Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 6

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene


Shilah’s throat had ran dry, sweats dripped from her forehead as her heart resumed beating again. But this time around, extremely slow.

The Wolf in front of her let out a whimper, eyes glowing red, it imbued Shilah with so much fear.

She took a step back, her lips shaking. And immediately, she turned around and started running away – running like an antelope.

She could hear the growl behind her and the fast movement of the paws which indicated the wolf was chasing after her.


She panted heavily, her lips agaped. The sound of it’s barking and paws running through was getting louder and closer, and soon enough, scared Shilah felt something rip her off her feet.

“Arghhhh……….!” Her scream echoed in the forest as she landed roughly on the gra*s*sy ground, the hem leaves falling away from her hands.

She turned on the floor and her eyes contact with the scariest, yet most beautiful Mountain Lion she’d ever seen.

It was scary because she felt it was going to k*ll her – consume her.

Unimaginable fear coursed through her system as she stared at it, her entire body vibrating. It was standing so close to her, his eyes glowing red and depicting danger.

Glowing red…. Shilah gasped immediately.

Only an Alpha’s eyes could glow red. No….It can’t be.

She crawled back on her b*tts, her eyes not leaving it’s face.

“Please….” She whimpered, her voice cracking and a tear rolling down her cheek.

The Wolf let out a deep roar, his sharp fangs opened and Shilah was too scared to scream. It was going to k*ll her…! She was staring at death – right in the face.

“Please….!” She whimpered again, taking another crawl backwards.

But the Wolf also went closer to her until it covered her completely, she couldn’t move an inch anymore.

Something in Shilah told her he wanted to k*ll her,hurt her. But she couldn’t tell why he wasn’t doing it yet.

He lifted his declaw and scratched her arm with it, making it hurt so bad. But the fear in her heart wouldn’t let her even move a lid.




In the Vampires Community; In one of the clutches…It was actually the Most Powerful among all others.

The Powerful Ventrue, Also known as the leader of the Vampires – Lord Ryder – could be seen on his throne, enjoying the lady m*oa*ning in his arms as he s*ckled her with his two canine teeth stuck in her neck.

The Vampires in all, had six covens which were occupied by seven different group of Vampires called Clutches. Each Clutch had its own Vampire Lord, but it was known all across the six clutches that Lord Ryder’s clutch was the strongest.

They formerly had a very powerful VampLord, but not until he was k*lled and Lord Ryder had to take over. His death was still a mystery to all as his body was never even found. But as soon as he was gone, Lord Ryder – who was also very powerful – took over.

He was ‘known’ as the strongest Vampire, enhanced strength, enhanced sight, hearing, smell…. and hunger. He could feel the heartbeat of a human, thousands of metres away, whenever he was hungry.

He was 157 years old, but still looked 32, and that was because, that was the age he’d turned. Never aging.

A mere human would see him and admire him to be a fine young man; they’d have no idea he was actually someone that was over a hundred years old.

Back to the lady on his laps….

His boys had to drive out to a distant Village where mere humans reside, and there they were only able to get a human for his meal. He’d been so hungry and wouldn’t know what to do if they hadn’t gotten the human.

“Mmmm..!” The lady m*oa*ned deeply, his canines digging her up and s*cking out some more blood. It went on for a long while until the lady could no longer find any ple@sure in it,but pains.

The beginings were always exciting, but not until the s*cker is extremely hungry and starts s*cking more than your capacity.

The excitement on her face had melted down to a crumpled look as she felt her neck bone dividing.

“No…!” She struggled on his legs, but Ryder’s grip on her was too strong, even with the fact that he wasn’t struggling to do it.

All he had to do was have one hand around her belly, drawing her closer to him, and one hand one hand on her shoulders, giving her neck a better position.

He didn’t mind her cries, but continued s*ckling until her head had only a thin line from separating from her neck. And that was the point he dropped her – already a corpse.

He stood up from his throne immediately, crossed over her body on the floor and wiped his lip with his left thumb.

“Draco!” He called and the huge boy came running towards him.

“My Lord ..!” He bowed.

“Take care of the corpse. Is my Mistress in her room?” Ryder asked.

“Yes, My Lord. I’d seen her going in a while ago” Draco replied and with a nod, Ryder walked away, going to see his Mistress.

His Mistress – who was known as Lady Cami – could be seen in her room, on the bed with the letter in her hand.

A smile touched her lip as she read the content – her sister seemed so happy telling her the goodnews that her co-wife had given birth to a female child, after she’d been so scared it was going to be a male.

Lady Cami was excited because her sister’s happiness mattered a lot to her. Her sister was the first wife of her husband and she didn’t want any other wife to take her place.

Just then, she heard footsteps. Her hearing abilities got enhanced and she could tell someone was coming – very fast.

She quickly folded the letter up and placed it in her box. And at that point, the door went open with the VampLord showing up. Oh..! She should’ve known he was the one.

She stood up immediately, her gaze on the floor so she doesn’t have to look at him.

“Greetings, My Lord” she muttered.

Ryder said nothing as he left the door and walked towards her. His eyes had some leer…a lust.

He got to where she was, levelly and pilled her in a hug.

“Hmmm…” He sniffed on her shoulders and turned her around so he holds her behind.

Cami had so many thoughts running through her mind, most especially fear. She didn’t do anything wrong, did she? Of course, she didn’t. So, he has no reason to punish her.

“You haven’t come to see me this morning” he whispered into her ears, his hands trailing down to her belly.

“I’m… I’m sorry. I was just on my way to your chambers”: she lied.

Who would want me spend most of her time with someone like him? When he could hit her at any given point.

When around him, she was very choosy of her words so she doesn’t get to offend him.

“King Dakota declared a No Movement Day, in and out of his mountain. Are you aware?” He asked after some seconds, kissing her earlobe.

It sent some tingles down Cami’s spine..

“I heard the news yesterday” she replied.

“Mm..And do you have any idea what he has in mind? Why he ordered the lockdown?” Ryder whispered, getting Cami puzzled.

“I’m afraid not, My Lord. No one knows”.

“And why wouldn’t you know? After all, your sister – Queen Chaska – is his first wife. Doesn’t she tell you things anymore? Or are you beginning to hide things from me?”

Cami’s heart skipped at the bitterness in his voice. She really didn’t want to get him angry.

“I… I truly have no idea, My Lord. I promise. Even my sister doesn’t know” she answered with a little quiver and finally earned his trust.

Without a warning, he pushed her to the bed, making her fall roughly on it. Tho, she didn’t get hurt.

“Take those clothes off” he ordered grimly.

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