Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 219

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene 

Chapter 219 The Bond

From the theater, the journey began to Ryder’s Clutch. It looked just like a troop as even most people from the crowd wanted to witness Lord Ryder awakening Lord Achlys. It was a sight not one would want to miss- especially for the Vampires.

The top ones rode on their horses while the rest who didn’t have a horse, followed up on foot. Ryder war also given a horse but had his hands tied to the reins.

It was Impossible getting to the clutch in a day. So, by nightfall, they all had to camp and with their large numbers, it wasn’t difficult setting up tents. But, the tents were limited, thus, majority of the people needed to sleep outside while most of the Alphas and VampLords had to share spaces. But, for someone like Shilah, she had her own space – her own tent. Even if it was possible to share, everyone felt scared going close to her as they feared she might end up choking them.

King Dakota had barley spoken a word since they left the theater. His heart had been too heavy and tongue too tied.

Seated in his tent, he kept staring into space with his hands clasped together, the numerous thoughts playing through his head. He didn’t even notice Pishan walk in from behind, not until he took a seat beside him and for a while, the duo were silent.

“Don’t you think you should talk to her?” Pishan finally broke the silence, his eyes staring at the burning candle before him. But the King was silent for a while.

“And what do I say?” He muttered. “What exactly do we talk about, Pishan?”

He signed and brushed his fingers into his hair.

“When I looked at her at the theater, she looked so different. I tried so hard but couldn’t find the Shilah I knew. And when she looked at me… her eyes were different, I don’t even know if she recognizes me or something because, she acted like she was completely different”. He turned slightly to Pishan.

“Where do you think she’s been for two months? How did she get so powerful and… hard-hearted? I never believed she was indeed, Ayita and Achlys’ daughter, but she confirmed it herself. So… that means she’s not even a wolf, but a vampire and a witch, and that makes our relationship complicated.

“Now, it’s all clear to me – the Seer’s words some months ago. He’d told me Shilah would become Powerful and hard-hearted. I guess this is it. I never wanted to believe it and now, I fear I’ve lost my wife”.

“But, don’t you think she came back for you?” Pishan interfered. “I mean, she stopped the fight, exposed Ryder’s secrets and even apologized to you. I know she’s different but, I do not think she means any harm for you. I actually think…she still cares and that’s the reason she intervened”.

King Dakota exhaled deeply as he covered his face in his palms.

“I’ve missed her so much” He muttered. “Terribly. For two months, I longed for her embrace, longed to see her face. And now I’ve finally seen her, I don’t even know what to think. I just feel…she might actually push me away if I go close”.

“You shouldn’t conclude without trying. Just give it a try, My King. Go to her”. Pishan urged, but the King shook his head.

“Not today. My head is still too heavy. Not today”.


Lady Cami felt a little nervous going into Shilah’s tent. She had stood at the entrance for a long time, just contemplating and wondering if she’d be welcomed or not.

Though, she had met her before ar the Alpha King’s Palace, but she looked so different from then. She lingered at the entrance for sometime until finally, she summoned up the courage and went in.

Shilah was seated and sharpening her knife when she felt someone come into her tent. Swiftly, she turned to have a look and discovered it was Lady Cami – Ryder’s Mistress and also…Lord Achlys’ daughter.

When Shilah looked at her with those dark eyes, Cami felt a slight shiver, but it only lasted for a second as she f0rced herself to smile the next moment.

“H… Hi” she waved. “Um… hope I’m not disturbing?” Shilah spared her a head – to – toe glance before turning away.

“You can come in” she muttered as she resumed sharpening her knife.

Cami cleared her throat and stepped forward. “Uhm…how are you doing?”

“I’m fine. And you?” Shilah wasn’t looking at her.

“Well, I’ve never been so better my whole life” Cami chuckled, making Shilah pause to glance at her.

“I… I know you think I should be mad about Lord Ryder getting convicted, but the truth is – I’m the happiest it happened.

Being Ryder’s mistress was the worst thing I’ve ever done and I’m so glad you helped bring me out of it. I was nothing but a slave, a tool for s*e*x and t*ortur*e. I wanted badly to leave, but he’d threaten and beat me up most of the time. He became my nightmare. And to think…he did all these to me while having my father locked up? It’s despicable!” There was so much pain in her voice, but Shilah only focused on sharpening her knife.

“The first time I met you” Cami went on. “To be honest, I’d felt a kind of bond. I had no idea you were my step sister”, she smiled. “I’m actually so happy it had to be you, Shilah, I feel so lucky right now. And I’m so sure our father cannot wait to have us”.

“Cami” Shilah called with a sigh, halting her hands. “Honestly, I’m happy I have a big sister. But, talking about our father, I’m not so sure he can be a bond between us. And to be frank, I’m not doing this because I want to save him, I’m doing this because I want everyone to see the monster Ryder is. It’s the first step of my plan”.

Cami was muddled about the “plan” aspect. Like, did she have other plans? But talking about her pain towards their father, she wouldn’t blame her.

“I understand how you feel towards father”, She said with her gaze down. “I know you’re hurt because he denied you from conception and betrayed your mother, but I believe he had his reasons”.

“I know” Shilah cut in. “And he can keep that reason to himself while I keep mine”, she resumed sharpening her knife, her tone so hard. It made Cami fear any further pressure on the topic might arouse a different spark.

She had nothing to say for a while, not until he thought of leaving.

“Um…” She tucked her hair behind her ear. “Is it possible to…share the tent with you? We’re actually out of tents”.

It took Shilah some time to respond, but when she finally did, it was a Yes.

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