Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 221

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene 

Chapter 221 Shilah’s Request

“The Alpha King demands to see you. He’s waiting in the third room down the hall” the guard supplied, making everyone else look at him.

Shilah, even with how cold she had become, wouldn’t deny having her brows quirk for a mini-second when the words hit her ears. King Dakota?

She glanced back at her father’s unconscious body before looking at the guard. And with just a bop, they left the room.

King Dakota stood patiently by the window, gazing through it. Though, his eyes were there, but his sight were elsewhere. He never thought he’d be so uneasy meeting with his fourth wife. He never thought a day would come when he’d have to contemplate on the words to use on her.

Of course, his mind was not fully made up, but listening to Pishan’s advise and persistence, he decided to give it a try.

He stood there gently, his hands at his back while loving the serenity of the room, but that peace was tainted when he heard the door behind him slid open.

Without turning, he knew it was her, he could smell it was her. That scent, the one that always hugged him in bed. How would he ever forget?

He heard the door go close with a couple of strides being heard next. And finally, he turned to have a look. His eyes gave a beam as they beheld her sight – the new Shilah walking in with an unusual calmness. Even with how calm her steps were, they contradicted with her fierce look – her dark, vengeful eyes. She looked nearly like a goddess – a goddess in black and made Dakota ponder where his wife could truly be. Could she still be found in the very woman in front of him?

With a light breath, he walked forward but stopped with a good distance between them. And for a while, the duo just stood, gazing at each other, saying nothing.

While the King wondered if his wife was still in there, Shilah on the other hand, wondered if her husband still had the same eyes for her. She wondered if he still looked at her the same way or saw her as something evil.

“Hi, Shilah” The King finally broke the silence, deciding to take the bold step.

Shilah dallied a little. “Greetings, King Dakota” she broke the eye contact and bowed.

The King could feel his arms yearning to stretch out and hug her, he could feel his skin wanting so bad to feel her on them, but his poor mind wondered if it’d be accepted.

“The guard told me you sent for me”, Shilah added, not wanting another silence to break in.

“Oh…Yes, I did” King Dakota paused and took another step closer. “How have you been, Shilah? It’s been…months”.

Now, that was the expected question. Shilah pinned her gaze to the floor – uncomfortably. “It’s a long story, but I’ve been fine” she said in a mutter.

“Did you think it was unnecessary to write to me?” His question made Shilah look at him. “I was worried about you, Shilah. I had to duplicate images of you with a reward on your head. I did everything to find you and for a moment, I thought you were dead. I had no idea you were alive the whole time. Why didn’t you try to reach me? Or come back home? Did you think it wasn’t necessary?”

The whole time he spoke, Shilah just gazed at him and when he was done, she lowered her eyes to the floor.

“I’m sorry about that”, she uttered. “But like I earlier said, it’s a long story. I didn’t do any of those on purpose.” A knock interrupted them, and turning to it, Shilah made it go open on its own. It was a guard.

“Alpha King, Queen Shilah” The guard humbly bowed. “Sorry for interrupting, but Lord Achlys is trying to come awake”.

Shilah’s heart gave a slight leap. “You can leave”, she ordered and the guard bowed and left immediately. Then, she turned back to Dakota.

“I’m sorry, but I have to go now. There is something I need to handle”. The King allowed a brief silence.

“I don’t know for sure if we might have another opportunity to meet this way,” he said. “But I’d really love to hear that long story of yours, Shilah. Would you be chanced to come over to the Palace? For dinner?”

A part of Shilah’s cheeks tickled red. It was only for a mini-second, but the King was fast enough to notice it. And right there, some days of hope beamed through him – it gave him the relief that his wife was still in there, somewhere.

“Is that…a date?” She asked sardonically,

“I do not think it should be considered one, considering you’re my wife”, The King’s reply wasn’t what she expected. She swiftly looked at him and with the expression in her eyes, it made the King wonder if she had forgotten she was his wife.

“Let’s make it lunch”, she consented. “I’ll try to be there in four days time”.

“Fair enough”.

Afterwards, she headed for the door.

“Shilah” The King called just when she was about turning the knob. She had to look at him, their eyes getting locked for some seconds.

“Thank you for yesterday, for stepping in when you did”.

A light smile beamed p@ssher lips – it was a smile that reminded the King of just how beautiful she was. A smile he never thought he’d see again.

And in that calm tone of hers, she responded, “it’s nothing. You’re welcome”, and finally left.

Stepping out of the room, Shilah took in a deep breath, closed her eyes and by the time they came open, it was more like she had snapped back to the new Shilah. Her steps changed, her eyes grew colder and everything around her screamed danger.

The few people she came across kept bowing as she walked p@ss- even those she wasn’t Queen to. Well, nobody wanted to get in her bad books, seeing what she was capable of.

She walked all the way to her father’s room and getting in, she found him tossing from side to side. Cami was seated beside him, holding his hand, while three of the VampLords stood and watched.

“Shilah”, she called ruefully. “I think he’s about to wake up”.

Shilah ran her eyes through the room. “Is the blood available?”

“Yes. A quick volunteer was around”, Lord Sobek replied as he pointed to the cup for her.

Then, Shilah looked back at her father. It was obvious he was so close to regaining consciousness.

“May I ask to be alone with him?” Her question stroke the curiousity of everyone – especially Cami.

“But why, Shilah?” She inquired.

“It’d only be for a while. I just want to be the first he sees when he wakes up”, with how icy her tone was, it was difficult for anyone to oppose. Her words didn’t just sound like a request, but an order.

Cami, who had really wanted to be there when her father wakes up, couldn’t help but feel disappointed. She looked tenderly at him and kissed his palm.

“I’ll be back, father” she muttered and stood up.

“Please, let me know as soon as you’re done”, she told Shilah who said nothing in return. And with the rest of the VampLords, she walked out of the room.

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