hit the ground roughly.

The wolf howled at her, looking so terrifying and Shilah could feel her heart stop beating immediately.

“No! No! Please!” She cried out as she struggled with her leg in it’s hands.

The wolf jumped on her and scratched her left arm, giving it a deep cut that scared the daylight out of Shilah.

“Arghhhh!!!!” Her scream echoed. She’s never been attacked by a wolf before – never. And now, it was happening, she didn’t even know how to take it.

“Let me go!! Please!!” She yelled out, admist it’s growls. Tears were already streaking her cheeks as her life flashed before her very eyes.

“Please, don’t hurt me….” She added whimperingly.

There was a loud crack in the sky; one that was strange on a full moon. The angry wolf whirled and gave a deep growl, then tilted it’s head like he was being disorganized.

Shilah watched in fear and confusion, wondering what was happening to it.

Then, it suddenly became still and stared deep into Shilah’s teary eyes; it’s red eyes still glowing.

*Please, don’t hurt me*. The voice rang in his head.

He couldn’t tell why, it sounded more of a command to him; a command he couldn’t resist.

With Shilah still panting heavily, she stared into the Alpha’s eyes and could swear she saw them melting. That hardness it had once exhibited, she saw it dwindling.

The wolf whimpered and recoiled itself back, now looking calm and pitiful. It dug it’s claws into the ground and looked around, then rested it’s gaze on the scared human in front of him.

His head…. Something was messing with his head. Letting out another whimper, the wolf turned around and ran into the cave.

As soon as that happened, Shilah released the breath she had been holding the entire time; her lungs had to hurt a little.

She panicked and looked at her hurting arm, it was four scratches and had bloodstains on it. Urgh! It was hurting like hell….

Slowly, she managed to get on her feet, her body still weak and shaken due to the previous incidence.

Her eyes found the tea which had been spilled on the ground – wasted.

Oh, no…. She would’ve held onto it. But she arrived late already!

She looked around and found Pishan on the floor, unconscious. They were definitely going to heal up and regain consciousnes soon

But, maybe she should just run away. Yes, since the Wolf had strangely left her, maybe she should run for her life.

She turned around and took some steps away, but suddenly stopped. Something was just not right. The Wolf; why had it become strangely calm and left her? And since it went back into the cave, it hadn’t made a sound or anything. Could there be something wrong?

She stood there at that point, confused and thinking. And after drowning in a valley of indecision for a long time, she made up her mind and walked towards the cave.

Slackened steps, calm steps was what she took as she walked towards the cave and getting to the entrance, she halted. What if she was making another mistake and it attacks her again?

But…. listening attentively, she couldn’t hear a single sound from the cave. Okay; she really needed to check it out.

She continued walking, counting her steps and finally made it in and her heart skipped when she found the White Wolf.

Okay; her heart only skipped because it was normal to get that scared after seeing the wolf, but when she noticed the wolf was just lying on the floor, close to the wall, her heart became a little calm.

She stood there at the entrance and scrutinized it as it laid quietly, like it had been hurt or something. It stared at Shilah as she stood there at the entrance of the cave and Shilah could tell that look was strange, from such wolf.

The duo exchanged long glances at each other, until finally, Shilah started taking some steps towards it.

She walked as slow as snail, still feeling scared and hoping it wouldn’t affect her. The wolf was calm, just staring. And when Shilah got close enough, the tension between them increased.

Although, Shilah had seen many wolves in her life, but the beauty of this Wolf was always too unique.

It’s white furs, red glowing eyes, scary but beautiful face…. It was the most beautiful wolf she’d ever seen.

Gulping hard, she lowered herself to the floor, about two steps away from it. She was touching the wall and was beginning to feel relaxed with how calmly the wolf was reacting.

“You’re beautiful” the words suddenly left her lips and the wolf whined and rubbed it’s head against the wall.

Even as a wolf, the aura of an Alpha and a leader was strongly around him. Only the spirits knows why he didn’t hurt her back there.

She smiled warmly at it, admiring it’s features. And surprisingly, the wolf stood up and leaped towards her. She was almost scared at first, but when it came in a calm way, she settled.

“Oh….” She muttered in surprise as the Alpha Wolf leaned into her arms, for comfort.

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