Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 26

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 26

Shilah was invisibly shaking as she stood in front of the King who didn’t make a move for a long time. Why was he so fond of doing this, huh? Imbuing so much fear with his silence?

She fiddled with the tip of her nails and shook a little when she noticed him close his book.

“Shilah” he called, his voice echoing with some venom.

He dropped the book and went for another.

“M…. My King. Greetings My King”, she stuttered.

That was when it dawned on her that she didn’t greet him in time.

A short silence, then

“Why are you powerless?” He asked, bringing out a new book from the heap.

The question stroke hard at Shilah. What? She wasn’t expecting such question….

She lowered her gaze to the floor and it had to take her sometime before she was able to find the right words to say.

“I was…. born this way, My King” she replied, feeling so pained and ashamed of herself .

She wouldn’t say she was surprised the King could tell she was powerless; that’s just the way it has been; everyone that comes close to her could sense she was powerless. How pathetic.

“You were born this way?” Dakota repeated, sounding surprised.

That would actually be the first powerless mountain lion he was getting to meet.

“Y…Yes, My King. I have no idea why” she answered.

King Dakota nodded slightly as he regained his position and opened the new book in his hand.

He said nothing immediately, but started reading.

“You can leave” he finally said, getting Shilah relived.

So… That was all he wanted to know?

“Thank you, My King” she bowed and turned towards the door.

“Don’t forget you have two more nights” King Dakota suddenly said, making her heart skip a beat.

Oh, no….

She halted at the door and glanced at him. And saying nothing, she turned around and left.


It was almost dark.

Queen Chaska walked towards the King’s chambers with the small tray in her hand; the tray containing the King’s tea.

Her long dress swept the floor behind her and the jewelries round her hair fitted for a crown, tho there wasn’t any yet. Only the Luna could wear a crown.

She arrived at the King’s door and received a bow from the guards.

“Is the King in? I wish to see him” she demanded, voice strict and authoritative.

“I’ll let him know” one of the guards said, then went in and returned shortly.

“You can go in, My Queen” he stepped out of the way, and Chaska walked in, gloriously.

King Dakota was writing on some scrolls in front of his table.

Oh! That’s the only thing he knows how to do in his chambers; it was either he was reading, or writing. Poor powerful King.

“Greetings, My King” she greeted with a sweet smile.

“Chaska” Dakota gruffed.

“How’re you doing?”

“I’m doing awesome, My King”

She set the tea down beside him. “Made you your tea…”

“I’m not interested, Chaska. It’s useless taking that” Dakota cut in, not minding if it’d get her hurt.

“Have faith, My King” Chaska placed her hand on his shoulder and said.

“Have faith and believe it’ll work”.

Dakota sighed and shurgged.

“Fine”. He muttered and continued writing.

Then, Chaska went round to stand behind him and started ma*s*saging his shoulders.

“My King” she cooed. “I want to apologize for my indulging in an argument with you yesterday. It wasn’t intentional, My King, you should understand that as a woman, I’m bound to have flip of emotions. I want you to know I’ll always support everything you do; every decision you make”.

“I have no problem with you, Chaska. If I did, you wouldn’t be standing behind me” Dakota said angrily, making Chaska twitch a little.

She smiled and turned round to stand in front of him.

“Maybe…. There’s something I can do to please you… My King?” Her smile was so seductive, eyes so luring, she lowered herself to her knees.

Dakota’s hands stopped moving on the scroll.

Chaska felt pleased with herself, knowing she had been able to get his attention. She smiled more as she unhooked his belt and pulled down the fabric until the big flesh came bouncing out. Hm… it had become so hard so quickly.

She wrapped her fingers around it, pulling out the full size completely from it’s sheath; Dakota could feel himself getting filled with ple@sure.

Chaska stroke the hard flesh gently, before lowering her lips to it and engulfing it in her tiny mouth; it made her cheeks shoot out.

“Mmmm” she hummed hard, going deep and pulling out to the tip afterwards.

“I like how you taste, My King” she gave one of his balls a tiny bite.

Dakota grunted in immeasurable ple@sure, gripping her hair tight and pushing her downwards so she swallows him down.

Chaska loved the King’s response as it indicated she was doing a great job. She was the only one that could do it best; the only one that could please him this way. No one, and absolutely no one can ever take her place.



To be continued:


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