Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 80

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 80

“What is it?” Dyani asked, staring at Shilah’s bemused face.

“Nothing; I just … I just have an idea” Shilah smiled.

What if she makes some tea for him? But this time around, she wouldn’t just pray for him to fall asleep, she’d pray for his wolf to become calm and feel relaxed.

Yes! That might work since her prayers has always been answered by the Moon goddess.

“Do you know the cave he’s being taken to?” She aaked, standing up already.

“Of course. But why are you asking?”

“Can you take me there?” Shilah asked and Dyani sprang on her feet.

“I don’t understand. Why would you want to go there?” She asked, looking surprised and confused.

“I just have an idea. I…..I plan on making something for the King that would make him calm. I’m not definite it’d work or not, I just want to give it a try. So please, can you take me there?” Shilah sounded enthusiastic.

“Sorry, but this sounds crazy” Dyani shook her head. “It’s dark already, Shilah and the King might’ve probably turned by now. You can’t go there….”

“Please, can I just give it a try? Please…. I just want to do something”. Her eyes were pleading and her desperation to help stunned Dyani.

She shook her head and stared downwards.

“Fine. But, I won’t go with you to the cave. I’d only point it out for….”

“Yes: yes. I’m fine with that. Thank you. I’ll go make the tea now” Shilah beamed and ran out of the room.


The cave was dark and quiet, and after they’d arrived, the Physician had to set up a fireplace to lot the place up.

Dakota could be seen standing against the wall with Pishan and the Physician in front of him, preparing the chains. It hurt him so much to know they were getting it ready for him – to chain him like a worthless animal, an animal that’d definitely go out of control soon enough.

“This chain was made from one of the strongest metals, My King” Mato, the Physician said like he had been reading the King’s fear.

“I just have this belief it’d be strong enough to hold you down into the full moon has passed”.

But Dakota said nothing as those lines sounded so familiar to him over the past few years. His heart was heavy; heavy because he was about to become something he didn’t want to be. A strong wave of head ache hit hard at him and he grunted and held his head.

“My King…!” Pishan tried going closer to him, but Dakota signaled him to stop.

“Just hurry up with the chains” he gritted.

Pishan glanced at the Physician, then returned his eyes back to the chains and tried being fast.

Finally, he was done and walked closer to the King, fear and resentment written on his face. He hated the fact that he had to be the one to carry out such tasks.

“Just get on it” Dakota urged when he noticed he was stalling and Pishan went ahead with it.

The Physician had to come over for a*s*sistance and together, they chained the King’s hands to both sides of the wall.

His legs were chained as well – now looking like a man who was indeed, about turning into a beast.

Dakota let out a muffled grunt as he felt another strong wave of head ache hit hard at him and the Physician could tell, the Full moon was up in the sky already.

“You two should leave” The King gruffed. “I want to be left alone”.

“You should know that’s not….” Before Pishan could get the words out of his mouth, Dakota let out a deep growl as his knees gave out and hit the hard floor.

The chains rattled but didn’t breake lose. And although, the view was already a normalcy to Pishan, it still broke his heart to see the King passing through such.

“You should leave” Dakota said in deep breaths but Pishan shook his head stubbornly.

“You should know me already, King. I’m going nowhere”. He replied, ignoring the voices in his head that tried reminding him of what happened the last time.

“Argh!” Another roar left Dakota’s lips as this time around, veins crawled up to his neck.

“LEAVE!!” He growled angrily, his tone beginning to change already.

Pishan said nothing but swallowed hard. And right there in his eyes, the King began breaking.

Mato was already taking some steps back as he noticed the chains were becoming weak.

Bones cracking, grunts and snorts and fabrics ripping off from skin could be heard as the King shifted rapidly.

He roared repeatedly, exposing the sharp fangs which had replaced his canine teeth. Furs grew out of his skin and his eyes glowed red.

He was experiencing both pains and anger.

Pishan tried not to be startled as he watched him, and in a few seconds, a big, white, red-eyed wolf stood at the position where the King had been standing.

This time around, it was evident enough – that wasn’t Dakota, but the bad cursed wolf who was only hungry for blood. He stared at Pishan with those bloody eyes and let a growl.

The Physician couldn’t take It anymore, and in fear, he started running for the exit. But, it was too late to run; too late for him and Pishan.



Shilah and Dyani had seen a lot of wolves on their way through the woods, but fortunately, they didn’t hurt them.

They didn’t need a lantern or anything as the big full moon up in the sky made the entire place so bright. Dyani told Shilah a story of how her father would tell she and her siblings scary stories on every full moon. He’d call them out and make them sir out in the open, under the blueish atmosphere and tell them fabricated stories. They usually called it *tales by the full moon*.

Shilah, on the other hand, didn’t have a story to tell as she had never turned and didn’t know what the full moon felt like.

“I think this is where I need to stop” Dyani suddenly stopped walking, and so did Shilah. Looking around, Shilah could only see more bushes and nothing else.

“The cave is that way” Dyani pointed out.

“Just walk straight and you’ll find it. I’m really sorry Shilah, but I can’t go farther than this”.

“It’s fine; it’s fine, and I perfectly understand. Really, I’m grateful” Shilah said with a bow.

The well covered tea was properly held in her hands

“Alright, then. I wish you luck” Dyani tapped her arm and walked away, while Shilah took in a deep breath and proceeded.



The Red-eyed wolf let out a deep roar as he charged towards Pishan who had started running for the exit already.

Just four leaps and the wolf had gotten out to where Pishan was, close to the exit.

He got hold of his leg and swept him off the ground.

“Urgh!” Pishan grunted irresistibly as he pushed the wolf off and managed to make it to the exit, but he knew Dakota’s wolf was undefeatable.

Before he could take three steps away from the exit, the wolf had already attacked him and pushed him roughly to the ground, and he groaned painfully.

He ran it’s claws across his face and twice on his right leg, it hurt Pishan so bad.

“Dakota!!!” He yelled out the name, trying to see if he could get to him, but it was impossible as the angry wolf hit him hard in the jaw until passed out.

The Physician was ahead and trying to run as fast as possible, but the angry wolf left Pishan’s unconscious body on the floor and went after him.

In a split second, he caught up with the old man and dragged him off his feet.

“No! No! Please!” Mato cried out as he stared into the red glowing eyes of the wolf, but the Wolf was a friend to no one as it scratched it’s claws around his neck and made him p@ssout.

A deep roar left it’s mouth as it lifted it’s head and looked up to the sky, and fearfully, the tea cup fell off from Shilah’s hands.

She gasped with a flinch, her eyes dimming at the horrible sight in front of her – the big white wolf standing in front of the bleeding unconscious body.

Her fear had attracted the attention of the wolf who turned and looked at her. Finding a young lady in front of him, all it could feel was that thirst of blood.

Shilah was already shaking at the spot as her eyes got locked with that of the deadly wolf. Dyani’s words came flashing into her head in echoes, but it was already too late to make amends as she was already in the lion’s den.

The wolf barked at her and moved it’s dew claw. It increased Shilah’s fears.

No; this was beyond her control. She never thought of this. And letting out a loud scream, she turned around and started running away, but the wolf went after her.

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