Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 54

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 54

Chaska walked into her children’s room and met her two daughters, playing on the bed with their baby dolls.

“Mother!” Urika, the youngest was the first to run to her, giggling and laughing.

“Hey honey” Chaska opened her arms wide and carried her from the floor.

The little one laughed happily in her arms.

“Good morning, Mother”. The eldest – Mavy – greeted from the bed with a bright smile.

“Hello, Mavy. How’re you two doing today?” Chaska asked, going closer to the bed with Urika in her arms.

“We’re fine'”.

“Oh, Mavy; don’t tell me you’re still playing with toys. You’ll be seven in a few months from now”. Chaska playfully tweaked her daughter’s ear.

“Oh, mother! Does it mean as I grow up, my activities get limited?” Mavy asked, those tiny pretty eyes of hers staring at Chaska.

She had her mother’s eyes.

“Well…. Something like that” Chaska touched her hair.

“It’s just that….the more you age, the more matured you get and it’s only wise for you to act same”.

Mavy wore a crumpled look, indicating she didn’t understand.

“Don’t worry, love. Very soon, you’ll understand”. Chaska smiled.

“Mother, can we go to father’s Chambers today? Or would he be busy as always?” Urika suddenly asked, putting on that pathetic look.

It hurt Chaska that her kids couldn’t get much of their father. Well, Dakota has always been a grumpy man, coupled with the fact that he needed a male child more.

“Don’t worry, honey” Chaska stroke her soft hair.

“Soon enough, we wouldn’t have to beg for your father’s attention. Soon enough, we’d become his favour and the only one he loves. Okay?”

“Okay” the kids muttered and continued playing with their toys.

Chaska thought deeply of him. She really loved that man. Too bad she couldn’t give him what he wants; hence, he had to look elsewhere.

And speaking of…..Why doesn’t she go check up on him? It’s been long enough already and he should be awake. Besides, Gina wasn’t back from the market yet for them to commence the thanksgiving.

So perhaps, she should go check up on the King and see if he was doing already. Besides, she couldn’t wait to hear how he’d thank and appreciate her for what she did. Hmph.

“I’ll be back’ she said to the kids, stood up and left.


King Dakota stood in his chambers with Pishan before him as he tried fixing his belt. He had just taken a good bath and was on his way to go check up on some new trainees.

“So…. you’re telling me Shilah’s tea makes you sleep?” Pishan asked, still finding the whole thing absurd.

“I can’t say what I’m unsure of Pishan” Dakota answered, putting on his robe jacket.

“It’s happened too many times to be a coincidence. After sèx with her, I get hungry and I’m able to eat. And each time she makes the tea, it puts me to sleep”.

Pishan scoffed, still trying to comprehend it.

He was more than happy that his friend and King was gradually getting a solutiont to his predicament; but his only ponder was, how is it possible it was just that lady?

“Doesn’t it make you curious?” He looked at Dakota and asked.

“I mean … this lady doesn’t even have an active jackal in her. For all we know, she’s powerless. Yet, every single thing she does to you, creates a difference. Doesn’t it puzzle you?”

“What can I say, Pishan? I’m as puzzled as you are. But, I think…. she’s just among those who are gifted with luck by the moon goddess. Perhaps, since she wasn’t given a mountain lion, the moon goddess decided to bless her with this tiny gift. She’s just …. unique” Dakota bent his head and muttered the last words, like one in deep thoughts.

Then, he sighed briefly and looked up at Pishan again.

“I already have a plan on utilizing it. Will be telling her about it later today”

“A plan?” Pishan arched a brow.

“What plan?”

Dakota said nothing immediately as he walked to the wardrobe and returned with his scarf.

“Are the trainees still waiting in the field?” He asked, sending another code to Pishan that he didn’t want to discuss the plan.

“Um…Yes. They’re all set and waiting for you” Pishan answered obligingly.

Few seconds passed and they didn’t say a word to each other as Dakota rounded up his touch on his looks.

“My King” Pishan called and he turned to look at him.

“I’ve been thinking…. Since Shilah seems to be this unique, do you think she could also create another difference and carry a male child?”

The question struck Dakota hard; he got frozen at the spot. His lids stilled and couldn’t blink as he just stared blankly at Pishan.

A male child.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, followed by one of his guards coming in.

“Sorry to disturb, My King. But Queen Chaska is here to see you”. He informed and awaited the King’s response.

It had to take Dakota sometime to regain stability.

“Let her in” he sighed and the guard left.

Almost immediately, Chaska walked in.

“Greetings, Queen” Pishan bowed.

“Oh! Greetings to you too, Pishan” Chaska beamed happily and took her gaze to Pishan.

Pishan knew the King would likely want some privacy with his wife.

“My King, I’ll be waiting outside” he bowed and left the room, leaving Dakota and Chaska alone in the room.

And with that, Chaska took in a deep reliving breath.

“Greetings, My beloved King and husband” she smiled, going closer to him.

“I trust you had a great night”.

“Yes, I did” Dakota sighed.

“How’re you doing, Chaska?”

“Oh! I’m fine; I’m awesome. As a matter of fact, I’ve never been this happy in a long time”.

“Really? And what makes you so happy?”

Dakota was standing with his hands crossed behind his back, looking so calm, despite the fact he was disturbed.

Chaska lowered her gaze and blushed at his question.

“Actually…. I’d come here earlier on to see you, but the guards told me you were asleep. Looks like ny tea worked afterall. I’m so excited, My King” she smiled, unable to hide the excitement.

For a second, Dakota was confused. Then, scoffed on comprehension

“I told you it was going to work, My King” Chaska continued.

“I made sure I…..”

“Your tea didn’t work for me, Chaska” Dakota cut her off.

“I had to wake Shilah later in the night and asked her to make me some tea and that was the only way I was able to fall asleep” he explained and watched the expression on Chaska’s face change drastically.




Remata was in her room, studying, when she heard a knock on the door.

She wore on the hoodie of her red garment over her head and stood up to answer the door and on opening it, she discovered it was Sister Mirinda.

“Sister Remata” Mirinda placed her palms together and lowered her head a little.

“Good morning to you”.

Remata couldn’t help but feel pleased, knowing she might have some goodnews for her.

“Sister Mirinda” Remata did same.

“Good morning to you too”.

They allowed a few seconds after the pleasantries.

“Um… Sister Remata” Mirinda began.

“About your request…. I actually did some investigations and got the answered you were looking for”.

Yes! Remata’s eyes beamed.

“Go on, Mirinda. What did you find?” She asked enthusiastically.

She was still standing in between the opened door, while Mirinda stood in front of her .

“Actually…. I went to the village and did some investigations. And I discovered…. Sister Sukie didn’t heal any woman from there. As a matter of fact, the villagers said no witch had come over there to heal anyone. So…. I think everything Sukie said – travelling for two days to heal someone, receiving those gifts, letters, jewelries – they were all a lie. None of them came from a woman, or that village”.

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