Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 67

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 67

Raksha walked into his mother’s room as that was the first person he wanted to see after returning from such ride. Queen Jadis was in her room, resting, and was elated to see her son.

“Raksha, son,” she beamed, dropping what she held in her hand as she stood up. She pushed her eyes wide open for him and embraced him when he got close.

“Good morning, Mother” he greeted, enjoying her warmth.

“Oh! A blessed morning to you too. Thank the goddess you’re back and safe. I was so worried”. She palmed his cheeks, staring at his face lovingly.

“I’m sorry for getting you worried, mother. But nothing happened. Dakota didn’t push through with a fight”. He said, cutting few from her touch and walking p@ssher to the bed.

“He didn’t? What did he go there to do then?” The Queen asked, sounding surprised as she turned to look at him.

“He just went there to warn them. Told them never to repeat such act else, they’d be a war. Although … the witches denied having a hand in it”.

“They did? And do you think they were telling the truth?”

“I don’t know, mother. And that is the least of my concerns right now,” Raksha hissed.

“With each passing day, my anger and hatred grows for Dakota. When will he be eliminated? When will he leave the throne?”

“That day, when he was attacked on our way back from the meeting, I badly wanted to watch him die with those injuries he sustained. Oh, mother; you wouldn’t believe how irritated I felt, rendering help to him. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’d have been questioned by the rest of the guards, I’d have taken him to a pit and throw him right in…”

“Calm down, son” Queen Jadis rushed to him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“You need to calm down, okay? I understand how you feel…”

“I don’t think you understand, mother” he shook his head.

“I don’t think you understand what it feels like, calling my own brother *King* and bowing to him even in public. You know how Dakota and I were before father died. We were always at loggerheads with each other. And now, having to be submissive to him, it makes me feel like he won and I’m a loser”.

“That’s a very bad feeling, Raksha. You’re NOT a loser” the Queen spelt it out for him.

“You’re not and will never be a loser, do you understand?” But the prince said or did nothing.

“Just…I need you to calm down, okay? Calm down and trust your mother. Are you forgetting we have a plan on ground already? Soon enough, every breathing soul would be bowing to you”. She added and pulled him into a hug.


Queen Chaska was filler with joy when she heard the King had arrived. She gave him some time to freshen up before going to see him.

A small smile rested on her face as she walked towards his chambers, hoping he doesn’t send her away this time around. Well, of course, he shouldn’t.

Thank goodness he was safe as she had been so scared there was going to be a war between them and the witches. As usual, two guards were at his doorpost when he arrived.

“I need to see the King” she demanded, hoping she doesn’t get a reply like: “he’s busy.”

One of the guards went in and returned shortly writ news she wanted to hear.

“You can go in now” he bowed and Chaska smiled and walked in.

King Dakota was standing in front of his closet, fixing the hooks of his shirt; and it seemed to Chaska like he had just finished taking his bath.

“My King…!” She bowed elatedy.

“Greetings, My King” Dakota said nothing as he finished with the shirt and drew out a robe from the wardrobe.

“How’re you doing, Chaska?” He asked grumpily, and her heart beamed.

“Um…. To be honest, I haven’t been doing so well, My King” she began.

“I mean, since you left the palace to the witches territory, I’d been so sick and worried regarding your safety. I wouldn’t even eat and kept praying to the goddess to make you reach safely. And now you’re back, I’m more like the happiest woman on earth” she expressed.

King Dakota, as usual, had no reaction on.

“Thank you for your care, Chaska” was all he could say after all. He was trying to fix the rope of his robe when Chaska rushed to him.

“Let me help you, please…” Her hands were so cold when they touched his, and her eyes looking so warm. King Dakota released his hands and let her and she was full of excitement as she took over.

“I always love this robe in particular…” She complimented.

“It various colors make it so beautiful”. Dakota said nothing.

“If there’s anything you’d want me to do for you, My King…” She suddenly looked up at him. “You should know I’m always…. available for you”.

Dakota scoffed.

“Thank you, Chaska. When I need you, I’ll let you know” he moved away from her and was about walking away when Chaska held his hand – tenderly. It had to take her a lot of guts to do that anyway.

“My King…” She cooed, maintaining an eye contact with him. “I think you’re tired and need some ma*s*sage. Let me help….”

It moved Dakota. She really wanted to be of help? Alright then.

“Go to the table” he ordered, releasing his hand from her grip. That was all Chaska needed to hear.

She could feel b*tterflies in her tummy and quickly, she walked to the table and bent over it. The King’s touch has always been so divine to her.

Dakota went over and standing behind her, lifted her dress and pulled down her undies. His hand on her bare skin sent shivers down her spine, those sparkles could be felt.

This man…. he’s always been the best for her. What could she possibly do to have him all to herself?

King Dakota unstrapped his belt and pulled down his trouser, his hardened rod bouncing out immediately.

He didn’t have time to waste, and also had this cranky hunger. So, without hesitation, he pushed himself deep into her.

Chaska’s back stretched; her head fell forward as she felt the big hard organ driving into her from behind. His thighs were touching hers and his hands reach out to yank her long hair.

“Ouch…” She m*oa*ned inaudibly when he gave her a sharp feel, right in her womanhood.

He withdrew and slammed into her again – harder and f0rcefully and her breath hitched as her chest shook against the table.

“My King….” She m*oa*ned out, her grip on the table getting tight.

Dakota pulled out again and slammed into her, then steadied the process with her hair in his hands. It was a swift horse riding.

The table shook heavily as Dakota pounded in and out of her – roughly. Well, with Chaska, he never had to be so gentle.

But, there was something else – something strange he could notice…

There was an intense séxual hunger he felt – one that couldn’t get quenched by the intercourse he was presently having. He couldn’t explain it.

He pulled her hair hard which hurt Chaska and made her scream, then falling back to the table again. His flesh going in and out of her was a little too hard and at that point, she felt she might not be able to take him anymore.

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