Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 19

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 19

Queen Nosheba sat on the bed with the little baby fast asleep in her arms. As she stared at the cute innocent face, she couldn’t help but feel a little bit of inclination for the breathing soul. If only it was a boy….

She had deeply prayed and hoped it was going to be a boy. She could recall bragging about it. She was so hopeful that with a male child, the King would definitely chose her as his Luna when it was time. Chosing of the Luna was one important thing in the pack and in a short time from now, the King would be chosing one amongst his wives. The Luna would become the most superior Queen, the highest amongst all others and the second in command to the King.

Nosheba had been so hopeful everything’would go as planned, she’d become the King’s favorite and win his heart.

Why did it have to go wrong? Why bringing such shame and embarra*s*sment to her?

Even the King…. she had given him so much hope that the baby was going to be a boy. Perhaps, that was the reason he hadn’t even paid her a visit since the delivery. He probably doesn’t want to see her shameful face.

Anyway, it still wasn’t enough reason for him to neglect her and treat her like some total stranger. She was still his wife and a Queen. He shouldn’t just dump her like the World has come to an end already.

The door opened shortly with three maids walking in with big trays. One contained some covered plates, the other contained some drinks, and the other some fruits.

“Greetings, My Queen” they all bowed when they stood in front of her bed.

“We brought you your meal”.

Nosheba said nothing as she laid her sleeping baby carefully beside her on the bed.

“You can drop it and leave” she answered and they all set it down.

Two left, while the last one stayed behind. That was her personal maid.

“What is it, Nivea?” She asked, knowing she must have some information for her.

The maid, with a lowered gaze, walked towards her on the bed and whispered in her ears:

“The King has taken a fourth wife”.

Nosheba’s eyes dimmed immediately, some sparkles coming out as well.

Whaaaat???? What nonsense did she just hear???

“What’re you talking about, Nivea?” She rasped. “how can you say such a thing??”

“It’s the truth, My Queen. They just got married. I heard she’d vi*olated his lockdown order yesterday and to punish her, decided to take her as his wife”. The maid explained, but Nosheba could hardly believe her ears.

“That’s ridiculous!” She roared.

“How can he punish her by making her his wife? It doesn’t make any sense!”.

The maid was silent, knowing her job there was done. She speaks more and the Queen would definitely vent her anger on her.

“Dakota is just being unreasonable!” She stood up from the bed and paced around the room.

“He barely cares for the three wives he has, yet he’s thinking of adding one more”.

She suddenly stopped walking.

“Get my things ready, Nivea” she said.

“My expensive clothes, my jewelries – everything that depicts my royalty. I’ve wasted too much time already and now, it’s time I take over”.


Shilah had gone into the bathroom for a bath and was more amazed when she saw how big, neat and beautiful it looked. Of course, what was she expecting from the King’s palace?

After taking her cold bath, she tied a cloth around her w*et n├áked body and returned to the room to find something suitable to wear. But checking the closet, she couldn’t find any casual dresses like the one she could wear back there at home when she’s working. All she could see were long big dresses, mantua and the rest – all meant to make her look more big and queenly. But she wasn’t ready to look that way. Oh! She’s never planned for this life; not anytime soon.

She saw some few different dresses but it was so obvious they were dresses that should only be worn at night. So, what does she wear now?

She decided to wear one of them since they looked more simple. And being tired, she laid on the big bed to sleep.


“Take off your clothes, Shilah. If I have to say it again, it’d be with a whip on your back” his cold words breezed on her ears, sending more shivers down her spine.

She held her dress tightly to her chest… not wanting to let go.

“M… My King… I’m a virgin” her voice was too weak to produce the words, she had to mutter them.

“And you’re my wife. Don’t forget; I own you now, forever. And can chose to put an end to your life at will. Now, for the last time, take off your clothes …”



Shilah opened her eyes to herself panting heavily; fearfully.

She sat up on the bed immediately, her hands on her chest. That was a terrible dream; a very bad dream. The King trying to have intercourse with her?

Oh, no! She wasn’t ready for that. But, what was she really expecting? She was married to this man already and from what she knows, her husband can have full access to her body.

No! She wasn’t ready for this! Couldn’t do it!

Her eyes caught the sight of the window immediately and her brows arched, realizing it was dark. Oh…she had no idea it was late already. She didn’t have a meal.

Just then, the door opened with the King’s gamma coming in. Pishan stopped at the door and looked at her, keenly. It was obvious to him she’s been sleeping.

Shilah, on the other hand, startled a little when she saw him. What could he possibly want?

“Get dressed” he suddenly said.

“The King wants you in his room. Now”.

Shilah’s eyes dimmed the moment she heard those words:

The King wants you in his room”.

No; it can’t be possible; it simply can’t be possible.

She remained there on the bed like a statue and Pishan was surprised, wondering If she didn’t hear him or something.

“I’m sure I was clear enough” he scoffed.

“I said, the King wants you in his room”.

“Wh….Why?” Shilah finally found something to say, her voice cracking.

The question was so funny to Pishan, it cracked him up.

“How about this? When you get there, you ask him. Shall we?” He said, but Shilah still didn’t make a move.

She was just so scared; why would the King want her in his room? At that time of the night?

“I know you didn’t plan for any of this, Shilah” Pishan said. “But since it’s happened already, you just have to blend it in. Now, trust me, I really don’t want to hurt you; not unless you f0rce me to. So, while you still have the chance, get on your feet, and come with me”.

This time around, Shilah could see the sincerity on his face. Indeed, he was ready to hurt her if she doesn’t cooperate.

She gulped hard and stood up afterwards, concluding she wasn’t having a choice. Could this be her dream coming to pass?

She went over to her closet, took out one of the big gowns she had seen and put it on.

Pishan nodded in approval when she stood up and without further hesitance, began walking out of the room while Shilah innocently followed.

Her heart was racing so fast in her chest as she walked down the dark hallway with him, with flames from lamposts brightening their path. Only guards could be seen standing at certain points as she couldn’t seen any other maid.

The walk was a little long, but finally, they arrived at a door which Shilah guessed would be the King’s room.

There were two armed guards standing beside the door with their gaze fixed into space like some robots. They didn’t even act like anyone else had arrived.

Pishan knocked on the door and almost immediately, the King’s grumpy voice came:

“Come in”

And he opened the door and went in with Shilah.

Shilah’s hands were fiddling with the tip of her dress as she felt so nervous. She walked in behind Pishan and spotted the King sitting in front of a table, reading. But before then, her eyes had first caught the sight of the room.

It was so big, it could contain upto 20 people at a time. And the beauty and decorations was out of the world.

She’s always heard of the Almighty Palace, she just never thought it was this beautiful.

“Greetings, your Highness” Pishan greeted with a bow.

“She’s here”

Dakota didn’t even raise a brow to look at them, neither did he act like anyone had stepped in as well.

They stayed that way for almost a minute with Pishan having to be patient because he knew he couldn’t move an inch without getting a response from the King.

“You can leave, Pishan” he finally daisy, flipping onto the next page of his book. And with a bow, Pishan turned around and left.

Then, it was just Shilah and the King in the room.

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