Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 28

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 28

Yeah,he knew about it. If there was anyone who knew Dakota’s deepest secrets, it was Pishan.

“Yes” he replied, taking his seat.

“Why did you have to make her your wife, Dakota?” He asked. “I mean, she’s powerless. Don’t you think it’s not really nice for your reputation?”

“You shouldn’t worry about that, Pishan; It’s not like she’d be serving any purpose here, anyway” he paused and took up a sheet from the table.

“Here” he handed it to Pishan. “these are the tasks I want you and my brother, Raksha, to carry out. Work hand in hand with him and get them done”.

Pishan glanced through the list.

“As you wish, My King. I’ll meet up with him soon” Pishan said, then halted.

“My King”, he continued.

“The general meeting coming up in three days time, which of your wives would be accompanying you?”

The meeting between the Alphas of every wolf pack, and the Lord of every Vampire clutch. It was originally scheduled to take place the following day, but due to some circumstances, had to be postponed to three more days. It was a very special meeting that only happens once in every three full moon, and each Alpha was expected to come with his Queen.

“I don’t know yet, Pishan. Will figure that out” Dakota answered casually, taking an empty scroll and drawing his inked feather closer.

Pishan realized he wanted to get busy, and decided to give him some privacy.

“I’ll take my leave now” he bowed and left the room.


Shilah stood in front of the window, her heart beating so heavily in her chest. The sun had already gone down, and she knew in no time, darkness would take over.

Her hands wouldn’t stop sweating.

*You have three nights* the King’s words kept replaying in her head.

Three nights. And those three nights were finally over; they were finally here. Tonight, she was going to be in the King’s bed, no excuses. She was going to lose her virginity to him; the virginity she’s kept all her life. Did it really had to boil down to this?

She suddenly felt thirsty and looked around, but discovered there was no water. Oh! And there was no maid around either.

She walked out of the room, going to get some water. She was so nervous and wasn’t thinking straight.

Walking down the hallway she came across two maids who bowed and greeted her. Well, only one did. The other just stared blankly at her. Anyway, she wouldn’t blame them for disrespecting her; she didn’t even have a proper marriage with the King; wasn’t properly announced. As far as she was concerned, she was only there to be punished. And that was probably the same way every other person looks at her.

She’s spent the past 2 days minding her business, always being indoors and staring through the window each time she needed some air, or needed to have a view of the people moving about. That has been the kind of boring life she’s had.

The thought of escaping usually dawns on her, but she thought about what would happen if she eventually gets caught. The King had connections everywhere and there was absolutely no place she would run to, that would prevent him from finding her. So, she didn’t want to add to the mess she was already in.

Getting to the end of the hallway, she found Queen Nosheba walking towards her direction, and her nervousness increased.

Oh! She really didn’t want to have anything to do with any of them.

She made sure her gaze was well glued to the floor as she approached her; her maid was right behind her.

“Greetings, My Queen” she greeted with a bow when they got caught up.

“And what makes you think I accept greetings from unfortunate commoners?” Nosheba asked with a scoff as she stopped walking.

Shilah also turned to look at her.

“You should know your cla*s*s, you powerless thing. Simply because you’re in the palace, doesn’t mean you’re a Queen. And I’d advise you; stay far away from me. Try to match up with my standards before you talk to me”. She huffed and walked away, having a glare on.

Shilah stood and stared at her as she walked away, her heart breaking apart at at the words she said to her.

She felt some sobs trying to rack her throat, but quickly gulped it down.

“I told you to always mind your business” she heard a voice and quickly turned to see Queen Dyani walking towards her from a corner.

She sniffed and blinked back the tear that was trying to make it down her lids.

“I told you; that’s the only way I’ve managed to survive in here – by always minding my business” Dyani added.

“I know. I… I just didn’t want her to think me disrespectful by not greeting her” Shilah stuttered, trying to stop her voice from wavering.

And Dyani smiled and placed her hand on her shoulder.

“It’s Okay. Where were you headed anyways?” She asked calmly.

“To um… get some water. Was just thirsty” Shilah sniffed.

“Oh! Come with me; I can give you some in my room”.

They turned around and were about walking away when they suddenly heard someone call:

“Queen Shilah!”

Shilah turned immediately and discovered it was a guard.

Oh, no….

The armed guard marched towards them, and stopped when he stood in front of Shilah.

“Greetings, My Queen” he bowed to Dyani.

“Greetings to you too”, Dyani replied with a wave.

Then, he turned to Shilah and said:

“The King wants you in his chambers”.

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