Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 71

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 71

King Dakota rode with his wives, his brother and beta – Raksha- and some of his guards to the Red Moon Pack.

Shilah still wasn’t an expert in riding a horse, especially with the fact they were traveling a long distance. So, she had to ride with Raksha.

Raksha had no problem with that anyway, but Shilah wasn’t really comfortable sitting that close in front of a man. Well, she didn’t have a choice.

With their horse riding behind the King’s, she kept staring and studying him. He was overly cold and quiet, had this grumpy frightening look on that was getting Shilah really worried. What could be wrong with him? She was so sure there was something wrong.


Alpha Frosty – the Alpha of the Red Moon Pack – had already been informed of Dakota’s coming, hence, made the necessary arrangements.

As King Dakota marched through the gate with his followers behind him, the entire pack members in Frosty’s mansion went on their knees, keeping their heads bowed. Some had bowls and baskets – since they had been working while the men mainly had sticks and swords.

They knelt vertically on both sides of the path Dakota was riding in. And approaching the Mansion,Alpha Frosty and his household could be seen, standing in front with warm smiles plastered all over their faces. Well, having the Alpha King visit them was one in a billion opportunity.

When Dakota got to the desired spot, he stopped his horse and so did the rest of his men. His guards climbed down from their horses immediately and scurried to his horse and as Dakota stepped down from his horse, Alpha Frosty and his household went down on their knees.

“This grace is too overwhelming, Great King. I’ve done nothing to deserve this. Please,tell me anything, anything at all just to make your presence glorified”. Alpha Frosty said with head bowed. King Dakota walked towards him with levelled steps – steps that screamed ascendancy.

“Alpha Frosty” he called when he stood in front of the kneeling Alpha. “Please, rise”.

Alpha Frosty, in age, was older than Dakota. But with the law, age had nothing to do with superiority.

He was a plump man with a slightly pot belly; had just one wife and Luna and three kids – two males, one female. Frosty’s plumpish looks was never a dull one as he could also be a beast when in his jackal form.

As he rose on his feet, his family did same.

“Greetings, Alpha King. Words can’t express how happy I am to see you here” Frosty’s Luna – Amina – said with eyes beaming and glowing.

She was richly dressed and had a perfect makeup on. Well, having the King and his wives in their territory wasn’t a fact to be overlooked as she didn’t want to look like a petty Queen. She made sure her kids were looking good as well.

“Greetings, Alpha King”. The rest of the kids bowed and greeted.

The girl was the smallest and looked just like her mother. Dakota let a few seconds p@ssbefore proceeding.

“It’s also a great ple@sure getting to see you all” he said. “And I hope you accept my condolences for the demise of the previous Luna” his gaze focused on Frosty.

“Your mother was a great woman and also a close friend to my mother. We’ll surely miss her”. Alpha Frosty smiled and gave a bow.

“Thank you for the concern, Alpha King. I feel so much better, hearing these words from you”. Dakota’s wives were already down from their horses as well and took some steps closer

“A great welcome to you, great Queens” Alpha Frosty beamed.

“My joy is over-filled.”

“Thank you. And greetings to you and your household” Nosheba smiled.

“Greetings to you too, Alpha and Luna”, Chaska also said. She smiled as she glanced at the Luna. The necklace was there on her neck….

“Please, the dining is set and the meals are still steaming. Do come in’ Alpha Frosty said and left the way.

Meals? Shilah thought. The King wouldn’t be able to eat. Oh, no…



While King Dakota lived in a mighty palace, the rest of the Alphas could only live in Mansions.

Alpha Frosty’s Mansion was well built and decorated and looked just like royalty.

Leading King Dakota and his people – Wives and beta alone – to the dining, they kept talking about some minor issues concerning rulership. Actually, Frosty was the one doing the major talking as King Dakota wasn’t much of a talker. He gave him some tiny feedbacks until they’d gotten to the big dining room.

“And here we are!” The Alpha sprawled his arms apart.

“This is sure going to be the best meal of my life” he chuckled.

Dakota walked over to the big dining thsr ad filled with a*s*sorted steaming meals to the brim. They looked so tasty, but his damn appet*ite was nowhere to be found.

“Please, make yourselves comfortable” Alpha Frosty drew out the special seat he had for the Alpha King and Dakota took it willingly.

Then, the rest of his wives took theirs, together with the Luna and her kids. Alpha Frosty clapped his hands after sitting and seven maids came running in.

“Please, serve this! Serve this! Be careful not to make any mistake” he ordered and the maids set to work immediately, dishing out the food. They had a lot to dish.

“How has it been going with your family, Frosty?” Dakota asked, trying so hard to clear his head.

“Oh!” The Alpha smiled.

“My wife has been the best for me. I really wouldn’t know what to do without her”.

The Luna was sitting next to him and he reached out and touched her cheek, making her blush in a smile.

Chaska’s eyes beamed, staring at the necklace on the Luna’s neck. It wasn’t just a necklace because the pendant was a ring. It was a moonlight ring and one that was specifically made for the Luna – Amina.

Amina also had some problems with the full moon and the moonlight ring was made as a solution for her. It was as important as her life and she had to wear it on her finger every full moon to save her from dying.

It was so dear to her, glittering like gold; and Chaska couldn’t wait to see her reaction when Shilah eventually “steals it”.

She grinned silently.

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