Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 220

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene 

Chapter 220 The Alpha King

By morning, the ride continued to RYDER’S clutch. This time around, Cami rode closely behind Shilah, though she didn’t try starting up conversations as she could tell the lady wasn’t a much talker.

They rode for a long time with the people following closely behind them until finally, they arrived at the clutch. Everyone, including Shilah, climbed down from their horses and all eyes turned on Ryder.

“What are you waiting for, Ryder? Take us to him!” One of the elders queried impatiently, not minding the fact he was still tied.

The once fearless Lord who was now filled with conniption and contrition, bowed his head in silence. He couldn’t believe how much he was surrounded by the people that feared him, people that respected him. His own people…! He couldn’t believe he was being a made ridicule in front of everyone. What would await him after revealing Lord Achlys? Would it be death?

Seeing how he dallied, Shilah went close and pulled him by his ropes.

“Are you trying to test my patience?” She growled into his ears. “Look into my eyes, Ryder, you’ll know I do not have time for this”.

Slowly, Ryder lifted his eyes to hers. Badly, he wanted to spit on her, kick her and make her know just how much he hated her. He wanted to hit and make her suffer, but looking at the restrains on his hands and legs, and the people around him – his very own people – he felt awful.

So, bowing his head in ignominy, he muttered: “I’ll take you to him”.

And with that, he began walking away while the people curiously followed. He walked them all the way to the tunnel, got deeper into it until they stood in front of the shut door.

“I’ll need my key. It’s in my room” He muttered, but to his surprise, Shilah stretched forth her hand, making the door effortlessly go open.

The people around gasped and began to mumble amongst themselves.

“She’s really a witch”.

“I believe she’s Ayita’s daughter”, Their whispers were audible enough.

Right there in the opened room, they could clearly see a coffin. A tear left Cami’s eye as she stepped forward.

“There… there is a man in that coffin” She pointed out. “I’ve seen it before. There is someone there and it’s probably my father”.

With raging eyes, Ryder turned to her. “You have been sneaking on…”

But before he could get the words out of his mouth, Cami shut him up with a slap – a hard one.

“You are worst than a monster” She glared. “And that slap is for everything you’ve done to me – all the pains you caused me. For years, you had my father locked in a coffin while you took me as your mistress and maltreated me like a slave. I hate you, Ryder! And I hope you die miserably”, she slapped him again but was quickly pulled back by some persons.

Ryder was short of words, seeing his petty mistress do that to him. On a normal day, she shivered at his sight, but now, she could slap him? Was there a greater humiliation than that?

He couldn’t have enough time to ponder on it as Shilah had swiftly pushed him in.

“Open the coffin, Ryder” She ordered and with dawdled steps, he went closer and opened it.

“It’s really him!” One of the VampLords gasped.

“It’s Lord Achlys!” Another confirmed.

“So, Ryder really had him locked up the whole time?”

Shilah looked into the coffin to behold the face of her father. Though, his skin was dried up and his face all white, she could confirm it was the same person she had seen in her visions.

“Father!” Cami whimpered as she ran to him. She tried pulling out the dagger from his chest but flinched when it burnt her.

“Argh!” She shrieked and withdrew her hand quickly, wondering why it burnt.

“He’s the only one that can take it out” Shilah announced. “He made it that way so just incase the coffin ever gets found, there wouldn’t be a way to save Lord Achlys. And this is the man you wanted to make your King”.

“I cannot believe this. This is despicable” one of the elders taunted.

“Why would you do a thing like this, Ryder? What exactly is your reason? Just for power?” Another shook his head in disbelief.

Looking into Shilah’s eyes, Ryder could tell what her next commander would be. So, without being told, he got hold of the dagger and pulled it out.

Silence stepped in as everyone went curious, wondering what next would happen. With their eyes pinned on Lord Achlys, they watched the veins on his face slowly fading away. Though, the paleness was still there.

“He’ll take some time to be fully awake”, Shilah noted. “We should take him to a room and watch till he’s awake”.

Quickly, four guards stepped forward and carefully pulled him out of the coffin, then began walking away with him.

Shilah made to follow them.

“What happens with Ryder?” A question from the crowd stopped her.

She turned around to see the fear in Ryder’s eyes, and the desperation on the people’s faces. For a moment, Ryder thought of dropping his pride and pleading for mercy, but it was too late as the words left Shilah’s lips: “Do as you please with him”.

And walking away, she could hear the people pounce on him while he began to scream for help.


Shilah followed the guards to the room her father was kept. Cami went with them, including some VampLords.

“I always knew there was something fishy about Ryder” Lord Sobek said as they watched Achlys being laid on the bed. “Even when he’d initiated the idea of taking power from the Alpha King, I was never in support, but these selfish men right here had given it their all” he glared at the rest of the Lords in the room.

“Come on, Sobek, that is in the past, okay? We were all deceived by Ryder. We thought…”

“Deceived?” Sobek scoffed. “Ryder didn’t f0rce you to believe him. He didn’t f0rce you to agree with him!”

The VampLords glanced at Shilah, fearing she might get angry and use her powers on them.

“Just shut it, Sobek!” Lord Osric gritted. “We’ve apologized to the Alpha King already, he said he’s forgiven us and that should be enough!”

“He’ll be hungry when he comes awake” Shilah broke in, not sparing them a stare. “You should get him some fresh blood”.

The VampLords glanced at each other.

“I’ll look for some volunteers” One of the guards bowed and left.

Just then, another guard walked in. Shilah recognized him from Dakota’s Palace.

“Queen Shilah” He bowed. “The Alpha King demands to see you. He’s waiting in the third room down the hall”.

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