Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 69

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 69

Dakota returned to Shilah on the bed, his c*oc*k as hard as hell already. Shilah could see that hungry look on his face already, and although it made her feel a little scared, she just felt glad she’d be able to help him eat, at least.

He took off his heavy clothings and joined her in bed with his underwears. Even in those causal things he wore, he still looked King-ly.

He climbed onto the other side of the bed and laid beside her, facing her direction. Shilah was still putting on her clothes because she couldn’t take them off since she had been asked not to move.

King Dakota didn’t have plans of pulling them off either as all he did was pull it up slowly, to her waist level. He removed her under-wear as well until her private flesh was finally exposed.

And being so hard already, King Dakota took out his rod from it’s bossom and slided right into her from the side.

“Mmm” Shilah made a slight uncomfortable m*oa*n.

Feeling the King beside her, his hand on her chest and the other on her thigh was something she didn’t think of feeling anytime soon.

The penetration felt different, the w*etness was slimmer.

She stretched her neck as the King’s hand crawled towards it, pulling her gently towards himself.

He pulled out to the tip and went right in again, hitting the walls of her vĂ gina as gently as possible.

Shilah didn’t need to wonder how he was able to put up in such position because she had a feeling his manhood was long and big enough. It could reach at any length.

The thrusts went on for a while with the King trying so hard to be as gentle as possible, and even Shilah could notice. She could notice how gentle he was trying to be and for that, was really thankful.

He thrusted in and out of her slowly, his both hands crawling up her neck and thighs. The cravings he had felt a while ago, he could feel them getting calm as he went in and put of Shilah. What was happening with him?

Finally, he f0rced himself to reach climax so he doesn’t have to hurt her beyond limit. And with that, he released inside of her and pulled out.

“Oh..” a light gasp escaped Shilah’s lips as she celebrated the freedom she got down there.

The King was one big man and she couldn’t help but wonder if he was born that way. If he was, then it was rare and awesome.

Urgh! Maybe she thought it was rare because she’s never seen that of other men, but the King’s alone.

King Dakota pulled down her dress to cover her thighs before leaving the bed and taking his own clothes from the side of the bed where he had kept them .

Fully dressed, he turned and looked at Shilah, noting she was now exhausted.

“You’ve done well, Shilah” he said with a nod, one that made Shilah’s heart flutter.

Dakota turned around and started towards the door, but getting close, he groaned painfully and slammed his hands on the wall.

“My King…!” Shilah nearly stood up, her eyes dilating in shock .

What is wrong with him??? Dakota’s hand went over his forehead as he tried absorbing the pains.

“My King….”

“I’m fine!” He said rather grumpily and sounding angry.

Shilah was confused. What was happening to him? It took him some seconds to get a grip of himself – the headache, the anger…

It was the full moon, happening in less than a week and it was already getting the better side of him. Finally, and without sparing Shilah a stare, he opened the door and walked out of the room.

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