Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 27

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 27

Chaska”s m*oa*ns filled the room as the King pounced into her, in and out; roughly.

“Oh! My K-ing. My King!” Her breath hitched.

Legs wrapped around his waist, her hands wrapped around his shoulders, her head was thrown back on the pilloe as she screamed and m*oa*ned in e*cstasy. She knows the King too well; he could be a monster in bed most times, and she couldn’t tell if it was the doing of his wolf, or him, himself.

The hard díck was slamming in and out of her, not minding if he was bruising the walls of her vàgina already. The m*oa*ns wouldn’t stop escaping Chaska’s lips, and at some point, she’d scream. The bed rustled heavily, unable to bear their violent possession, and with Dakota’s hands gripping the sheets right above Chaska’s head, he was never going to get tired.

The thrusts persisted, Chaska’s echoing m*oa*ns and cries continued, until finally, King Dakota reached his climax and pulled out of her.

“Hah!” She let out a sharp gasp, breathing out in relief as she was finally free from the King’s brutal obsession. The hard feel of his huge manhood sliding out of her made her feel like her vàgina has been imprisoned for a very long time. While she laid there on the bed, trying to catch her breath and strength, King Dakota was already putting on his clothes.

“You should leave, Chaska” his hard voice came, as he fixed his belt and Chaska was stunned. Was he chasing her out?

Well, the King was never the type to make use of appropriate words.

She reached for her clothes and put them on, then stood up afterwards and went to meet him.

No doubt, her hair was a mess. And her pelvíc had a burning pain.

“My King….” She cooed, her hands going over his shoulders.

“Did I please you?”

“Of course you did, Chaska” he mumbled and moved away from her, going over to his table.

One more task….

“My King” Chaska drawled.

“Can I spend the night with you? At least for today?”

“I don’t want that, Chaska. You should leave” came the grumpy reply.

Oh, no….


Chaska please” he cut her off.

“I need sometime alone”.

Chaska’s face wore a frown immediately as she felt bittered by his words. Why does he always prefer sleeping alone? Why wouldn’t he let her grace his bed, like a wife should?

She sighed deeply.

“Goodnight… My King” she mumbled and left, wanting him to know she was upset.

Of course, she knew that would never get him to change his mind.



King Dakota spared her a glance from the edges of his book as she left.

Spend a night with him – the words resounded in his head. Who wouldn’t a woman on his bed? A woman beside him, to hug and cuddle him while he sleeps? A woman he could get intimate at any time of the night? Who wouldn’t want that?

But, unfortunately it couldn’t be possible for someone like him as he was doomed; The curse doomed him! What if he wolf gets awakened later in the night, and hurts her? What if he gets uncontrollable?

Why did he have to be such an unfortunate King?


The frown was glued to Chaska’s face as she walked out of the King’s chambers. Why wouldn’t he let her spend the night with him? She’s always wanted to do that; know what it’s gonna feel like sleeping beside him with her head placed on his broad chest. Why does he have to keep restricting her all the time, huh?

Anyways, it was a good thing it wasn’t just her alone; but his other wives as well.

Yes; neither of the wives has ever spent the night in his room.

Lifting her gaze from the floor, they ran into Queen Nosheba who was coming ahead of her. Oh….

Chaska quickly got rid of the frown on her face and replaced it with a triumphant smile instead. She held her shoulders high and was greatful her hair was a bit rough. At least, they’d serve as some evidence.

Nosheba, on the other hand, was surprised and disappointed, seeing Chaska walking down the hallway leading to the King’s chambers. Could it mean she had gone to see the King?

“Hello, Nosheba” Chaska grinned when she got to where she was, and they stopped walking.

Nosheba was one pretty woman, tho, but had a very mean face.

“Oh! Don’t tell me you’re going to see the King?” Chaska continued.

“Actually, I think that’s a bad timing as I’m so sure the King would be very exhausted by now. You know, I just finished…. pleasuring him, and that’s the reason you see my hair so ruffled”.

She paused and chuckled, loving the rage on Nosheba’s face.

“I didn’t ask for an explanation, Chaska” Nosheba glared.

“You shouldn’t had gone through the stress”.

“Oh! I know; I just feel like giving you a heads-up anyways. Have a nice time, Nosheba” she winked at her and walked away.

Whoever thinks the King wasn’t going to be hers, was definitely a big joker. The King would forever be hers, and hers alone.




Pishan – the King’s gamma stood in front of the window with a smile on his face as he read the letter Sukie had sent to him:

*I received your letter, Pishan,

and want you to know I’ve forgiven you.

You just learn to watch your tongue next time.

And oh; don’t worry; I actually smiled after reading your letter*.

He chuckled, reading it over and over again.

Oh, Sukie – a young pretty lady. How nice it would’ve been to spend more time with her.

He exhaled deeply and fixed the paper into one of his belongings, then walked out of the room.

He felt this unexplained joy in his heart as he walked towards the King’s chambers. Sukie – he couldn’t tell why he felt so much ease, each time he thinks of her. She’s the only female that has made him feel this way, actually.

He tried shrugging the thoughts off as he approached the King’s chambers and knocked on the hard door.

“Enter” King Dakota’s voice replied, and Pishan opened the door and went in immediately.

Dakota was standing in front of his closet, seemingly searching for something.

“Pishan” he called, sparing him a glance.

“Is there a problem?”

“Of course, not. Greetings, My King”. Pishan bowed in obeisance.

Dakota said nothing as he continued riffling through his clothes, and that moment, Pishan took out time to look at him.

Oh, Dakota; the King he has so much pity for. The most Powerful, yet cursed King. He was feared and respected by all, yet, was dying slowly. Dying of son-lees-ness, dying of loneliness, sleeplessness, and probably hunger.

Despite the fact he never shows it, Pishan was very much aware the King was hungry most times, but was mostly unable to eat. He wondered how he was still able to maintain his broad shoulders. Well, despite the fact he still had his broad shoulders on and all, a sensitive person could tell he wasn’t as healthy and plumpy as he should be.

And to think the next full moon was just around the corner, he couldn’t help but feel more terrible – recalling what it does to him.

Dakota finally found what he was looking for in his wardrobe – his head scarf- and as he tied it round his head, he headed back to his table.

“Shilah will be on your bed tonight, right?” Pishan asked.

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